Craving For the Healthy Saba Fish?

by Starry

Dec 06 2021

If you are a seafood lover, you must know that it is a delicious and healthy fish to eat.  Saba fish is available throughout the year and different restaurants of Japan and Singapore as it is a seasonal fish. Saba fish is used in many of the dishes that the people of Japan and Singapore love. These dishes include Shio Yaki (salt grilled), Sushi or sashimi, Miso braised, and curry. The healthy and nutritional Saba fish also comes in canned form. Those who love to eat seafood, especially Saba fish or tilapia fish, can buy canned Saba fish from the shelves of any grocery store.

Health benefits of eating a Saba fish:

As already mentioned above, Saba fish comes with numerous nutritional values and health benefits. The fish is high in minerals, vitamins and is a great source of proteins. It also has long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, making it a perfect choice for preventing heart diseases and retaining the eye-sight. 

EPA and DHA are important for the development of the cells in the human body. A detailed study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, these building blocks are crucial for the proper growth of a human embryo and healthy aging. 

Though different recipes of the Saba fish are available in all the restaurants, those who love to cook and experiment with their recipes can also buy the Saba fish from the grocery store or wet markets. For savvy customers, the favorite seafood is sold online too. All you have to do is look for the authentic online wet store, which delivers fresh seafood to your doorstep within a few hours. Market Fresh SG is one of Singapore’s most used digital platforms that delivers fresh seafood across the country. 

About the Market Fresh SG:

The Market Fresh SG is one of the largest digital wet markets in Singapore. It promises to deliver wet food, including seafood, mutton beef, and chicken meat, to your doorstep at the best value and the most competitive prices. 

Market Fresh SG is the new generation wet market in the country, which brings together the wet market stall owners that bring the fresh wet food to you. This means shopping for your favorite Saba fish is now a hassle-free process. 

What makes the Market Fresh SG unique?

It operates just like a real wet market, but online. The food delivered is fresh, and the prices are competitive. Besides, ordering the wet food with Market Fresh SG is simple; just follow these three steps, and your order will be delivered to your mentioned address. 

Step 1:

Select the product you want to purchase. If you want to order something special, mention it on the product to add it to your basket. Further instructions can be added to the checkout page. The customer services personal of the business would give you a call or send an SMS in case of any confusion about the order.

Step 2:

Select the delivery date up to 14 days before the day of delivery. This is to deliver the fresh wet item to the customers. 

Step 3:

The Market Fresh SG would pick the order from the wet shop owners and deliver the order within the given delivery timing.The Market Fresh SG gives free delivery for orders above $68. For the convenience of its clients, the Market Fresh SG gives multiple options for making payments, such as Atome’s buy now pay later services.

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