School’s out, safety’s in!

by Atome

May 22 2024

Dear Atome User,
Are you ready for the holidays? Let Atome be your partner in crime (prevention) this season!

Too good to be true
Picture this: You’re planning a dream holiday and an unbeatable deal drops into your inbox. Before you click, look out for suspicious website URLs. When in doubt, always contact the hotel directly.

Avoid “conned-certs”
“Sellers” may attempt to impersonate known contacts 
or friends on social media to 
sell in-demand items, such as concert tickets. Their victims might receive counterfeit tickets or worse, encounter a no-reply. Reduce your risk by purchasing only from authorised resellers.

It’s okay to say no
During school holidays, it’s common to receive unsolicited messages offering attractive jobs that involves easy tasks, such as completing surveys. These usually require upfront deposits with the promise of receiving commissions. Say no before it’s too late!

Stay informed and cautious from online scams this holiday. Have a safe and joyful break!

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