Should You be Financing Your Gaming PC?

by Starry

Mar 23 2021

Assembling a high-end gaming pc, or even a decent mid-range one for that matter is no easy feat. If you do not have much to spare, then spending between $1300 to $2500 on something like a gaming pc may seem preposterous. However, for gaming enthusiasts, not being able to play the newest version of their favorite game can be quite frustrating. Hence, options such as gaming pc monthly payments do seem, at the very least, worth considering. With the surge in Buy Now Pay Later(BNPL)options over the internet, it seems logical that people are interested in knowing whether they must buy something like a gaming pc in installments or not.

What is a gaming pc monthly payments option?

There are several e-commerce platforms and retailers, who are offering customers BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) options to customers. One such plan is the gaming pc monthly payments plan. Under this program, customers can buy a gaming pc or laptop and instead of paying in full, they can pay via monthly payment installments over an extended period. 

How do gaming pc monthly payment options work?

Just like other BNPL plans, these options allow customers to split the cost of the product and pay across several months, in small, easy installments. Gaming pc monthly payment options are specifically tailored for the gaming audience. 

To understand how it works, let’s assume you want to buy a gaming pc worth $2000. Normally, you would have to pay the entire amount to purchase the pc, however, with the gaming pc monthly payment option, you can pay five monthly installments of $400 each. This is just an example, as the installment amount and the duration of repayment can vary depending upon the terms and conditions of the BNPL plan you decide to subscribe to.

When BNPL options are good for gaming PCs?

Several retailers are now offering BNPL options to customers, allowing them to finance gaming pc. Depending upon the financing plan and the actual value of the gaming pc, it is possible for you to get a beneficial gaming pc monthly payment option. Monthly installment plans of gaming pc usually range from 6 to 36 months. Below are some of the advantages of using BNPL options to finance gaming pc or laptops.

  • One of the biggest advantages of using these BNPL options is that many of them offer financing at zero percent interest. This means you do not have to pay any additional interest, apart from the cost of the product, as long as you pay your installments on time.
  • The majority of gaming pc monthly payment options are also quite transparent in stating their terms and conditions. Most of them have no hidden charges or fees.
  • Several BNPL options also adopt a soft credit check approach, instead of doing a hard check that may impact the credit score of the customer.
  • Gaming pc monthly payments options are available for pretty much all types of components you might need for gaming- desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, drives and storage, memory, networking, and computer and tablet accessories.
  • You can choose to finance the entire build or use it to just obtain parts that you require to complete your gaming build. There are many good choices.
  • Lastly, the process of buying through a gaming pc monthly payments option is pretty simple, and therefore, easy to understand and follow.

For anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck, getting their own high-end gaming build is like a dream. By spending a few bucks every month, you can get the enjoyment of playing your favorite game whenever you want. This is exactly what the gaming pc monthly payment option allows you to do.

Things to remember about gaming pc monthly payments options

  • It is best to go with trustworthy and reliable e-commerce sites or retailers when it comes to subscribing to a BNPL plan. Often, some retailers use a 0% interest punchline to lure individuals, making them agree to some egregious terms and conditions. Hence, it is strongly recommended that one must thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions before using any BNPL plan.
  • You should only subscribe to a BNPL plan if you are confident about your ability to pay the installments on time. Even though the interest rate is zero, if there is any delay or missed payments, the interest rates can pile on and hike progressively.
  • Keep in mind that gaming pc monthly payment plans are not always accessible to all. Many plans have criteria that individuals have to qualify in order to use the BNPL buying option. Thus, you must find out all the requirements of the plan and make sure you qualify those requirements.
  • Even though BNPL plans do not impact your credit score as you use them, they do retain the right to report you to credit rating agencies in the event of irregularities in payment from your side. Hence, if you fail to pay the installments on time, it can negatively impact your credit score. In some cases, retailers do hike the interest rates applicable to the plan,  depending upon the credit score of the customer. So you have to pay attention to that.


Gaming enthusiasts adeptly understand the difference between a subpar gaming build and a piece of high-end gaming equipment. If you do not have a lot of money at the moment, then financing a new gaming pc can allow you to experience your favorite games at their graphical best. Hence, financing of gaming pc can work out quite well for you. However, do make sure to thoroughly check the terms and conditions before using any gaming pc monthly payments option. 

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