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by jiatongma

Mar 16 2023

Running Lab offers the ultimate experience in the world of running shoes! Running Lab’s staff of sports trainers and seasoned runners can help you choose the best shoe for your foot type and running motion, maximizing your running efficiency and lowering your risk of injuries. They have a treadmill in-house that can be used for gait analysis and for clients to try their shoes before choosing if they are the perfect pair for them. Your search for the most outstanding sports shoes in Singapore ends with Running Lab!

What is a comfortable shoe?

In a study that examined 40 years’ worth of running injuries, researchers discovered that comfort significantly contributes to injury prevention. Perfect sizing is the foundation of comfort. Check out our comprehensive sizing guide if you’re unsure of your required size.

  • The ideal fit. This indicates that your shoe fits comfortably around your heel and forefoot without feeling excessively tight or loose.
  • Furthermore, no portion of the shoes should be painful for you; there shouldn’t be any pinching or uncomfortable tightness.
  • Cushioning. The soft, foamy layer in the shoe’s middle gives your foot the sensation of “walking on clouds.”

According to research, comfort may help runners run more efficiently and reduce their risk of injury (study). More cushioning is often more comfortable, according to runners.

What is Running Lab?

Running Lab is now a specialty running shop that sells cutting-edge running gear, clothes, and footwear. Sports trainers and seasoned runners work there to help you choose the best shoe for your foot type and running stride, maximizing your performance and lowering your chance of injury. They have a treadmill in-house that can be used for gait analysis and for clients to try their shoes before choosing if they are the perfect pair for them.

What are some of the Running Lab’s best shoes in 2022?

The following are the best running shoes of 2022:

Asics Metaspeed Sky

We’ve tested a lot of carbon-plated shoes, but this one is by far the finest. We don’t often make strong claims because every running shoe has specific characteristics. However, the MetaSpeed dominated it in both our Lab and wear tests. This sneaker is incredible.

It weighs only 191g, and our lab measurements only show a 2.5mm drop, far less than the 5mm drop that Asics claims to have experienced. It is a small drop, and it was successful. Nowadays, most race-day shoes have a carbon plate, but the newest technology comes at a premium ($250 for a pair of running shoes is a lot). Numerous studies have demonstrated the superiority of carbon-plated race shoes, and these shoes are nearly always used to break world records. Buy a carbon-plated shoe if you wish to break personal records.

So, purchase Asics MetaSpeed Sky from Running Lab if you want the best of the best!

The MetaSpeed Sky is more comfortable than the majority of other race shoes. It is less rigid and has a broader forefoot than other race shoes. If you compete in longer than 5k races, you’ll value it. In our laboratory testing, the shoes untied in 41.3 newtons, which is 38% faster than the typical shoe. Additionally, we discovered that the sole is 23% smoother than usual, which may signify a somewhat reduced lifespan, but this is to be anticipated from a racing shoe.

This is the most acceptable shoe from Running Lab to purchase. Running lab Singapore is amongst the best running shoe-buying places!

Brooks Ghost 14

Many runners have a longtime preference for the Brooks Ghost 14. It is a daily trainer cushioned, neutral, and designed for comfort and stability throughout a range of runs. This durable, rigid shoe fits snugly around your foot and has plenty of cushioning. If you want a daily cushioning trainer that is neither very stiff nor overly soft, choose the Ghost 14. This shoe is made to be reliable for runners who engage in a variety of distance and terrain runs. The Ghost 14 is a straightforward workhorse for daily usage, regardless of whether you run on paved surfaces, treadmills, or even gentle dirt trails. This is a fantastic shoe for runners who seek consistency, comfort, and footwear that can last long.

Even if it fits almost every foot and is true to size, there are still problems. My biggest fit issue was a little heel slide. I dislike firm heel counters since I feel they contribute to slipping, and this one received a four out of five on our stiffness rating, with just 2.8 being the average. When the shoe bends, there is also some space around the ankle, which I thought was a little sloppy. It wasn’t easy to resolve this using any lacing techniques. The best part is that Brooks offers this style in B, D, 4E, etc. widths, so despite the shape of your foot, a Ghost 14 will fit it. Only at Running Lab can you get the ideal fit and running shoe!

Salmon Sense Ride 4

With its shockingly responsive ride, the Salomon Sense Ride 4 seems to be a confirmed beast that stole our breath away. Everything about this trail footwear is trail-ready. It has a phenomenal grip, and durability is written all over it.

Through rigorous scientific testing, this shoe has been shown to be more rigid than the ordinary shoe (81.5HC) (75.1HC). It is, therefore, the most tank-like it can be! And the simple answer is NO if you’re worried that the ride will be unpleasant and brick-like. It’s not at all like that. We put a lot of stress on these shoes, which excelled in long runs and challenging climbs! We nearly forgot we were wearing trail shoes since it was such an exciting and thrilling ride.

Better still, it’s not the tank that weighs a lot. We weren’t burdened by it at all. It’s hefty on paper, but how does it feel in motion? The reverse is true!

It only improves and improves with its grip. It has 3.57mm lugs prepared to plow through nearly any surface.

Of course, we can’t ignore this shoe’s valuable lockdown system. In addition to being fast, the Quicklace method is incredibly secure and eliminates any movement within the shoe. At Running Lab Singapore, this shoe is the most popular choice!

Brooks Revel 5

We were shocked to learn that the Brooks Revel 5 is a cheap shoe that can compete against its more expensive siblings. We had low expectations for this footwear, but we were mistaken. Among the most comfortable footwear in the market, the Brooks Revel 5 also ranks among the most entertaining and responsive models available.

And buy this if you’re a sprinter looking for an excellent all-arounder. The Brooks Revel 5 is great for athleisure, easy days, and mid-distance runs. Its foot-conforming wrap makes it suitable for runners with all different foot sizes and shapes. Additionally, it is a lightweight shoe alternative. In actuality, much lighter than the norm.

Durable? Say no more. The Brooks Revel 5 is that! It possesses the same sole strength as its more costly competitors, which is remarkable for such a cheap shoe. Although breathability is one of its distinguishing qualities, it might be a disadvantage in chilly weather. The ideal option for budget-conscious runners and novices alike! Purchase them now at Running Lab Singapore!

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