Onitsuka Tiger Singapore: It’s Time to Get Your Fashion Shoes

by jiatongma

Jun 08 2022

The first Onitsuka Tiger shoe was created by Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949 in the living room of his humble abode.

The creator of Onitsuka Tiger had a lofty goal in mind; to alleviate the athletic skills of the youth while simultaneously maintaining their health. Now, with many decades of experience behind the brand, Onitsuka Tiger is at the forefront of the sports shoe industry, going above and beyond its initial goals.

The brand brings an artistic fusion of rich Japanese heritage and more modern designs. Each item manufactured and sold is passionately built, keeping in mind the functionality and comfort of the shoes.

Onitsuka Tiger Locations

If you’re in Singapore, find an Onitsuka Tiger store in VivoCity 02-09, Singapore, 098585.

You can also visit the Onitsuka Singapore website to find the Onitsuka shoes outlets that are close to you! See below to find out where to buy Onitsuka Tiger shoes in Singapore.

Where to buy Onitsuka Tiger shoes in Singapore

If you are looking for the most premium shoes with exorbitant comfort, then look no further than the Onitsuka shoes. Onitsuka is synonymous with premium performance in sports, and if you want to get your own tiger shoes in Singapore, then here is a list of a few Onitsuka Tiger Singapore stores.

  • Onitsuka Tiger shoes Takashimaya S.C
  • Onitsuka Tiger shoes Raffles city
  • Onitsuka Tiger shoes Suntec city
  • Onitsuka tiger Factory outlet IMM

You can also find other Onitsuka Tiger Singapore stores on their website. Visit their store today to find the shoes that, both your heart and feet, love alike.

You can also get your own Onitsuka Tiger sneakers through their official website. Just search for the Onitsuka Singapore website, and you will be greeted with a plethora of premium ASICS tiger shoes.

Onitsuka Tiger Singapore’s product line

Onitsuka shoes brand has evolved to become a lifestyle brand, that introduces a fusion of Japanese heritage with modern flair in their shoes. Owing to a number of remarkable collaborations that Onitsuka Tiger shoes have done with several like-minded artists and cultural connoisseurs, there are various Onitsuka shoes designs and models, that you are bound to fall in love with!

The store is packed with versatile options for you to choose from. Each design is attractive and bold, and we’re sure you’ll find your perfect pair of shoes.

Onitsuka TigerMexico 66 SD

This shoe style has hand-painted cherry blossoms on its side. Each petal of this beautiful flower is painted by a skilled Japanese craftsman. The petal design is inspired by a traditional pattern called ‘Sakura Chirashi’, a delicate yet bold depiction of flowers. The much loved Onitsuka Tiger stripes on the side instantly catch the customer’s eye and give them the surety they need when buying their favorite products.

The comfortable sole of the shoes and their cozy leather exterior make for a functional and elegant product. The thin shoelaces and metal eyelets complete the trendy look.

Mexico 66 Sabot

Looking for a sabot-style shoe? Onitsuka Tiger is where you will find it! The Mexico 66 Sabot has a rough meshwork on its exterior to provide much-needed breathability for all your mid-afternoon summer runs. The ORTHOLITETM sockliners make sure your feet are comfortable, so you don’t have to feel any pain or uneasiness in your fitness journey. Hurry and get this unisex pair from the Onitsuka Tiger store today!

Delegation EX

A modern remake of the popular shoes worn by the Japanese team in an international sporting event in 1964, these shoes have an attractive bulky design. The TOKYO Onitsuka Tiger logo is placed fashionably on the side with shoelaces loops molded into the design. 2 different materials are combined to make the leather exterior of this shoe – the FLYTEFOAMTM Propel and ORTHOLITETM, which enhance the efficiency of the midsole and innersole and increase the cushioning effect provided to the customer.

Ohbori Slider

Cherished by winners and fashion enthusiasts alike, this contemporary style will surely have you running to the store. This design incorporates the essence of the original OHBORITM while also upgrading it to suit these modern times. The upper is padded and includes two belts to provide adjustment options. 

This shoe is one of the first at Onitsuka Tiger to use E.V.A. on the cushioning for its midsole. The outer sole is also refined to provide additional resilience.

Dentigre strap

Onitsuka Tiger shoes are undoubtedly one of a kind. This hybrid design combines a sandal style with its classic DENTIGRETM strap. The straps give it a unique look, and with a convenient hook-and-loop clasp, the shoes can be put on and taken off quickly. 

Bright contrasting colors will completely liven up your shoe closet and give you the optimism you need to start your day!


These Onitsuka Tiger women’s shoes are iconic – an authentic statement piece. Paying homage to the tennis style shoes, this timeless shoe design can be flaunted anywhere, from a professional meeting to a special hang out with a friend at the local coffee shop.

Mexico 66 Deluxe

The Mexico 66 line just keeps on giving! This design’s leather upper is made from much softer leather, thus providing an extremely comfortable footwear experience. This model is part of the “Nippon made”, which began in 2008 and highlighted the unparalleled Japanese craftsmanship. Each shoe that is built through this process uses immense skill and labor and requires special attention to detail.

Serrano kids

Yes! Onitsuka Tiger offers something fun for the kids too. This shoe style incorporates the SERRANOTM design with an elastic shoelace and velcro belt so the little ones can wear them or take them off as they choose. Let nothing stop the kids from exploring the world!

Moal 77 NM

Built on the Montreal II model released in 1977, this design was one of the first ones launched by the Onitsuka Tiger store that was exclusively made for jogging. The shoe’s outer sole is made from a sturdy rubber sponge enforced with GELTM technology to give you the comfort of extra cushioning as you win all your races. Novel use of bright, expressive colors and rolled-up soles gives the shoes extra grip, so you don’t ever falter on the track.

Buy Onitsuka tiger shoes with Atome app

Onitsuka Tiger Clothing

Did you think shoes were all this store had? Think again! The Onitsuka Tiger brand specializes in everything and aims to provide its customers everything they need. Included in the outlets and the online store are T-shirts and tops for men, jackets, sweatshirts, dresses, and skirts for women, and a special section dedicated entirely to clothing options for children! Browse through the vibrant collection on the Onitsuka Tiger website and order now!

Onitsuka Tiger clothing brings a unique fusion of Japanese heritage with a modern flair. Their designs are bound to catch your heart while providing you with the comfort that fuels your adventurous escapades. Visit the Onitsuka Tiger outlet today to find the clothing that you love.

Onitsuka Tiger Accessories

Complement your stunning athletic ensemble by accessorizing it creatively using Onitsuka Tiger’s vast collection of diverse bags, caps, hats, and backpacks. The store even offers a modest assortment of socks. If you’re in Singapore, there isn’t a moment to waste; buy your complete outfit from Onitsuka Tiger today and discover an all-new iconic look!

With its lines of accessories, Onitsuka Tiger Singapore explores all the categories of a lifestyle brand. By wearing their accessories, you will find that the spirit of Japan resonates in each and every collection of Onitsuka Tiger apparel and shoes. Try Onitsuka tiger today to see for yourself!

Onitsuka Tiger Singapore Installment Plan: Atome payment

We’re sure you’re completely smitten by the versatile products being sold by the Onitsuka Tiger brand (visit the website). We also know you’ve already decided to put your trust in their elegant yet powerful products. Great choice! We’ve got just another surprise to sweeten this superb deal. Onitsuka Tiger is now a partner with Atome, a shopping brand with the goal to make every shopping experience convenient for consumers in Singapore. 

Atome’s Brand Story

Atome (visit the website) uses a popular concept called Buy Now Pay Later, which explores the idea that a consumer no longer needs to budget and strategize before buying what they need; instead, they just head over to the shop and buy the product!

Does that sound exciting to you? It sure does to us! Currently headquartered in Singapore and operational in 8 locations across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China, Atome is moving towards its goals with large strides. Shop at any one of the 15000+ brands we partner with to buy what you need today!

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How to shop for Onitsuka Tiger products with the Atome app?

Use the Atome app to ease the process of making payments when buying from any Onitsuka Tiger store in Singapore, a reputable name in the sports shoe industry. All you need to do is follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Download the Atome app on your smartphone.
  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout when shopping at any Onitsuka Tiger outlet, either at their website or physical shop.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three payments within 30 days intervals, with one-third of the total amount due at the time of purchase.
  • You will get the delivery of your products after the first installment.
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Learn more about how Atome works!

Closing Statements

Onitsuka Tiger is a famous store brand with everything you need to complete your apparel and start your health and fitness journey! If you are in Singapore, make sure not to miss out on the unique products available to shop from. Onitsuka Tiger’s artistic and passionately manufactured designs will give you the boost of positivity you need, and their long-lasting durability means you won’t have to worry about your purchases succumbing to the onslaught of the elements anytime soon.

Shop at Onitsuka Tiger for your favorite items at an affordable price through Atome, a brand that strives to make it easier for shoppers in Singapore to get precisely what they need without having to worry about the cost of the products or the cash in their banks!

hop for the most trending footwear at Tiger Onitsuka SG, a store that will give you the confidence you need to take control of your day today!

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