Singapore Office Lady: Shopping Blum & CO at ATOME

by Starry

Sep 03 2021

Women love to dress up. They are conscious about party dresses, but the work dresses are also an important part of their character. Men and women both love to dress up well to receive compliments and stay more confident where ever they go. According to many fashion critics, the way you dress up reflects who you are. 

Dressing every day is not less than a hectic exercise, especially for working women. As mentioned earlier, women are a bit insane when it comes to dressing. No woman on earth loves to repeat the same dress for work or a party every time. On average, a Singapore office lady spends almost thirty to forty minutes daily to figure out what to wear the next day to the office.

The women in Singapore trust Blum & Co for official dressing. The Blum & Co has the finest quality of clothing according to the latest fashion trends and provides options in work dresses. 

Blum is the other name for strength and beauty for a Singapore office lady. 

About Blum & Co:

The Blum & Co stepped into the market in 1992. It was launched in the market using the name of its parent brand- Blum. 

Blum & Co entered the market to cater to the clothing requirements of office-going women and their demand for work dresses. 

Today Blum & Co is designing work dresses for the professionals of various industries, including the media females too. It is a symbol of sincerity and creativity shared with conscious women. 

The main aim of the business is to provide the Singapore office lady the perfect dressing that she wants. 

This concept runs down through the wider collection of Blum & Co. The Blum&Co work dresses are not only perfectly designed but also stitched with fine quality fabric. The business imports the fabric from Japan, Korea, and Europe. 

Why is Blum&Co so popular?

Every design of Blum&Co is unique. The designs of work dresses are tailored, keeping in mind the Asian proportions. Every piece of clothing makes a Singapore office lady look better and more confident.

 The Blum clothing is specifically for modern Asian women. The brand can combine traditional and modern tailoring techniques with contemporary styling. This is what makes Blum&Co more famous in Singapore, but its popularity is spreading in other Asian regions. 

Whatever is your role in your office, you can count on the work dresses of Blum&Co clothing because Blum is not only about the work dress you wear. It is about your story- a story you want to tell. The Blum&Co work dresses are all about dedication and a faithful expression of what you are from inside. 

Preorder with Blum&Co:

The collection of Blum&Co is very inspiring to every Singapore office lady, but if you want to try something different that you like, Blum&Co is a perfect choice. The business is taking preorders not only with customized stitching and also with the upcoming designs. 

What makes Blum&Co unique?

From trendy work dresses to find quality clothing, some other features make the brand competitive. These are:

Award-winning brand:

Blum&Co is giving the best clothing to Singapore office ladies since 1992. It has won many awards on a national level, but the brand has also received some international awards. 

Fine Quality:

The fabrics used for stitching and apparel are stitched with high-quality fabric exported from Japan, Europe, and Korea. 

Tailoring at your service:

What else can be best than the option of tailoring at your service? You can give your design and get it stitched from an experienced tailoring brand. Provide your exact measurement are get the work dress you would dream of. 

Shopping Blum&Co clothing at ATOME:

The work dresses of Blum&Co can be directly purchased from the business outlet across the country. However, if you want to buy online, you can purchase from the company’s official website.

Suppose you have enough money, great. But if you are short with the budget and waiting for your next payment to come, you can buy with ATOME and pay later.  

This digital platform provides the opportunity of buying your favorite brands today and paying later for them through easy installment plans. The best part is that Atome does not charge you any hidden charges. It is also interest-free. 

Hundreds of people across the globe recommend ATOME for buying online, especially for those who have limited income and are short on money. 

How to shop with ATOME?

Shopping with ATOME is fun, especially when you are a limited budget. Follow these simple steps: 

  • When you have added the desired Blum&Co work dress in the shopping cart, select ATOME as the payment method at the time of checkout. 
  • Opening an account with ATOME is easy, and you will receive the confirmation at the earliest. The website just requires the personal details and banking credentials.
  • The customer would pay only one-third of the total first amount. The remaining amount will be paid via installments.  
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

 Our verdict!

For women, the selection of the best work dress is not an easy task. Blum&Co is one of Singapore’s most famous office clothing stores, thrust by thousands of Singapore office ladies.  If you want to buy something now and pay later through easy installment plans, try ATOME. 

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