Rigel Beauty Parlor in Singapore 

by Starry

Jul 07 2021

Beauty salons are the places that provide not only outer grooming but also inner satisfaction and pleasure. It is true that getting your hair and nails done, having done your manicure and pedicure, will provide you with inner contentment. The women especially visit salons after taking a leave for a whole day from the daily grind of work. When they visit salons, they get relaxed by meeting other customers of salons, talking to workers, and taking a luxurious treatment. Here is what we have Rigel parlour review for you guys to check.

Have you ever realized why you always feel fresh and pleased when you came back from the salon? It’s because the treatment given by the salon and the services, they provide make you feel new and garden-fresh

However, it contributes to getting diseases in beauty salons where there is sharing of products, tools, and towels. So, they should keep in mind that the salons should be cleaned and well hygienic. It is one of the potential sources of getting fungal, bacterial, and also viral infections.

Top Beauty Salons in Singapore

Every woman looks for natural, organic products that will leave her body undamaged. Here I have noted down the most popular beauty salons in Singapore. Beauty parlors are available at every stop and street, but to keep the hygienic and quality factors in mind, we should choose the best salon for ourselves. Rigel beauty salon is the best of the best.

This international beauty salon provides extraordinary services from eyebrows to spa services that help someone to groom his/her beauty. This salon is counted as the top best beauty salon in Singapore. 

When you feel depressed and fed up, you must make an appointment and visit the salon for refreshment and calmness—another internationally recognized beauty salon known for its incredible services.

Adonis beauty salon is best known for its natural organic products and treatments and its innovative ideas. It’s having a wide range of beauty services that include facials, makeovers, spa salons.

Rigel Beauty Parlor and their services

The phenomenal services at the parlour and experienced and super-skilled workers with a variety of services, including manicure, pedicure, hair styling, makeover, and spas. If you are looking for a flawless, elegant haircut and amazing hair colour, you must visit there, and the best part is if you don’t have enough money to get an amazing haircut, you could pay later through ATOME.

How to Book services through ATOME?

ATOME is an online interest-free payment method through which anyone can purchase things on time and pay later. By selecting ATOME as your payment method, you can pay one-third of the payment at the time of purchasing and can pay the rest of the payment in later months. You can trace your bills to know how much amount has to be paid. You will get notified whenever your payment cycle will be completed. ATOME has zero hidden charges and an interest-free payment method. If in case you miss any payment within the due date, your account will automatically be disabled. Then to reactivate your account, you would have to pay 20$. If this fee is not submitted in seven days, you would have to pay an additional 10$. ATOME is only valid when you link your Singapore-issued debit card to your ATOME account, and the amount will also be paid in SGD currency. 

Steps to select ATOME as the payment method

  • Open Rigel parlour official website and start booking. Then for the method of payment, choose ATOME. 
  • If you haven’t created your ATOME account yet, then sign up for the account, it’s so easy to make, and you will get a verification email a few times.
  • After signing in, you can buy the product and pay one-third of the payment and the rest in later months. 
  • You can also shop at ATOME at the offline store by scanning a code at the cashier. You can also deposit an extra amount in your debit card connected to your ATOME account for the auto deduction.

Now sign up to create an account on ATOME, https://www.ATOME.sg/

So, it was our Rigel parlour review for you guys. Check them out and book it through ATOME to pay in installment

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