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by jiatongma

Sep 19 2022

Perming is a method in which straight hair is twisted to make it curly and provides longer results than a typical curl. However, perms are also much more drying than regular curls, making the hair much more breakable and brittle.

A perm typically lasts around three to six months, depending on how well you’ve taken care of it. After you’ve had your perm from the hair salon, your hair must stay dry and untouched for the next 48 hours for a long-lasting perm. Hair dyes and hair perms in women have a slightly different damage profile than that in men. This is because hair growth and survival are heavily influenced by hormones and thus can result in varying results between the two genders.

Damage caused by Perming hair:

When you perm hair, you expose it to excessive levels of alcohol, boric acid, ammonium thioglycolate, and hydrogen peroxide. The entire premise of hair perming is based on damaging the hair cuticle to open the shaft so that your hair can be restructured, giving semi-permanent results. You may get the desired perm, but you also get split ends, brittle and easily breaking hair, and the most feared consequence; hair loss!

Damage caused by Dyeing your hair:

Hair dyes also use the vitriolic chemicals used in perming, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The resultant damage is similar to the hair shaft, making it prone to damage, breakage, and hair fall. Your hair loses its thickness and density, ultimately biting the dust and succumbing to damage. Moreover, certain hair dye colors can incur a greater degree of damage to your hair than the rest. As a rule of thumb, the greater the difference between your natural color and your dye color, the more the damage occurs.

Factors to consider before perming hair in Singapore:

If you’re diligent about some easily modifiable factors, you can mitigate pacify some of the damage while still enjoying the perm. Always remember to wait out for at least a month if you have recently dyed, bleached, or highlighted your hair because your hair is already damaged to some extent by these procedures and predisposed to greater damage when you expose your hair to more chemicals.

Dry hair, while undesirable, remains a modifiable risk factor and isn’t an absolute contraindication for perming hair, unlike dyeing, bleaching, and highlighting. However, you must undergo regular protein treatments to mitigate dry and frizzy hair. Alternatively, you can regularly use coconut oil to treat hair dryness so it’s in good-enough shape for perming.

Another factor, unrelated to the hazards of perming, is how it looks on you, especially for people with short layered hair. Permed hair may not bode well with all face shapes and structures, and people with short layered hair must consult their hair stylist before perming their hair to discuss the desired outcomes and whether or not perming is meant for them.

Perhaps the best-suited hair for perming is the Virgin Hair (hair that is untouched, not colored or processed).

Factors to consider after perming hair in Singapore:

If you want to settle in with your permed hair look, and you’re also afraid of incurring more damage by regularly perming your hair, here are a few easy ways how you can lock into that look for a long, long time;

Regularly trim your hair:

Your curls become progressively less prominent when your hair grows a certain length. This is because the weight of the hair drags the curls open. To deter this, you should regularly get a haircut every three to four months to keep the perms for as long as possible.

Go easy on the shampoo but not on the conditioner:

Regularly washing your hair can strip off the natural protective hair oils and sebum. Though very oily hair is not good, the sebum produced in scant amounts is paramount for good, healthy hair. Instead of washing your hair on a regular basis, condition it more often.

Hair treatments are lifesavers:

Perming your hair damages the hair shaft by breaking the disulfide bonds crucial for the protein structure. Protein treatments help relink the broken disulfide bridges in your hair, so that much of the lost hair strength is replenished, and your hair is salvaged from a gruesome and tragic fate.

Change your brush regularly:

The odds are that your old brush isn’t quite suited for your permed hair. Most old brushed can ruin perms in a jiffy. Instead of these callous brushes, use a wooden wide-toothed comb to gently comb your damp hair. When your hair dries up, use a soft paddle brush to remove any hard knots in your hair.

Avoid using chemical treatments:

Give your hair some time to heal and repair, ideally at least a month, before you start using any more chemicals on your hair.

Factors to consider before dyeing hair in Singapore:

Similar to perming, a few points must be pondered before you dye your hair in Singapore.

Thoroughly research what you want.

If you’re coloring your grays, you’re probably an experienced user of dyes and must’ve already learned a lot through trial and error by now. But if you’re new to the game and have never tried dying your hair, you must patiently search for the color. Then you must check how that color looks in natural lighting – away from all the editing and photoshop used in advertisements. Lastly, you must bear in mind that a single hair dye has different final results on different people, based on their original hair color.

Always consult a specialist.

This is especially key if you have hair problems, such as dry, frizzy hair that’s prone to damage. If you have underlying scalp issues like seborrheic dermatitis (Dandruff), scalp acne, or contact skin dermatitis, you should always talk to your hair stylist or dermatologist. Certain chemicals can exacerbate the underlying conditions and make your condition worse.

Know about longer-lasting colors.

If you’re not casually dyeing your hair and want the hair to lock into that color for a longer duration, you must know that the natural shades of hair color last a lot longer than synthetic ones, such as rainbow colors. And owing to this, the rainbow colors require greater maintenance to last longer.

Factors to consider after dyeing hair in Singapore:

Ideally, after dyeing your hair, you would expect to:

  1. Lock in the color for as long as possible.
  2. Mitigate any damage that was incurred.

Here are some easy ways to achieve both of these objectives;

Please wait at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair right after coloring it.

Dyes are designed to penetrate your hair shaft by opening your cuticle open. When you wash your hair too prematurely, the odds are that you may wash away the color down the drain so you will not lock in the color. Also, please ensure to wash your hair with cold water as water at hotter temperatures will wring the dye out.

Use sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos.

Sulfates and Parabens are notorious for damaging your hair. Since it has already faced the brunt of dyeing, you should leave your hair be and prevent any further damage through such caustic shampoos. Using a sulfate-free shampoo also prevents the premature fading of your color prematurely.

Add a little dye to your conditioner.

If you use a color depositing conditioner and add a skimp amount of your dye in your conditioner, your color will last for a very long time. This will renew your color every time you condition your hair, making it look fresh until your roots grow out.

Introducing the Powella color protect collection

Powella Singapore features a carefully curated collection of natural, cruelty-free makeup, haircare, and body care products personally sourced by Powella Founder, Sital Gill Phichitsingh.

Powella olive features several products for hair care and color protection. Powella olive has a separate line for the color protect series. These include Holistic Hair Quinoa Pro NPNF™ Color Protect Shampoo, Color Protect Set, and Color Protect Conditioner.

Powella Olive’s Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner protect and cleanse the colored and chemically treated hair for a lasting vibrancy. It contains the Quinoa Pro NPNF, a plant protein carrying the eight essential amino acids for locking in color.

Powella Olive’s Color Protect Set contains the Color Protect Shampoo and the Color Protect Conditioner. The Powella Olive’s travel kit also contains both but in smaller packaging.

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