Pick the Best Fridge for Your Home: Samsung Fridge Small Size Price and Features

by Starry

Apr 21 2021

One of the principal requirements of any kitchen is a nice refrigerator. Particularly those who are fond of cooking would prefer to bring the best fridge available in the market, to their kitchen. But there are a number of factors to consider if you are thinking of buying a fridge, one of which is size. According to the dimensions of your kitchen, you may prefer a small fridge to a bigger one. This is why we have compiled below some useful information about the Samsung fridge small size price. Features of these small fridge models would, hopefully, help you make a well-informed buying decision.

 How to decide which fridge is best for you?

Keeping the below-mentioned aspects in mind would help you choose a refrigerator that best suits your needs:

  • First, find out the dimensions of the fridge that would ideally fit into your kitchen in a way that opening and closing of the refrigerator won’t pose any problem. With the dimensions figured out, you may conclude that instead of getting a big fridge, buying a Samsung refrigerator small size would probably be a better choice.
  • Then figure out the kind of storage capacity you would ideally require your fridge to have. Storage requirements vary depending upon the size of the family.
  • Then decide the kind of door style you prefer. There are mainly five types of door styles available in the market, which are:
    • Multi-Door
    • Side by Side
    • Top Mount Freezer
    • Bottom Mount Freezer
    • One Door
  • After deciding the door style, look for the features you prefer. Do you want a fridge that comes with an attached freezer or a water filtration system? You can go for a fridge with smart technology, or you can prioritize energy efficiency as the one feature that you would definitely want in your fridge. If you want your fridge to appear spotless all the time, maybe smudge-free fridges could be a great choice.
  • Last but not the least, you would also have to take your budget into account. The right refrigerator would be easy to place in your kitchen, would comprise many of the features you prefer, and would also fit within your budget. You will find the general range of Samsung fridge small size price below, it would help you further in choosing a budget-friendly fridge for your home.

Note: Energy-efficient fridges are recommended for buyers. If you are buying in Singapore, do check the energy label and only purchase a refrigerator that has at least 2 or 3 ticks.

 Why is a Samsung refrigerator small size a good choice?

When it comes to consumer electronics, Samsung is a well-established and trusted brand. The brand has numerous products, including smartphones, watches, headphones, and TVs. Samsung refrigerator small size is another product range by the company that comprises high-performing fridges, that also look aesthetically gorgeous.

Samsung offers customers a range of dependable refrigerator models that are available at agreeable prices. Samsung fridge small size price range is pretty affordable, and many fridges in this segment meet the standards of efficiency set by Energy Star. Hence, by going for a Samsung refrigerator small size, you would not only save money on your electricity bill but will also be limiting your carbon footprint.

 Samsung Fridge small size: Price and Features

In general, the Samsung fridge small size price range falls anywhere between $500 to $5000. It is recommended that buyers should go for a refrigerator that falls between the $500 to $2000 price range. This is usually the price range where you would find a host of budget-friendly refrigerator options, in your desired size. Below are the prices and features of some of the Samsung refrigerator small size models that you should check out:

  • 1. Samsung All-around Cooling Top Mount Freezer

This refrigerator has a capacity of 255L. With an energy rating of 2 ticks, this model comes embedded with digital inverter technology. You will get guaranteed durability with this model. To enable easy food access, the fridge provides an easy slide shelf. In order to maintain cleanliness and freshness inside the fridge, the model also comprises a deodorizing filter.

Samsung fridge small size price: $569.00

  • 2. Samsung All-around Cooling 1-Door Freezer

This fridge has a capacity of 315L. Given the large capacity of this fridge, you can easily keep all the food items in a neatly organized manner. This model comes embedded with no-frost technology that ensures that frost and ice do not build up inside the fridge. The refrigerator offers all-round cooling, which means that cooling occurs evenly across all corners of the fridge.

Samsung fridge small size price: $1,699.00

  • 3. Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™ Top Mount Freezer

This is a 321L capacity refrigerator, with an energy rating of 3 ticks. The Twin Cooling Plus™ feature makes sure that the optimum amount of humidity is maintained inside the fridge at all times. This model has a convertible freezer and fridge option, with as many as four different conversion modes. You will also get digital inverter technology with this model that would deliver guaranteed durability.

Samsung fridge small size price: $749.00

  • 4. Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™ Top Mount Freezer

This is a 384L capacity fridge that comes with an energy rating of 3 Ticks. As the name suggests, this fridge comes with a Twin Cooling Plus™ feature that maintains optimal humidity. Not only will this fridge keep your food fresher, but would also get rid of any unpleasant odors and bacteria with its Deodorising filter. You can easily convert the freezer into a fridge whenever you require more storage space, as the model comes with the 4-in-1 conversion mode.

Samsung fridge small size price: $999.00

  • 5. Samsung All-around Cooling 1-Door Fridge

This 385L capacity fridge comes with an energy rating of 4 Ticks. The fridge provides a large capacity so that you can neatly arrange all of your food items inside the fridge. The no frost technology is designed to ensure that there is no frost and ice build-up inside the fridge. The all-cooling feature enables even cooling, throughout the whole fridge.

Samsung fridge small size price: $1,699.00


Selecting a decent fridge could get a little tricky, given there are a host of different varieties available out there. However, it is strongly recommended that you should always buy a refrigerator from a reputable brand like Samsung. By getting a Samsung refrigerator small size, you would be able to fulfill all your refrigeration needs, at a reasonable price. Relying on a trusted brand like Samsung, you won’t have to fret about the fridge breaking down all of a sudden and spoiling your food. You would be able to avoid a lot of inconvenience in the future, both in terms of repeated repairs, as well as maintenance costs, by buying your fridge from a reliable brand like Samsung.

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