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by jiatongma

Aug 18 2022

In today’s dynamic world, we witness transformations in every single second of our lives. We see span-new technologies overwhelm people across the globe and enshroud them in a mist of awe and futuristic bliss. Some people might bat against the ongoing shifts observed due to technology; however, today’s revolutionary tech is not half as bad; take Oaxis myFirst devices, for example!

The future is here, thanks to science – meet gadgets from the future: Oaxis myFirst. It give your little one something to parade that they belong to the present generation of geniuses. From Oaxis myFirst Fone S2 in Singapore to the best children’s smartwatches, the makers have got it all covered.

The first look at Oaxis myFirst gadgets and the value they offer

Oaxis myFirst devices are synchronously designed for both children & parents alike. Yes, that means that they immaculately cater to the needs of both adults and kids. 

Back in 2017, myFirst was innovated by an ingenious group of ‘super daddies’ whose sole aim was to create a mediating bridge between technology and old-school toys. The group understood that due to the myriad of challenges faced by children today, it would be colossally advantageous if they integrated mind-engaging tech with something that looked appealing to children’s eyes – toys. 

Hence, Oaxis myFirst gadgets aim to accelerate a child’s learning process, reinvent the way children think, and make children embrace the glory of the technological era, all at the same time.

Backed by Oaxis, myFirst is a high-performing brand in Japan, Korea, the US, Greece, the UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Singapore, Sweden, Qatar, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Enough about the brand’s goodness; now let’s dive into some of the greatest products flaunted by the brand, including Oaxis, myFirst Fone S2 in Singapore, myFirst Fone R1s, myFirst camera 2, myFirst camera 3, and the best children’s smartwatches.

myFirst Fone R1s

If you’re looking for the best children’s smartwatches in Singapore, with myFirst, you’ve just hit the jackpot! The myFirst Fone R1s is everything that you’d expect from a child’s smartwatch and more.

The myFirst Fone R1s exhibit a high-caliber design with active heart rate monitoring. In addition, this smartwatch even motivates your child to achieve their daily steps targets seamlessly. And if that wasn’t enough, with this bad boy, you’ll get an enhanced waterproof rating, faster processing speed, more storage and music. just what you’d expect from a smartwatch for children.

  • Available in space blue and cotton candy mix colors.
  • The watch face is customizable with a fun animated wallpaper.
  • IP68 water resistance rating.
  • Heart rate monitoring with high heart rate alert.
  • 4G voice data calls, video calls, and messages.
  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • The Class Mode won’t let anything disturb your child when they’re focusing!
  • Music capacity of up to 1,500 songs.
  • Personalized reminders and much more!

Oaxis myFirst Fone S2

If you’ve been on the lookout for an Oaxis myFirst Fone S2 in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. Oaxis myFirst Fone S2 jubilates itself in being a supreme 3G smartwatch with GPS for kids of the modernistic era. This smartwatch is a powerhouse of amazing features. myFirst Fone S2 is loved by parents, as seen in some of Oaxis myFirst Fone S2 reviews available on its website.

  • 3G data and voice call-compatible.
  • One-Touch SOS to send distress signals.
  • Precise location tracking.
  • Keep your child within 200 meters of the boundaries of your home through preset safe kid zones via geo-locations in iOS/Android.
  • Geo-fencing, pedometer, indoor location.

myFirst Camera 2

Set the photographer that resides inside your children free through the myFirst Camera 2. Take high-quality pictures while reaping all the benefits of water resistance – this is the camera for your child!

  • HD photos and videos (8 MP).
  • Long-lasting battery and is lightweight.
  • Preloaded picture frames.
  • Waterproof case, stickers, and lanyard included.

myFirst Camera 3

Does your precious one get psyched up at the thought of photography? Well, the myFirst Camera 3 is for them! Toy cameras can be infinitely vexing; every child knows that. That’s why the myFirst Camera 3 is not a toy camera; it’s a real one – made to the liking of every child!

The myFirst Camera 3 functions like a regular digital camera and allows you to see the world through your child’s innocent yet inventive eyes.

  • High-quality photos (12 MP).
  • Macro lens.
  • Selfie lens.
  • Durable & powerful.
  • Preloaded frames.
  • Free shockproof case, stickers, and neck lanyard included.

The convenience brought by smartwatches and why you should get one!

Smartwatches have been around for quite a while now, and almost every mobile-manufacturing brand has its own title smartwatch to showcase. Today, there are even children’s smartwatches; that’s how much traction they’ve mustered over the years.

If you don’t already have a smartwatch tethered to your wrist, here’s why you should buy one:

  • Smartwatches help track your heart rate, sleep, activity, and fitness levels in general.
  • You can use your smartwatch to play music while on a stroll without touching your phone.
  • They allow access to a boatload of smartphone applications.
  • You can use them the old-fashioned way – to tell the time, as a stopwatch, or an alarm clock.
  • Smartwatches display incoming calls, notifications, reminders, and navigation.
  • You can even find your phone and opt for contactless payments using your smartwatch.

The list mentioned above is not exhaustive; smartwatches have a lot more to offer!

Oaxis myFirst and Atome – Where do the two worlds meet?

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Not sure how the app functions? Here’s how Atome works!

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Ending Note

Oaxis myFirst gadgets are truly gadgets from the future. With the best children’s smartwatches, cameras, and other accessories, the brand should be your go-to brand for all tech-related purchases for your child. Stimulate your child’s learning process with myFirst – your child deserves it!

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