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by Starry

Jun 10 2021

The use of screens has increased many folds in this modern time. From children to senior citizens, everyone turns towards their screen to find solutions to their problems or simply for entertainment. If you are looking for a solution to break this screen time, we have the perfect answer. Scooterkidz is the best bicycle shop near you that offers perfect online solutions for your need to connect with nature. They have all sorts of wheels, may it be a unicycle or a hoverboard, and they offer the best in the market. This is a family-owned business that seeks to provide quality products to its customers.

Along with that, they also provide services to ensure that their customers get optimal satisfaction. Now you can plan your free time for some awesome rides with your family and friends. In case it is the finances that are bothering you, worry no more. We at ATOME have collaborated with Scooterkidz Online. Now you shop what you desire and leave the payment troubles to us. We break the payment into three installments that are easy to manage. Also, these installments are interest-free.

Scooterkidz offers a lot of products.


Cycling is not just the best exercise but also provides relaxation and entertainment. Go for long bike rides on the mountainside or otherwise, and you will not just be able to acknowledge but appreciate the beauty of nature. Scooterkidz has a vast variety of bicycles for you to enjoy. Remember, it’s the best bicycle shop near you.

Sk Titan

A bike brand focused on the rider; they have produced several bikes that provide speed and comfort to give the maximum level of satisfaction to the rider. Scooterkidz offers multiple products, including SK Titan, 168 version 1 with seven-speed Shimano Group set, SK Titan 3000 Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike, SK Titan 20-inch V2 with Shimano 9 Speed LITE PRO Version, and a lot more.           


Originally a mountain bike, Mantis has started producing some of the best bikes in the world. Their mountain bikes are still the best. Mantis Mountain bikes are designed to conquer all terrains. It comes with front and rears linear-pull brakes, which gives the bike stability. To provide the motorcycle with strength, they are made out of durable steel. While the frame offers more convenience, it has also been designed to look attractive. It is a swift and tough bike that will conquer any terrain and yet give you comfort, hence definitely worth your investment.


Storm bikes are a product of Norco bikes, which are famous for their sturdy rides. Storm 1 and storm two have especially been designed for off-road adventures. Their frame is made of alloy, with internal routing and smooth welds. Storm 1 can easily tackle city streets and park paths. So, find your favorite track and then choose your ride so that you can discover the joy of biking.


Spyder is a three-wheeled motorbike. Can-Am has manufactured it. It has a single seat in the rear, and its layout is similar to a modern snowmobile with two wheels in the front for better steering and reduces the chances of flipping over. Its structure is strongly built along with being a very comfortable ride. It has plenty of storage and is very smoothly powered. It is designed to be a comfortable long-distance tourer.


Not sure which bike would suit you better? Then Ghost Bikers the right choice. They have the best range of bikes, each with its special features. From kids to a rough terrain bike, they have it all.

  • Mountain bike in itself has a range from beginners to high endurance level.
  • Gravel bikes are built for you to enjoy your weekend adventures in the city or through the forest.
  • City and trekking have especially been designed for biking through the city.
  • Kids, let your children accompany you through your adventuring on this safe ride.
  • Lector FS is perfect for Cross Country with its maximum propulsion and full suspension.
  • Lector SF is designed for a hardtail or marathons.
  • Lector is a racing bike.
  • Riot EN is built for downhills and has been designed for endure tours.
  • Lanao has been built for women who are venturing into the world of mountain biking.
  • Fire Road Rage has been built for all genres. It is the best option if you are looking for something of everything.

Sniper MTB

It is a specially designed mountain bike which you should buy if only you are an aggressive biker. The front end is stable, and the back end is responsive immediately. It’s a deliberate model for smoother power delivery on loose surfaces.


If the main aim of your bicycle is for commuting purposes, then folding bicycles are your best option as they are very convenient. They can be folded on public transport system hence ensuring their security. They are compact therefore easy to store. Scooterkidz makes the folding bicycle according to your needs.


Hoverboards are the best gifts these days for kids and adults alike. They require a perfect balance. They are reasonably charged, environmentally friendly, and convenient to carry.


E-Bike are bicycles that use an electric motor to assist propulsion. They use rechargeable batteries and are fast gaining popularity. It’s an assisted biking, where you get the health benefits of the energy put into paddling and the scientific assistance of technology. Because of this, they are fast. They get you to your destination in better timing and with less exhaustion. Apart from all that, they are nature friendly.


Scooterkidz is the best bicycle shop near you; hence, it provides you with all the accessories you might need for your riding trips. They may be on a motorbike, a bicycle, or even a hoverboard. We provide helmets, KRSEC stem, mechanical disc brake, brake pad, scooter controllers, and a lot more.

Spare Parts

You will find all the spare parts for your biking passion at Scooterkidz.

Repair Shop

Fret no more if your bike is not at par for your adventure as Scooterkidz, being the best bicycle shop near you, provides repair services because we understand your passion for riding.

Remember, ATOME will ensure that you get your passion on the road as we will be helping your finances by breaking up the payment in interest-free installments. So, get going…

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