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by Starry

Jan 04 2022


In today’s era, every super mom is worried about the heavy weight of their children’s school bags in Singapore. The burden of bags is more than a load of books. This is the reason why children start suffering from back pain issues since childhood.

In this regard, Lovingly Signed introduced such Ergo school bags Singapore to help you reduce strain on a child’s back. So that they can move freely here and there, the bags are weightless and as comfortable as a feather. So, don’t overburden your child and choose ergonomic bags from Lovingly Signed for your toddlers.

About Lovingly Signed

Lovingly signed is one of the most popular personalized baby gifts brands in Singapore. They offer their customers to build their own gift sets according to their choice and budget. Moreover, they allow you to order a customized gift for your kids. There is also ready-to-go gift sets available anytime. So, you can get them when you need them. They have a range of facilities for both girls and boys.

Lovingly Signed Singapore has everything that your child needs, including:

  • Dish sets
  • Laundry bags
  • Storage
  • Lunch box
  • Backpacks
  • Towels
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Art and craft

Lovingly signed is serving their valuable customers with the perfect gift ideas from newborns to toddlers. An embroidered gift pack makes your kid happy from their birth to going to school. Every moment of children’s life is worth celebrating and essential. Make them feel unique with such customized and premium quality brands that never compromise on their quality.

Lovingly signed products are available from across the world, from Singapore. It is made with pure love. Each detailing is considerable. Whether it is a baby shower, baby announcement, baby’s first birthday or children going to school, the brand is anywhere when you need them.

Ergonomic school bags Singapore:

The school bags are made up of 100% PET recycled material which is extra comfortable for the upcoming generation. These bags are specially designed to distribute their burden and make them safe from neck and back issues. The poorly positioned bags become a headache for mothers as their children complain about back, shoulder, and neck pains.

The ergonomic school bags scope increases day by day as they are considered the best school bags. Especially for primary school-going children. Moreover, the bags are comfortable for the height of up to 1.5m. some basic features of ergonomics school bags are discussed below:

Adjustable size:

Now your kids can walk, run, jump and play with their school bags because ergonomics school bags are adjustable in size according to height. Directly you can distribute your burden with the adjustable belt and can enjoy it freely.

Huge variety: 

The ergonomics school bags have a vast range of colorful and catchy bags specially designed for kids. However, you can also customize your children’s names on their bags.


Ergonomics school bags are made of 100% pet bottles material. They reflect lights and have an all-around reflection. Moreover, the bags are helping to save natural resources while recycling plastic waste.

Extra features:

Super comfortable, super easy and super classy, lovingly signed ergonomics bags are. They are perfect for secondary school goings and have a body height of 1.45m. These weightless school bags allow children to participate in all activities of everyday life without any hassle. The school bags carrying system is perfectly designed for the growing students. The advancement of lambal pads makes it comfortably fits. It also helps in reducing the weight and burden. Similarly, they support the natural growth of children.

  • The lovingly signed also designed school bags for teenagers. The soft pads system quickly transfers the weight to the shoulders and hips, even their development spurts. They do not need any waist belt so that children can move freely.
  • Lovingly signed school bags Singapore are ideally designed for school goings. Amazing structured bags are specially designed for easy access. There are also supporting pockets on the front and both sides. The bags are perfect for school goings.
  • These school bags are very easily worn. So, any child can wear themselves quickly. The shoulder straps are easy to wear
  • These sschool bags are adjustable. The shoulder strap base is ideal between the shoulder blades with fastened chest strap and adjustable. The stabilizer straps allow more ventilation with more tightness contact. Don’t forget to fasten your hip belt while cycling or running.

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