Pop Mart Disney Princess – A Trip down Memory Lane

by Starry

Oct 08 2021

Nostalgia is a driving force, there is absolutely no running from it. And one does not have to, especially when there is nothing but sweet memories of adolescence attached to certain animate things. The Pop Mart Disney Princess blind box is one of the company’s most in-demand products for a reason.

Though usually these princesses are associated with the interests of females, no male in the millennial generation can deny these movies having a great place in their childhood. Ranging from Disney classic’s to more contemporary hits, the Pop Mart Disney Princess set contains various Princess figurines. It has a version that has a mystery figure, which keeps things all the more exciting for the buyer.

Escaping Into the Past, Away from Today

One does not have to be a child to have a passion for certain toys and collectibles; rather, these things help in grounding oneself amid the daily hectic adult routine, and in many ways, are good for an individual’s mental health and peace. Other than the Pop Mart Disney Princess box, there are other Disney/Non-Disney varieties that people of all ages can add to their collection.

All these blind boxes help create a very stimulating experience for the buyer: the process of unpacking them has been made exciting. The Pop Mart Disney Princess box itself has this quality: the box has a picture of only one princess on all twelve boxes it contains while the rest of the princesses are kept a surprise, and you can only find out once you have opened the packaging.

This entire setup not only makes the end product interesting but the process of it interesting as well. So far, the Pop Mart Disney Princess box, based on multiple reviews, has not disappointed. Especially those seeking to bask in nostalgia, who deem the important details extremely critical and have emotional attachments to the characters. It is made sure in the Pop Mart Disney Princess box set that while keeping those details intact, the signature cute look of the Pop Mart figurines is not lost, and reviewers have stated that that balance is so far maintained.

While most of the emphasis has been on the nostalgia millennial children associate with the Disney princesses, there is no doubt that interest in them can be of great value to the younger Generations Z and Alpha. Through their life stories and the hindrances they overcame, the Disney princesses in their stories hold role models for all generations to decipher.

This is why the Pop Mart Disney Princess set is a great gift to give to anyone in the young lot; it is in the trend nowadays, and any youngster aware of the trends today would be more than delighted to own such a collection. By gifting them the Pop Mart Disney Princess, one can become acquainted by showing them the movies and the lessons they have to teach for all age groups. Its packing is ideal and sufficient on its own, so one can skip the hassle of finding the perfect wrapping material, etc.

Pop Mart’s Blind Box series

Fortunately for us, this hit series by Pop Mart Singapore isn’t limited to Disney princesses; there are more incredible figurines waiting to be discovered.

The Molly Collection

If you are a Molly figurines and collectibles fan, then the Molly Blind Boxes by Pop Mart Singapore will blow your socks off! As always, the brand has created these incredible Molly dolls with great attention to detail, which is one of the factors that sets Pop Mart apart. There are thirteen Blind Box series dedicated to Molly, each consisting of twelve vibrant and life-like figurines. You have the choice to get the entire case of all twelve dolls in a series or purchase them one Blind Box at a time to maintain the element of surprise. Have a look at some of the riveting themes: A Boring Day with Molly, Molly Mouse Band, Molly Car series, Molly Bird Series, and Molly Steampunk series.

The Yuki Collection

That’s right, Pop Mart has Yuki Blind Boxes, too! And let me tell you, this collection is out of this world. The Evolution series represents the Evolution Theory through twelve colorful and unique Yuki figurines. The individual dolls can transform into a partly-transitioned form, revealing a creative structure on the inside. The Transparent series doubles the element of surprise because it doesn’t just look amazing but smells great, too! Each exotic figurine has a signature scent you are going to love. The Yuki Interfusion series is created to captivate the viewer with its diverse designs. You will not be let down no matter which figure your Blind Box contains.

The Dimoo collection

Adorable Dimoo gets ten innovative variants of the Pop Mart Blind Box. These include the Time Traveler series, Dimoo Goes on an Outing Together series, Where We Go series, Dimoo Homebody series, Forest Night series, Aquarium series, Pets Vacation series, Zodiac series, and the University Life series. While all these themes are equally amazing and fun to collect, the Time Traveling collection deserves a special mention because of its uniqueness. If you were looking to change things up a bit, then check out the Dimoo Time Traveling Fridge Magnet collection by Pop Mart! The twelve puzzle-like magnets come together to form a heart-shaped collage depicting Dimoo in different avatars. Its sight will fill you up with joy every single time.

The Harry Potter Collection

We have some great news for the Potterheads; Pop Mart also makes Harry Potter-themed mystery boxes. You can get your hands on different characters’ action figures, such as Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Malfoy, Snape, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Dobby, Moaning Myrtle, and others! The Harry Potter, Blind Box collection consists of five different series: Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Wizarding World Animal series, Wizarding World Magic Props series, and the Harry Potter series. A great idea would be to collect all the figurines and arrange them with your Harry Potter book collection. It would make for an astounding display.

The Naruto Collection

The Naruto Shippuden Blind Box series will make for a perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the Anime. Unlike the other collections, Pop Mart has a single series consisting of eight mystery figurines in this wonderful collection, and it comes with an interesting twist. There is a special edition figure in this collection that you can redeem using a specific card. Is your interest piqued? Make sure to approach a Pop Mart employee for more details. The additional element of surprise is what sets the Naruto Blind Box apart and generates greater curiosity among the fans.

The Minions Collection

If you were excited about the new Minion movie that was recently released, then you ought to have this set of figurines. There are three different series that depict your favorite animated characters getting into all sorts of mischief: Rise of Gru, Minions Rides, and Minions Holiday series. The bright yellow henchmen will make the perfect addition to your collection of Pop Mart figurines. They will also be the perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t mind stirring up some trouble every now and then.   

The Care Bear Collection

If you are fond of taking trips down memory lane, you will love the Care Bear Blind Box series. Purchase the six boxes one by one to reveal the cutest bears of all time. The collection has the Green Goodluck Bear, Purple Harmony Bear, Blue Grumpy Bear, Yellow Funshine Bear, Pink Love-A-Lot Bear, and Orange Laugh-A-Lot Bear.

The Yoki Collection

With most in-demand Pop Mart series being discussed, it would be unfair if the renowned Yoki Pop Mart blind box, ‘Pop Mart Yoki Gemstone Prince Series,’ is not mentioned.

Again, of huge acclaim among masses of all age groups, this blind box comes with the same assortment of twelve boxes packed in a way unknown to the buyer which character lies inside. While on your journey of amassing collectibles, be sure to check out these adorable figurines as well, as it might spark an interest for Yoki, especially if you don’t hold one; they are that addictive.

How to get your favorite Blind Box?

There are different ways of acquiring a Blind Box or Case for yourself. You can pre-order one, shop online, or visit the nearest Pop Mart Global store.

A pre-order is placed on Pop Mart’s website, similar to online shopping, but it gives you access to exclusive merchandise that has not yet arrived at the retail store. Due to this, a pre-ordered item takes some time to be delivered while a regular online order reaches you in a day or two. The estimated time of arrival for a pre-order gets updated on Pop Mart’s website.

You can also shop in-store for Pop Mart’s Blind Boxes.

Pop Mart Flagship Store

  • Funan, #01-02

Pop Mart Pop-Up stores

  1. Bugis Junction, Hylam Street
  2. Century Square, Level 1, Atrium
  3. Jurong Point, Level 1, Original Mall
  4. Suntec City, B1, Fountain Court
  5. Westgate, #01-40A

Visit Pop Mart’s website to find the retail store or Robo Shop closest to you.

Owing to their popularity, you can also source your favorite Pop Mart figurines from other retailers! So if the one you were looking for is out of stock at Pop Mart Singapore, you can check out the following stores:

  1. ActionCity
  2. Shoppee
  3. Lazada

Let Atome App Assist You on Your Journey

One cannot help but be picky in such choices where there is a huge emotional and monetary investment. For that matter, it is essential to choose the right and reliable kind of application that assists you just how you need in your purchases.

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How to pay with Atome?

The flexible application can be used to make payments at physical and online stores. Follow this simple guide to pay for your favorite Pop Mart mystery box online.

  1. Select Atome as the payment method during checkout.
  2. Log in to your Atome account or create a new one; it hardly takes time.
  3. Enter the total amount.
  4. Use the available voucher.
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  7. Atome will automatically take care of the subsequent payments by charging them to the linked credit or debit card.


Making decisions about such purchases can be extremely tricky, especially if you are in your adult life and want to start making a collection. However, it is never too late. The Pop Mart Disney Princess box is made of great craft that renders to your Disney affiliation and something that has managed to grab global attention. Thus you do not have to worry about the reliability of these products. It is never too late to start reliving childhood; it is the past that adds to the strength of our present, so make sure you remain in touch with yours!

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