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by jiatongma

Aug 29 2022

Revolution Singapore is a modern indoor cycling studio that brings fun back to exercising. With Revolution Sg, you can enjoy a totally immersive experience with a world-class sound system and low lights.

According to a study by the YMCA, physically active individuals have a well-being score 32% higher than inactive participants. It boosts your mind and body, making you feel energized and ready to take on the world. When you ride two wheels, the release of endorphins and adrenalin lift your spirit and mood. Moreover, your confidence is renewed when you achieve new cycling goals and fitness milestones.

Another significant benefit of cycling is an improved respiratory system. As your lungs become stronger, the chances of catching a cold reduce. Thus, cycling helps strengthen your immune system. Finally, how can we forget the massive calorie burn achieved through this exercise? Cycling burns around 400-1000 calories an hour, depending on the rider’s weight and intensity of the workout. So, if you’re searching for a fun way to lose weight, Revolution Singapore’s indoor cycling studio is a great option.

7 Reasons why group exercise is better than solo workouts

Group exercise is one of the most successful ways to lose weight, get fit, and achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you haven’t tried group classes before, here are a few reasons you should enroll in one now.

  1. You get a qualified trainer

We all know the struggle of going to the gym to work out but not knowing what to do next. When you join a class, you get a professional and qualified trainer who can guide you. With a personal trainer at your disposal, achieving your fitness and better body goals is easier.

  1. You feel encouraged to work out more

When you exercise in a group, you can see how others are faring in the same class and how far they have progressed in their journey. The combination of a qualified trainer pushing you to do better and a group of people really getting their sweat on encourages you to work harder. Your natural competitiveness motivates you to ‘outcycle’ your fellow participants and attain your fitness goals faster.

  1. There are fewer chances of injury

When you don’t have a trainer, getting your posture right and nailing the workout techniques can be challenging. But in group exercises, you have a professional watching over you to make sure you don’t injure yourself during the workout. Also, the other people around you guide you along the right path if your technique is incorrect.

  1. You widen your social circle

When you attend regular exercise classes, you build a healthy camaraderie and friendship with your fellow attendees. It allows you to interact with people with similar fitness goals and create a good relationship with them. You can meet new people and broaden your social circle.

  1. It is suitable for everyone, whatever their fitness level

Group exercise classes are put on different levels. They are designed separately for beginners and experts; therefore, there is a variation between their duration and intensity level. Group classes are perfect for everyone, irrespective of their fitness level and abilities. For example, Revolution Singapore’s RIDE classes are specially tailored for beginner and intermediate riders.

  1. You can simply go with the flow

When you’re working out on your own, figuring out the right exercises for your fitness goals can be difficult. However, in group exercises, you don’t have to know what you are doing and can just go with the flow. All you have got to do is ride your bicycle and listen to the instructor at the front. Since these exercises are designed by professionals, you can follow what they’re doing and get the best results.

  1. It is fun!

Working out alone or in a gym can sometimes become a drag. If you’re not motivated enough, you might stop going after a few days of boredom. Group exercises are different because they are fun and exciting. Exercising in a group makes you feel pumped and happy and starts to feel like a party. We know how physically exhausting calorie burn can be, but the ordeal feels a little easier with group exercises.

Why Revolution Singapore is the ultimate indoor cycling studio

Revolution Singapore takes the benefits of group workouts up a notch with its immersive environment. The courses at Revolution Singapore are power-packed and designed to deliver lasting fitness results. Once your class starts, everything else ceases to exist, and you’re engrossed in the electrifying beat of the room.

The company was formed in 2020 to bring spin to the masses by making its classes more accessible and fun. Within a year of its launch, Revolution inaugurated three more studio locations, thus becoming the fastest-growing spin phenomenon in Singapore.

Are you thinking, ‘What is a spin class?’ It is a 45-minute cycling class that combines strength training, sprint training, and hand weight exercises. Each class has a highly-trained instructor whose job is to lead and motivate you. The environment in the studio comprises rhythmic music and neon lights flashing in a dark room. The energy inside the studio is bound to get your adrenalin going.

Are you wondering whether spin is safe for you? The instructors at Revolution are first-aid certified and ensure that everyone follows the proper form and technique. This makes spin safe for everyone. If you sign up for their class, your instructor will pay extra attention to you and the other riders. Suppose you need to take breaks during class; your instructor will provide water breaks between sets.

You can find Revolution in 4 locations:

  • Cecil Studio- 137 Cecil St, Level 2, Cecil Building
  • Orchard Studio- 8 Grange Road, Orchard Cineleisure, #03-08
  • Tanjong Pagar Studio- 182 Cecil Stree, Frasers Tower, #02-01
  • Bugis Studio- 520 North Bridge Rd, #03-01

At Revolution, everyone is welcome, whether they are beginners or expert riders. If you are a newbie, you can sign up for an account through their website or mobile app. You can choose between the trail package and drop-in package, select your schedule and make your first booking.

Revolution Singapore offers various classes. If you’re a beginner, you can choose their signature RIDE classes. If you are more interested in focusing on form and technique, the FUNDAMENTAL classes are an excellent place to start. The studios also run exclusive themed classes every month, which can be a lot of fun.

Revolution Sg is Atome’s partnerned brand

BNPL companies have taken Singapore’s retail markets by storm. As more modern consumers shift towards flexible payment methods, companies are facilitating their consumers through buy-now-pay-later services. Consequently, Revolution Sg has partnered with Atome, a BNPL, to offer its users the option to pay for classes through three interest-free monthly payments.

What is Atome?

Atome is a Singapore-based company that has over 15,000 partner merchants. Currently operating in 8 markets worldwide, Atome has established a broad user base for itself. Customers can use the payment service in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mainland China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Atome’s payment service allows users to split their bill from any partner merchant’s online and offline store into three parts. The first one is paid at checkout, while the remaining payment is deferred to the following months. With Atome, purchasing high-quality products and premium services is easier than ever. And considering its comprehensive partner portfolio, the shopping options are almost endless for its users.

If you want to benefit from Atome and its convenient payment method, download the app (get the app) and become a registered user. As soon as your Atome account is approved, you can start shopping from its partner stores. If you download the app now, you get a $10 welcome voucher that you can avail on your first purchase.

How to pay at Revolution Singapore with Atome

  1. If you book a class in Revolution’s studio, you can scan the QR code from Atome’s app before paying.
  2. For online booking, you can select Atome as your payment method when paying for your class.
  3. Enter your user details and pay one part of your total amount.

Get fit with Revolution Singapore

Staying fit is essential if you want a healthy lifestyle. Since nothing is more important than your well-being, you should invest your time in keeping fit. Revolution studios help you achieve your fitness goals in a charged environment that motivates you to work harder. Book a class now with Atome and start your journey towards better living.

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