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by Starry

Aug 25 2021

Everyone dreams of shopping with freedom. The choice to buy whatever their heart desires, but people are often constricted due to financial burdens or other responsibilities. Quality products are often expensive, so people can only stretch their budgets to a certain limit. This is why we have introduced the concept of empowered shopping, which means breaking up the total into three equal amounts and paying subsequently in the upcoming months to ease off the up-front financial burden. 

Established in 2019, ATOME is based on the “Buy now pay later” model. The new payment model allows the consumer to buy the product without paying the full price. Earlier, many short-term financing models held off the product till full payment was received. However, in BNPL, you can take the product after paying just a fraction of the full price.


ATOME is one such BNPL service that allows consumers to take home their purchase after paying only a third of the total price. It is part of Advance Intelligence Group, a Series C big data and AI company headquartered in Singapore, recently named in LinkedIn’s 2020 Top Startups List in Singapore. ATOME stands for Available To Me, and our service is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and mainland China. We have liaised up with over 2000 local and international brands that can cater to our targeted market.


ATOME aims to equip the newer generation by empowering them with smarter access to their aspirations and generating tech-savvy consumers. We stand by our three pillars which are Aspiration, Access, and Advice. All three aim at enabling our customers. We want our customers to aspire towards enabling their deepest passions, give them access to the affordability and availability of quality products and advise them towards customizable features for smarter shopping.



Life might be complicated but shopping through ATOME is simple enough.

1. step one is always to install the app

2. Then you have to create an account, which is easy enough. No long and tough questionnaires, just some easy information.

3. Lastly, you wait for approval which doesn’t take long.

Now you are good to shop.

When you visit the shop physically, an offline but affiliated store, you scan our QR Code at the cashier.

If you are shopping online, then choose ATOME as your payment option. 


The process is pretty simple. The entire payment is broken into three equal installments. You have to pay the first one up front and take your purchase home. You have to pay the other two monthly. Unlike bank loans, there are no hidden fees, and the entire payment is interest-free. 


Bills can prove to be a headache but not with us. It is extremely easy to track your payments through your phone. The payments are processed through your card. It is also easy to change your declared card in the middle of a payment plan. We have tried to keep the entire process simple and transparent for feasibility.


ATOME is a payment option that works the best for the sellers. As a seller of products or services, it’s a win-win situation for all. You have to get registered with us.

ATOME supports major e-commerce platforms. We will help you in integrating with us on both your website and your physical stores. This is all you need to get done. 

Our existing clients have shared their experience of finding new customers due to ATOME. The ability to stretch the payment over three months has empowered many new customers. They are now experiencing bigger baskets, better conversions, and about 70% brand new customers. This is because of the flexibility in payments that are being offered to them through ATOME. People buy more when they know they have to pay less.

This is why partnering with ATOME is a win-win situation for all, as the retail experience for these partners is elevated by ATOME.

We are already partnered with some of the bigger names in the market, covering all segments of life from sports and lifestyle to fashion and beauty. These include not just physical products but services also, from leather crafting to beauty treatments.


ATOME has supported the tagline “Time to own it,” implying that it is essential for all people to own up to their passions. In the race of life, we often forget our desires. In fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, we frequently ignore our needs. Mostly, it is the financial burdens that make us overlook our needs. This is why ATOME came up with this tagline. 

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