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by Starry

Apr 29 2021

If you are a 90’s kid, you sure know what streetwear is. In 1990, it was a popular fashion of trendy yet comfortable jeans and printed T-shirts, adding sneakers and hoodies for a casual daily look. Who wishes it was the 90’s back again? Well, whoever wished it; their wish came true but became even trendier.

Streetwear was a very trendy look back in the 1990s. When people wanted to look trendy but still wanted a level of comfort in their life. It was thought to be a little more down-to-earth time. Where comfort was a fashion and everything you wanted was a trend. Thanks to lazy oaf melissa, those days are back.

What is in the closet of the Oaf?

Suppose you are a comfort lover and want to make your fashion statement. Then what lazy oaf melissa has in their closet can be yours. Everything on display is a hundred percent original idea by their team of experts.

All the fabric used is of the highest quality, and the comfort level is amazing. You will have to own a few items to know. And the best part about the collection is that everything can fit your budget.

1.  Dresses and skirts

The dresses and shirts all have a 90’s theme with bright colors, big prints, and a trendy outlook. It’s like being in a time capsule. Each dress and skirt is uniquely capturing a different style of the ’90s. Every dress costs low, surprisingly because it is believed that trends should not be hard on the money.

Dresses back in the ’90s were very lady-like and with big patterns, and two pigtails were the star of the house. Bringing back the old memories can cost you around 120- 200 dollars only.

2. Trousers

You can find amazing and beautiful trousers at lazy oaf melissa; they have recreated all the looks of the ’90s. You can buy mom jeans, flappers, bell bottoms, and even different patterned cotton pants, all at a very low price. Other premium brands are known to charge much higher for such a fashion standard.

Another interesting thing regarding the trousers was the loose straight jeans, the highlight of the ’90s.

3. Tops and shirts

The shirts in the ’90s had their characteristic; they were loose and were very graphic. With different colors and images on the shirts, they were even used to spread awareness for a certain cause.  Lazy oaf Melissa and her team have amazingly captured that essence in her work and provided us with the best trendy shirt you can get online.

Their collection is for all; it is available in all sizes, colors, and patterns. You can even get it customized.

4. Hoodies and sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts were a sense of style back in the 90’s it was deemed super cool. But not everyone could pull it off. Hooded sweatshirts are even a style today. But back then, they were more colorful, graphic, and more iconic. Hoodies were introduced in the 1970s, but they became popular in the ’90s when people realized how comfortable they are. The same was the case with sweatshirts.

But now the collection has a beautiful entrapment of the 90’s fashion in the hoodies. But they are not expensive at all. You can get a hoodie or a hooded dress for around $90 – $134, which is pretty reasonable to look at the style, finesse, and fabric used. It is all worth it.

5. Jumpers and cardigans

The ’90s was a great time, and many discoveries were made back then in clothing and music. Cardigans were the iconic styles of the 90’s back then, and they were a knitted garment given to kids by their grandparents mostly. It was an alternative to sweaters, which were another very popular item of the ’90s. At the same time, there were not many designs for sweaters. But for cardigans, there were many designs and styles to choose from.

Also, jumpers became popular after a popular rock band female member wore them. The band was Shape-ups days and had fame for quite a long time.  Lazy oaf melissa has thoughtfully incorporated all of the elements of nostalgia in her closet and presented it to us for a moment of nostalgia when we wear these items.

6. Outwear

The coats and jackets have been thoughtfully designed with colors and patterns that hold different aspects of the ’90s, the main being nostalgia. When you wear these out, it is like walking on the street back in the ’90s. This trendy streetwear encaptures the trendiest timeline, and that is the 90’s. In another, we should be thanking the 90’s for teaching us fashion and trends.

Apart from these clothing, lazy oaf melissa has other accessories, collectibles, and items significant to the ’90s and have been brought to us by a time machine. The outwear in the ’90s was an accessory that many worried about maintaining status or made a statement. Even today, we can choose to wear them as a statement that streetwear indeed is the best.

Where to get the streetwear?

The bearer of good news in Rome, a Singaporean app, Atome brings all the trendy and fashionable items of clothes, accessories, shoes, and even lazy oaf melissa all in an app together for fashion lovers to choose their style and purchase them whenever they desire.

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The ’90s was a funky time. It was the start of something amazing that we have now, fashion, music, and pun. Although it was the end of an era, it still has left us with many things to be thankful for. Lazy oaf melissa has successfully brought that amazing era back to our closets. It has made shopping online easy and affordable. If you want to know more about the Booming Footwear Industry In Singapore, let’s discover it.

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