Samsung Galaxy Watch SG- Know the Product!

by Starry

Mar 24 2021

Smartwatches are the new trends everyone wants to have their hands on.

The watch was released along with Galaxy Note 9 in 2018. It was released on 6th October 2018 in Singapore and is appreciated by the users. Smartwatches are usually high in prices. In the below-mentioned sections of this article about Samsung Galaxy Watch sg, you will read about its features and price factors, uses, and hidden facts.

This article will inform you of some facts about Samsung Galaxy Watch and explore its availability and other factors.

What is Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Like all the other brands, Samsung also came up with its range of smartwatches, claiming them to be the best from others. They are available in two different sizes, 42 mm dial and 46 mm dial. The color variants available for Singaporeans and users worldwide are Black and Rose Gold in 42mm and Silver in 46 mm.

Samsung’s watches are based on Tizen and have an OLED display protected by the Gorilla Glass from Corning’s DX+ cover glass. All its ranges of watches have the trademark rotating circular bezel, which is used for UI navigation. Samsung also gives the option for multiple strap designs, which you can choose as per the occasion you will wear it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch sg is also one of the most opted smartwatches by the users, as they are available at economical range and perfect for business use.

Specifications and Software Details of the Samsung Galaxy Watch sg

  • The Smartwatch is based on Samsung Exynos 9110 SoC, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5 Hz.
  • The Smartwatch has 4GB Storage and 1.5GB RAM, suitable for smooth working and used to store apps and music.
  • Bluetooth Headphone can directly be paired from the device, eliminating the use of smartphones.
  • The watch can be paired both with iOS and Android Devices.

What are the inbuilt features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch  SG?

The Smartwatch works on the OPTIMIZED Exynos Processor, which lasts its battery for around 80 hours. The recent model released is an LTE model where the users can multi-task by taking calls, sending messages, and completing many other tasks without having their phone in hand.

These watches also play the role of fitness trackers when combined with the Samsung health app. The users can track their total footsteps in a day, calorie intakes, water consumption, and many other factors. It also acts as a helping guide assisting you in keeping a check on your blood pressure.

Samsung watch got its functions for stress management tracker on their watches and the phones, which will detect the body’s high and low-stress levels. This waterproof watch also keeps track of the sleep schedule.

Not only Samsung Health, but the device also works well with Samsung Flow, used for unlocking tablets and PCs, Samsung Pay for payments, Bixby, Smarthings used for home control, and many other functions. Users can also listen to their favorite music tracks from Spotify in offline mode, but only if they have a Spotify subscription.

Scroll to check the availability of Samsung Galaxy Watch sg and some of its cons compared to other watches.

A Few Downsides Of Samsung Galaxy Watch SG

Along with all the positive aspects, all the devices have some other drawbacks, leading to the latest updates. Some of the cons of the Samsung Galaxy Watch sg are:

  • You cannot access Google Maps on this Smartwatch from Samsung.
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also cannot be accessed on the watch’s screen.
  • The leather strap of the eye is also not very much appreciated by its users.
  • ECG and other related features are only certified to US and South Korean users, excluding Singaporeans and other citizens.

Availability of Samsung Galaxy Watch SG

Addresses for the official Stores in Singapore to check the availability of Samsung Galaxy Watch sg are:

Samsung Experience Store Chinatown Point

133, New Bridge Road,


Contact Number: 6222 7911

Samsung Experience Store Vivo City

1 Harbourfront Walk,

#02-28/29, 098585

Contact Number: 6376 9150

Samsung Experience Store Bugis Junction

200, Victoria Street,

#01-63/63A, 180021

Contact Number: 6338 7911

Samsung Experience Store 313@Somerset

313 Orchard Road,

#B2-24/25/26, 238895

Contact Number: 6836 1809

Some other official stores are also located at:

  • Serangoon Central
  • Tampines Mall
  • Far East Plaza
  • Nex
  • Westgate
  • Causeway Point
  • Bedok Mall

Online Store for Samsung Galaxy Watch sg


You can also grab this Samsung Galaxy Watch sg from Lazada, the online webstore where one can find out all the original products at reasonable prices.

Amazon Singapore:

Users can also get their hands on Samsung Galaxy Watch sg from Amazon Singapore. The link of the same is You can also check out other variants on the website.

Samsung also tried out their hands on these smartwatches and launched their range with many new features and accessibilities. Users can get many new features installed with this range, making it easier for them to multi-task at a time. The watch has both pros and cons, as it has many competitors available in the market with a wide range of features.

Singapore Citizens can get the watch from online and physical stores. The addresses and details of the stores are mentioned above. Some of the product’s cons are also mentioned in the article to make you aware of the brand’s product and its details.  


Smart Watches are the new need of the people as it helps them achieve multi-task at a single time. People can get access to their apps, calls, and messages with their watches only, eliminating the need for phones in their hands all the time. Users can answer their calls from the watch, track their fitness, get their schedule planned with reminders, and many other functions. We have mentioned all of them in this blog about Samsung Galaxy Watch sg for the product’s clarity.

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