Break through Your Limits with Oakley Cycling Sunglasses!

by jiatongma

Feb 03 2023

Have you been pondering over getting the best hip sunglasses that are trendy and parade exquisite glamor? Look no further, as Oakley is here to save the day! Oakley glasses, including Oakley cycling sunglasses, are nothing short of extraordinary! With cutting-edge technology and excellent workmanship, Oakley cycling sunglasses live up to every sporty need of yours!

Today, the highlight of this article is, as you might already have guessed: sunglasses. And, not just any sunglasses, we’ll be looking at different glasses at Oakley Singapore, including Oakley cycling sunglasses, Oakley frogskins, and more. So, without further ado, let’s plunge into the world of sunglasses and look into what it has to offer us!

Looking at the benefits of wearing sunglasses

Besides flaunting a gorgeous look and complementing your entire vibe, sunglasses provide a lot of other benefits as well. Moreover, these benefits are 100% science-backed, meaning you can’t simply overlook these.

  1. Protection from UV rays

Just like sunblocks protect your skin from UV rays, sunglasses protect your eyes. Sunglasses don’t only provide protection to your eyelids but safeguard your retina and cornea as well. In the bargain, sunglasses even protect your eyelids against the dangers of skin cancer.

  1. Conducive to reducing headaches

Wearing sunglasses also combats the pain associated with headaches and migraines. This especially proves true for those people whose headaches share a direct connection to bright lights.

  1. Plummets your risks of cataracts

Older people are prone to developing cataracts, and escalating cataracts can lead to full blindness without proper treatments. Sunglasses provide the necessary protection against UV rays and prevent the cornea from developing cataracts.

  1. Protection from particles in the air

Another plus point of wearing sunglasses is that they protect your eyes from debris lurking in the air, ready to find its home inside your eyes. Sunglasses prevent pollen, dust, and other irksome particles from entering your eyes and causing irritation. If you have sensitive eyes, it’s best you wear your best pair of sunglasses on windy days.

Diving into the world of Oakley glasses!

Oakley is a sunglasses brand that was pioneered with athletes in mind, particularly inspired by world-class athletes. The dedication is the pursuit of doing better drives Oakley to explore beyond the traditional, mundane ideas lurking in the industry.

Oakley prides itself on its top-notch DNA that is embedded with the supreme ability to identify challenges, innovate inventions, and implement these inventions in the form of quintessential art. Oakley is driven by the zeal to make things better by seamlessly breaking the bounds of infinity.

From Oakley cycling sunglasses centered on the dynamic needs of cyclists to Oakley frogskins, the brand makes sure it caters to the needs of every individual. This is also the reason why Oakley is astronomically popular.

Oakley frames worth looking at!

There are tons of Oakley sunglasses that you can seamlessly shop from the brand. Mentioned below are SOME of the Oakley sunglasses we thought were definitely worth mentioning!

  1. Oakley Radar® EV XS Path® (Youth Fit) Heritage

These are not just any Oakley cycling sunglasses; they go above and beyond that! The Radar® EV XS Path® flaunts colors that were originally inspired by Oakley’s eyewear history. These Oakley cycling sunglasses feature Prizm™ Lens Technology, which does wonders in bringing in additional contrast and detail.

What’s more, these sunglasses are also available in ‘youth’ versions to introduce the breakthrough tech to young athletes in need of extra protection and an extended field of vision for a flawless upward view.

  1. Oakley Holbrook™ XS (Youth Fit) Spin-Shift Collection Shift Spin

The spin-shift collection of Oakley cycling sunglasses exhibits a perfect blend of fervent sports performances with Oakley frames (lifestyle) in purple and green colorways. The iconic frame of the Oakley Holbrook™ is perfect to fit smaller faces. In addition to that, Oakley Holbrook™ isn’t devoid of the cutting-edge Prizm™ lens technology, complemented by voguish metal rivets and a keyhole bridge.

  1. Oakley Frogskins (Low Bridge Fit) Spin-Shift Collection Transparent Celeste

These Oakley frogskins from the spin-shift collection brandish vibrant green and purple colorways. These classic Oakley frames bring fancy prevalence into a span-new light.

Back when ‘The Terminator’ was turning heads at the box office, ‘Run DMC’ was in certified gold, and Ronald Reagan stepped foot in the White House, this was when Oakley Frogskins were engineered.

Inspired by a fashion fad in the 80s, these Oakley frogskins are just what you need to showcase your love of history.

  1. Oakley Ejector Pewter

The Oakley Ejector Pewter evinces a modern, angular architecture that is accented by sturdy wire frames. Ejector’s angular lens shape and clean lines make it stand out in a herd of Oakley cycling sunglasses while making a subtle fashion statement at the same time!

  1. Oakley Deadbolt Satin Light Gold

The Oakley Deadbolt’s unconventional design comes part and parcel with a progressive sunglasses design that the Prizm™ Lens Technology only completes. These sunglasses even showcase a round silhouette, intricate stem architecture, and a single element connecting the Oakley frame and temples.

Break through the confines of extremity and push through boundaries with the Oakley Deadbolt! Put on your best dress to complete the classy vibe that radiates from these Oakley sunglasses.

Where can I find Oakley’s service center?

If you’re looking for an Oakley Service Center, here’s where you can find one: 1 Temasek Ave, #13-01 Millenia Tower, Singapore 039192.

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Go get your Oakley cycling sunglasses now!

Now that you know all there is to this ultramodern and trailblazing sunglasses store in Singapore, go pick a pair of Oakley sunglasses that resonates at the same frequency as yours. Oakley even offers cycling helmets, so if you’re in need of that, you know where to go!

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