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Oct 25 2022

Over 16 million people who suffer from chronic back pain may experience symptoms in many facets of life, particularly at work. The most common cause of disability globally is back discomfort during work. Pain may be crippling even for people whose occupations don’t involve any manual effort. Buy a massage chair from Ogawa and save yourself from discomfort and pain while getting the best massage chair price at the company.

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What physical discomfort do people experience in their work and life?

Due to their busy schedules, people experience a great deal of physical discomfort, which can cause acute pain that quickly develops into chronic pain. Several examples of severe discomfort that people encounter on a daily basis are listed below. Get the best massage chair with Ogawa!

It’s time to get a Ogawa massage chair if you resonate with the following:


The most common reason for work-related impairment is back discomfort. More days away from work might be lost due to lower back discomfort. It is the main contributor to disability globally. Employers incur high costs due to back-related disability claims; the average cost of a long-term disability diagnosis for back pain is $35,000 annually. Buy Ogawa massage chair and forget discomfort!

Back problems reduce productivity

The opposite of chronic absenteeism, presenteeism, could be more detrimental to productivity, even though it is often more visible when work days are missed. Employees absent from work due to illness sometimes become preoccupied with their symptoms. Chronic back pain was in the first position among the major reasons for presenteeism at work, accounting for 16.7 minutes each day of lost productivity. The affected firm lost a total of $1.21 million in revenue. With Ogawa, never go less on productivity!

Pain makes decision-making more difficult

According to research, it might be more difficult to adjust to shifting circumstances while in pain. Because of this, it is more difficult to decide swiftly or alter course when initiatives go off course. Get yourself an Ogawa massage chair.

Pain makes people less motivated.

According to Stanford research, mice in physical pain were less inclined to work hard for a reward than mice who weren’t experiencing any discomfort. Continuous suffering can make it harder to feel upbeat or enthusiastic about the prospects, which then, in turn, impedes the ability to achieve progress. Get your employees motivated with Ogawa massage chairs!

Pain may prompt invasive, unsuccessful surgery

87% of patients who underwent spinal fusion surgery reported discomfort two years after the procedure, and 15% underwent further surgery. The majority of money spent on healthcare for back pain goes toward surgery. Avoid surgery and enjoy luxury with Ogawa!

Back discomfort costs money

Costs associated with pain problems affect healthcare programs outside of employers. Additionally, they may result in substantial out-of-pocket expenses for workers. Insurance policies do not always cover physical therapy. If so, for each appointment, physical therapy copays range from $ 25 to $55. The cost per session may be significantly greater if an employee’s deductible hasn’t been reached yet. An employee’s portion of the surgical expense might go into the hundreds of dollars. However, expenses don’t have to total thousands of dollars to be a hardship. No matter their socioeconomic standing or state of health, almost half of Americans say they are “extremely anxious” or “somewhat worried” about being able to cover unforeseen medical expenses. Buy Ogawa with Atome and save money! Ogawa offers the best massage chair price in the Philippines.

People who are in pain sleep less

The average sleep debt for those with chronic pain is 42 minutes. On average, those without discomfort don’t have a sleep debt. Lack of sleep depletes the immune system, making it easier to contract viruses like the flu and various colds. Compared to individuals who do not experience pain, more than two times as many persons with chronic pain indicate that sleep issues affect their ability to work. Say bye-bye to sleepless days with Ogawa!

Depression and persistent pain are related.

People with low back pain are four times more likely to experience major depression. Chronic back discomfort can make people remain at home more often, reducing socializing and physical exercise. Those with chronic pain May also believe that nothing can be done to improve their situation or control their agony. Ogawa’s massage chair will be a game changer for you!

Interpersonal interactions are impacted by pain

Due to severe discomfort, it might be difficult to miss your favorite dancing class. However, the effect is amplified if that dancing class also serves as a substantial venue for social interaction. According to a study, pain affects the quality of life most when it severely impacts social interactions. Now no more discomfort with Ogawa massage chair.

Discomfort lowers overall life quality

According to studies, having chronic pain might make it more challenging to focus, sustain relationships, exercise, or sleep. In another sense, pain affects every aspect of life and thus is linked to a generally worse quality of life.

Benefits of Ogawa Massage Chair

There are numerous benefits of owning a massage chair. A few of these benefits are listed below but are not limited to:

1. Lessens tension, stress, and anxiety

Massage treatment has been found in studies to reduce the effects of stress. A gaming massage chair bought from Ogawa is the best!

These studies have discovered that massage treatment dramatically lowers stress on both a physical and psychological level. In controlled investigations, measurements of oxygen uptake, blood pressure, and salivary cortisol levels, for instance, were all reduced following a 10 to 15 minutes chair massage.

A simple remedy like a massage chair would be no joke in today’s culture, where stress costs $26B in healthcare and disability expenses and $95B in productivity loss each year. Buying Mafria Ogawa’s massage chair will be the best decision you make!

2. Calms down and eases tense muscles

The body is a tremendously intelligent mechanism. Muscles tighten and hurt when used beyond what is good for you. These are the body’s warnings intended to keep people in control. Listen to the body and take rest rather than obstinately continuing. A glamorous way to unwind in your own home is in a massage chair.

We are confident that an excellent massaging massage chair is a worker’s dream after a long and challenging day at the office. Ogawa’s massage chair price is too affordable not to treat your muscles!

3. Boosts blood circulation

The first is a message one receives in a massage chair that is mechanically assisted. Some of the massage techniques used are shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping, and gripping. In each of these methods, the rollers of the massage chair move and vibrate certain body parts, improving blood flow.

The advantages of improving your blood circulation are endless. These include:

  • Quicker healing from illnesses and injuries
  • Helps the body get rid of pollutants
  • Stimulates endorphins, which assist the body deal with stress and pain

The Zero Gravity function of high-end massage chairs is the second element. Your blood will be better positioned to reach all body organs and increase circulation. Ogawa’s massage chair price is too reasonable to risk your health by not purchasing it!

4. Enhances immune system

You may not be aware that a 1-hour massage raises the body’s lymphocyte count. White blood cells called lymphocytes aid the body’s defense against sickness. They control how the body’s immune system reacts. The body is better equipped to fend off everyday illnesses like the cold or flu, fever, and flu when it can raise the number of lymphocytes in its system.

Experts claim that only one massage is sufficient to significantly alter the body’s endocrine and immunological response in a way that can be measured.

5. Reduces discomfort and headaches

All types of pain, including headaches, typical body aches, and chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, are known to be significantly reduced by massage chairs. According to studies, massage treatment typically results in a 28% rise in serotonin and a 20% decrease in cortisol levels. One of the body’s pain-relieving processes is serotonin. The body appears better equipped to control pain when cortisol levels decrease and serotonin levels increase.

Specialized massaging chairs reduce chronic pain; however, most, if not all, of them can do so. Various massage techniques and body heating actions help to reduce pain.

According to the testimonies of pain sufferers, massage chairs either dramatically decreased or eliminated chronic pain. For an elderly society that suffers from chronic pain, this is a MASSIVE DEAL. A less expensive option to pricey physical therapy and technology is massage chairs.

This is perhaps the most convincing of all the advantages of a massage chair for persons who have had pain for quite a long time.

6. Boosts your posture

Another of our favorite massage chair advantages is the overall improvement of balance and posture since it is so unanticipated. An excellent massage chair may realign the spine and the muscles in the neck and shoulder with regular use. They are, therefore, well-liked among actors and athletes. Boast your posture with Ogawa products!

7. Betters sleeping conditions

Unsurprisingly, studies have demonstrated that massage treatment decreases weariness and enhances sleep for all people. Men and women, young and elderly, as well as individuals who are ill with conditions like cancer, heart problems, or psychiatric illnesses, are all included in this.

The same research links rising delta waves to better sleep quality. Deep sleep is associated with brain pulses called delta waves.

8. Fends off depression

Today’s modern society is seeing an all too high prevalence of depression. The great news is that using a massage chair to prevent depression is one of its many advantages.

Adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine are just a few of the pleasant chemicals that massage treatment has long been known to enhance. A wise investment in a massaging chair is like receiving an endless supply of these feel-good chemicals.

These same study investigations found that persons who indulged in two 15-minute massage chair sessions each week for five weeks in a row had an elevation in delta waves but a drop in beta waves.

What is OGAWA?

OGAWA is a retail health and wellness business founded in Malaysia in 1996. Since then, OGAWA has developed into Malaysia’s top player in designing, producing, and marketing equipment for health and wellness. The mission of OGAWA is to promote a healthy way of life by developing cutting-edge, superior goods. Ogawa has flourished and expanded to other nations due to its success, including the Philippines in 2011.

The massage couches and chairs by Ogawa use cutting-edge technology. Three specialized M.6 Gen Microprocessors power Ogawa’s cutting-edge operating system, enabling it to operate with more speed, precision, and massage quality. Intelligent Sensory Microprocessors continuously learn about and adjust your body to provide a customized massage.

Some famous OGAWA products

Some Famous Ogawa products include:

AI Master Drive

It’s a paradigm shift. The finest industry innovators and masters of Eastern Medicine carefully and painstakingly created unique Ogawa Master Drive AI to deliver the most comprehensive massage experience. Hands-down, the best massage chair.

OneSofa Luxe

Despite its tiny size, Ogawa’s MySofa Luxe is a stylish massage sofa that provides an excellent massage experience. This stylish addition to urban living spaces can relax in opulent style at home.

Full-body lumbar massage – Comprehensive coverage from the neck to the butt is guaranteed with an extended massage L-Track of up to 1m. Get the fulfillment you want from the inside.

Smart & Intuitive Humanized Touch – Durable silicone rollers provide a realistic and humanized massage experience by expertly balancing comfort and intensity.

Ground Gravity – Release yourself from all pressures as you feel as though you are floating.

Smart Mode – To sleep, cradle yourself. Two Zero-G reclining positions are alternated in the auto swing mode to mimic a cradling action.

Wall-Less Technology – Recline into relaxation and peace of mind with only a 6 cm minimum wall clearance need.

How to buy Ogawa with Atome

Atome, a Singapore-based company with connections with over 15,000+ online and offline businesses and successful operations in 10 regions, offers customers additional payment choices. Customers may use the app to divide their purchases into three interest-free monthly installments by scanning the QR code on a partner merchant’s in-store shelf or during online checkout.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

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This is how Atome works:

  1. Select Atome as your method of payment during checkout.
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  3. Pay the initial third of the total amount due. Once you’ve finished the checkout process, your order will be shipped, and you’ll have 30 days to pay interest-free for the final two installments.


Go on with life motivated and comfortably with Ogawa’s massage chairs and sofas! The quality is hands down the best at Ogawa. Now purchase Ogawa’s products with Atome to avail best discounts.

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