Paying Bills with Credit Card: A Smart Choice?

by Starry

Mar 09 2021

Credit Cards are the best way for receiving short-term loans in emergency situations. Moreover, since they have lower interest rates and easy installments, they have become very popular among the customers. They can also be used to pay utility bills and there are so many best credit card to pay Singtel bill available.

Also, they offer various other benefits and advantages to the user at various bill payment locations. The card owners are rewarded with points, offers, discounts, and more. However, what are the other benefits of using the best credit card to pay Singtel bill and other utility bills? Here is a quick answer to this question:

The Pros of Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Convenient & Fast

With a credit card at hand, one doesn’t have to worry about visiting the bill payment center themselves. You can complete the payment through your credit card by using their online portal. It can be easily done on the go to ensure that you don’t have to pay a late payment fee.

Moreover, using a credit card also saves you from additional interest charges. There are numerous online and offline stores that accept payment via credit cards. You can also use the credit card to pay Singtel bill at your convenience.

  • Tracking Expenses

It is said that using credit cards leads people towards becoming debt-stricken. However, this is a myth. Most credit cards are actually an efficient budgeting tool if you know how to use them right.

Every transaction made through a credit card can be reviewed using the online account management service offered by the card company. This will help you stay under your budget limit, avoiding all types of debts and extra expenses.

  • No Convenience Charges

One can use their best credit card to pay Singtel bill without worrying about additional charges. However, many utility companies also add a convenience fee to the total bill if you pay it using a credit card.

The worst part is that to avoid paying the charges, people shift to other banking methods to clear the bill dues. But, this only leads to piling up the convenience fee every month. Therefore, clearing the dues once would be a smarter choice.

  • Automatic Bill Payment

Another benefit of using the best credit card to pay Singtel bill is that you can change the bill payment settings to automatic. This way you will not have to worry about having to remember various payment dates. Various utility and insurance bills can be paid this way to save time and effort.

  • Earn Rewards

Many card companies offer rewards and cashback upon using their credit card to pay Singtel bill. Few others also provide points for completing the card transactions. You should always keep an eye out for such deals. They will help you save extra and get additional perks.

When to use Credit Card for making payments?

There are certain bills or places where you cannot use a credit card to pay. For example, there are a few online or offline stores that do not accept credit card payments yet. This is due to the heavy transaction fees they have to pay to the card companies.

While a few others charge a hefty convenience fee. Furthermore, you should go for credit card bill payment only if you keep your dues clear every month and do not pay any late fees.

Never use a credit card for paying the bill just because you cannot afford to pay it at that moment. You might end up paying extra interest on the total amount. Using the credit card to pay Singtel bill and other regular bills could be a fruitful decision.

Paying Bills: Credit or Debit Card?

While credit cards are popular among consumers, the use of debit cards is higher among all buyer groups. Whether they have to go shopping or paying bills, they tend to use debit cards for all types of payments. However, since both are cards, both offer equally quick payment of the dues.

But credit cards are better options for regular or monthly bills as they offer additional rewards and returns. One doesn’t have to keep checking the log to see when is the last date for paying a particular bill. By setting the card for automatic payment, you can steer clear from undertaking this responsibility.

Moreover, since they have a particular credit limit, you will avoid outdoing the restrictions. This is because spending more than the credit limit imposes additional fees on the user. On the other hand, if you use a debit card, you will have to ensure that you have enough funds in your account before paying.

Make the best decision for you

Just like every person is unique, their financial conditions and requirements differ as well. If you think you are capable of paying bills through credit cards without affecting your credit score, then using the best credit card to pay Singtel bill would be the best option for you.

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