Soak Your Troubles Away with SaniQUO’s Bathtubs

by jiatongma

Oct 17 2022

Have you always been a shower person as opposed to a bathtub person? Is it because you’ve never had the pleasure of letting yourself soak in a bathtub’s goodness and eternal bliss? Well, it’s time to discover the realms of bathtubs and let your soul travel to other galaxies as you indulge yourself in the gentle pleasures that come part & parcel of a bathtub.

Are you psyched up already? Get your first bathtub from SaniQUO PTE LTD and experience what it feels like to be at never-ending serenity. SaniQUO flaunts the best bathtubs in Singapore, including portable bathtubs. Also, There are also a boatload of bathtub sizes to choose from.

Why do people prefer bathtubs over showers?

Nothing is more appealing than stumbling upon an exquisite exaltation that is remarkably pleasurable and rewarding. Sipping your tea and heading over for a potentially serene bath in your abode has been found to hold several positive medical implications which may keep you luxuriating in a calm, warm bath.

Here’s why most of us like to bask in the royalties invited by bathtubs.

Bathing – as opposed to showering – can elevate your mood

It is no surprise that settling in a body of water that seems to engulf your body in its clean atmosphere feels pleasurable. It has been found that a bathtub offers a wonderful combination of solace, quiet and remarkable comfort along with that pensive feeling of intimacy in a warm body of water which appeals to us in immeasurable ways. Hence, bathtubs induce those sensations which rid you of worldly pains and subsequently allow your body and mind to relax.

It is a free gateway for insomniacs to the world of sleep

The vast qualities of slumber have been heavily enforced and recognized, but they remain elusive to many. It is no secret that sleep serves as a huge problem in our society as several individuals fail to acquire the appropriate hours of sleep to nourish their bodies.

A theory prevails that mild core temperatures aid sleep and bathtubs work on a similar principle. A warm bath before sleep can yield magnanimous results signaling the production of serotonin and melatonin, instigating a peaceful sleep to start fresh.

Bathing relieves cold, flu, and irritated skin and burns calories

Bathing has many medicinal properties, making bathtubs the prospective innovation of the modern day. They soothe the skin, offer hydro-therapy, and ultimately help maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle vital to the masses.

What conditions and equipment are imperative to installing a bathtub?

If your pre-existing bathtub looks a little dated or you are looking to install a fresh new one: Installing a bathtub is a project that you can carry out yourself! You can fix the problem without hiring a contractor or paying labor costs!

If you’re looking to re-install or install a new bathtub all by yourself, you need several things first to start your project. The most appropriate set of these things are:

  • Bathtub basin
  • Roofing nails
  • Waste and overflow drain assembly
  • Leveling compound
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Silicone caulk

Hopefully, it goes unsaid that you will require a set of tools. In terms of DIY skills, installing a bathtub does require a huge amount of expertise! But it is nothing to worry about as SaniQUO offers its expertise at an affordable cost!

Entering the realms of SaniQUO and its exquisite bathtubs

SaniQUO’s bathroom features are designed in Europe but best suited for Asia’s climate, bathroom settings, and cultural values.

SaniQUO’s mini bathtub series is a dream come true for aspiring enthusiasts just hoping to improve their lives at every step of the way – providing convenience and expertise to meet the needs and preferences of the masses and simultaneously keeping it under budget.

SaniQUO’s bathtubs also come in two colors: take the OVAL STAND, for example; it is made to suit your bathroom’s ambiance as it comes in either black or white color. Its portable HDB and OVAL STAND ALONE are among the best sellers, ultimately aiding SaniQUO in becoming Singapore’s sole HERA bathroom collection distributor.

Here are some of the best bathtubs in Singapore (in different bathtub sizes) offered by SaniQUO PTE LTD.

  • HERA Bathtub 1005, Oval Stand Alone – The Mini Bathtub for your Home Spa
  • HERA Bathtub 1005 Black, Oval Stand Alone – The Mini Bathtub for your Home Spa
  • HERA Bathtub 1001, bathtub for small bathrooms – HDB Bathtubs
  • HERA Bathtub 1002, Portable Long Bath with Resting Pillow
  • HERA Bathtub 1003, Portable HDB Bathtub, No hacking, No tiling
  • HERA Bathtub 1006, Oval Stand-Alone Tub with Tap Panel
  • HERA Bathtub 1007, Round Shape Standalone Tub

You can find more of these bathtubs on SaniQUO’s website. On their website, you’ll also find portable bathtubs in Singapore. Furthermore, if you’re curious about the bathtub Singapore price that accompanies these bad boys, you can easily find it next to the bathtub you’re looking at.

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How to purchase SaniQUO’s bathtubs with Atome

The process of paying for your SaniQUO’s bathtubs using Atome is fairly simple; just follow the steps mentioned below.

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