Scented candles from Lynk Artisan to give you the best relief

by Starry

Feb 21 2022

Coming home to a soothing stress relief after a long tiring day is one of the best feelings. Or let’s see it the other way. If you want to treat yourself on a movie night with your loved ones, we can’t think of anything better than scented candles coupled with crispy snacks. Now that you know what to relax with, you can also use the scented candles by your side as you study or work to enhance your productivity. Last but not least, scented candles also make a lovely gift for the people you value in life. For all the ways candles can make your life better, we have shortlisted the best-scented candles Singapore at Lynk Artisan for you.

Affordable scented candles to keep you relaxed

You can find scented candles pretty much everywhere, but what matters is the inside of the wax. Best candles are made with 100% palm wax and coconut oil blends. Essential oils add to the relaxing qualities of the candles. Finally, the incredible fragrances are cherry on top for beautiful-smelling candles. And this is precisely what you will find at Lynk Artisan.

White Sage + Lavender Candle

Whenever you see the white sage, instantly know it’s all to do about calmness, purity, and relaxation. And it makes a lethal combination when combined with Lavender. White sage and Lavender have healing properties for stress and relieve your soul of all worries. This candle’s solid middle tone and undertone will leave you refreshed and free of any negativity. At the top of the candle, you will smell Lavender, and by the middle, it smells of Rosemary, Chamomile, Sage, and Camphor. And lastly, it has white woods and cedarwood fragrance at the base.

Grapefruit + Mint Candle

This candle is for you if you are into refreshing juicy and mint smells. It works as the best partner for your workout or yoga sessions. While the mint gives you a kickstart for the motivation boost, the grapefruit scent will keep you refreshed. These candles are here to make your summers more exciting while you sit on your balcony sipping your icy citrus drink with a sweet orange-scented candle by your side. What a treat of relaxation! The citrusy fragrance of the candle resembles the fruit platters, with its top smelling like Orange, Apple, Grapefruit, and Peppermint. The base of the candles smells of sandalwood.

Hallstatt Winter Candle

Enjoy your winter holidays while you snuggle up in your bed with this zesty strong scented candle by your side. Austria’s most beautiful lake village inspires this scented candle with a strong fragrance strength. It will take you to the wintry wonderlands in Hallstatt that you have always wanted to visit. This candle is your perfect winter partner because of its warm, inviting scent notes that will make you feel hugged. In short, it is a woody forest full of Pine, Cyprus, and Spruce trees in a candle jar.

About Lynk Artisan

Lynk Artisan is for scent enthusiasts searching for the best scented candles in Singapore. The Singapore-based company is eco-friendly and uses authentic ingredients to blend its candles with love. Produces a range of high-quality hand-poured scented candles to enhance the mood of their customers.

The company aims to deliver affordable scented, luxurious, and high-quality candles. They deal in different product categories, including room spray, pillow mist, hand sanitizer, smudge spray, shower steamer, and more. You can check out a vast range of refreshing and loving scented candles at their website (click here).

Lynk Artisan, in collaboration with Atome

Lynk Artisan is one of the 5,000 merchants around the globe in collaboration with Atome. Atome makes payments convenient for you with their 3 part payment option. Buy your most-loved scented candle without hesitation because you can divide your payment into three now.

About Atome

Over 5,000 merchants are partnered with Atome, based in Singapore and available in nine regions. It aims to allow customers to choose from various flexible payment alternatives. By scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or website checkout, customers can divide their purchases into three interest-free monthly payments. Using the Atome app, users will better manage their money while making high-quality products and services more accessible by splitting their payments. Atome has a wide variety of merchants on its website (click here)

How to pay for your scented candles through Atome

  • After you have chosen your favorite candle, proceed onto the checkout page.
  • You will be able to see a “Pay through Atome” option on the payment options page once you have entered your shipping details.
  • Click on that option, and you can choose to pay in three payments.

Ending thoughts

Atome cares for you, and this is why they have to offer you the “buy now pay later” option. Similarly, Lynk Artisan cares for your mental health and has to offer a range of unique scented candles for you to enjoy.

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