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by Starry

Apr 12 2021

Is Air-fried food tastier as cooking in classic style? Air Frying is much healthier than frying your foods in oil. It almost cuts 70 to 80 percent calories giving you less fat. You will get a crunch in your foods, offering you a healthful alternative to fry your foods. Air Fryers’ continued demand for fried foods and awareness of health have surged in popularity. This blog will help you know the best and most affordable Philips Air Fryer price Singapore.

Philips Air Fryers

Do you want to shed some pounds? When you are on a diet plan and have cravings for fried food, Philips Air Fryer is the ideal appliance you must buy for your kitchen. You will never regret all experiencing and pleasing yourself with tastier and healthier fried foods.

Philips brings top-notch Air Fryers to everyone’s kitchen. You will enjoy every bite of healthy food tender from the inside and crispier outside with its advanced technologies. Besides, you can download the NutriU App to discover and learn hundreds of delicious and mouth-watering recipes for your everyday meals and snacktime.    

Let’s have a look at some of the best Air Fryers from Philips to help you pick home the best Philips Air Fryer price Singapore.

Philips Singapore

Website URL:

Contact Details: +65 6882 3999

WhatsApp: +65 8938 0477

Avance Collection- Air Fryer XXL

Model Number: HD9654/91

This model’s Philips Air Fryer price Singapore is now S$669.40 when you buy it from its official online Singapore store. This Air Fryer has the newest Twin TurboStar technology, making you enjoy your delicious snacks and meals while creating a tornado of hot air, melting away all the fats. You can cook family-sized meals in this ultra-large Air Fryer with 1.5 kg capacity, handling around six portions of fries or a whole chicken. Besides, it comes with a digital display, non-stick mesh, and a quick cleanup basket. It is one of the largest, most powerful, and fastest Philips Air Fryers.

Premium AirFryer XXL

Model Number: HD9860/91

Enhance your kitchen’s look with this beautiful appliance with Philips Air Fryer Price Singapore at 736.48. You will get minimum fat with maximum taste when you fry your foods with Premium Air Fryer from Philips. It comes with Smart Sensing technology, adjusting temperature and time automatically. Enjoy every bite of perfectly cooked dishes with Rapid Air Technology. It comes in copper, black of 1.4kg capacity. The Smart Chef Programs will do cooking and thinking for you in one touch. Besides, it allows you to save your preferred cooking settings with a one-touch button, cooking your meals with extreme convenience and ideal temperature and time. Its Fat Removal Technology will remove the excess fats, making your dishes healthier.

Essential Air Fryer

Model Number: HD9200/91

Price: $139

Philips essential Air Fryer will provide you healthier frying time with its Rapid Air Technology. The unique starfish design swirls the hot air in your Air Fryer to cook delicious meals with little oil. It comes with a temperature control system and has a capacity of 4 liters. The integrated timer will let you preset your cooking time of up to sixty minutes. You will get crispy perfection in your favorite foods with its hot air, giving you around 90% less fat. You can bake, reheat, roast, or grill with this Essential Air Fryer from Philips.  

Daily Collection Air Fryer

Model Number: HD9218/31

This Philips Air Fryer Price Singapore is $229.00. It is manufactured with Rapid Air Technology, letting you fry with air to cook food tender from inside and crispy from outside. You can fry your favorite foods in this Air Fryer without or with little oil, cooking with tastier results and perfect texture. It comes with a non-stick coated food basket and drawer, making it dishwasher safe for effortless and quick cleaning. Besides, it is a one-stop solution to cook, roast, or bake your foods.

Offers from Philips Singapore

Philips Singapore provides various offers to its customers, giving them fat-free and delicious ways of cooking time with their Air Fryers. A few benefits to grab your favorite Air Fryer are the following:

  • Philips Singapore offers a two-year warranty on its Air Fryers.
  • You can send back your Philips Air Fryers within seven days of purchase if there is a technical issue or you are not satisfied with the appliance.
  • Philips Singapore also gives you a free delivery offer on your purchase of more than $100.

Besides, you have an effortless option to make your Air Fryer payment, including Amex, Master Card, VISA card, or PayPal.

Benefits Of Philips Air Fryers

Philips equips its Air Fryers with a few extraordinary and best technologies, such as Twin TurboStar, Rapid Air, Smart Singing, and other advanced ones. The new advancement by introducing Rapid Air Technology allows the hot air to circulate throughout your Air Fryers around your foods placed in their baskets. Besides, it manages heating food from every possible direction at one time. So, you need not worry about unevenly or half-cooked foods.

You can use Philips Air Fryers to cook fried foods without using oil. The built-in technology of these home appliances uses oil that exists in foods naturally to complete the cooking. Also, you cannot differentiate between oil-fried foods and Air Fryers-fried foods. The preparation of foods is equally tasty and crispy. However, the foods fried in Air Fryers are healthier. Besides, it will provide you effortless and will help you avoid scattering your kitchen.

Read this article to look into more air fryer reviews in Singapore, it will help you to pick up your favorite.

Online Platforms To Buy Philips Air Fryers

Get and beautify your kitchen look with Philips Air Fryers available at many online platforms in Singapore. Many of them are offering 10 to 40 percent discount on Philips Air Fryer price Singapore, including the following:

– Courts Singapore

– Harvey Norman Singapore

-iPrice Singapore

– Lazada Singapore

– Shopee Singapore


Are you looking for a healthier frying technique? Air Fryers’ makers advertise their appliances as a route to enjoy and make fried food without harmful health effects as with oil-fried foods. Besides, Air Fryers have reduced fat content, making them healthier and concerning people to buy them. Philips Singapore introduces a wide range of Air Fryers to make your frying time effortless and quicker. Check out the Philips Air Fryer price Singapore provided in this blog to get home your ideal option of making fried foods.

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