5 New Style Trends to Have on Your Radar in 2023

by jiatongma

Feb 23 2023

Many see the beginning of a new year as the chance to grow and improve socially, professionally, and personally. The more things you cross off your list in style, the more likely you will succeed in sticking with your resolutions and reaching your goals. This is because you perceive yourself as competitive, self-assured, and confident. We’ve listed the top 5 fashion trends of the year, so you can be savvy and prepared for every occasion.

Tassel/ fringing

 A bundle of threads knotted together at one end is referred to as a tassel, as opposed to fringe, which is a complete border made of threads or strips. These are used to adorn footwear, accessories, and purses in addition to clothing. In the world of styling, tassels and fringe are timeless classics. They reflect fun and freedom. Incorporate them into your wardrobe in one of the methods given below if you want to be on trend this season.

Tassel/fringe dress

On scorching summer days, short fringe dresses will be popular. You’ll capture all the attention at an evening party in a metallic dress with fringe and tassels. Any outfit may glam up in the winter by adding coats, jackets, shawls, scarves, or accessories with fringe and tassels. 

Tassel/fringe bags

These add swag to any simple ensemble and are available in various styles like fringed crossbody bags, shoulder bags, clutches, and tote bags. You can choose from a range of full fringed bags to a single beaded tassel added as an embellishment.

Tassel/fringe footwear

They are guaranteed to elevate your style in a single step. Wear fringed boots, wedges, or loafers with your denim on a day out to upgrade your casual look. Tasseled heels and colorful fringes add glamor to your evening attire.

Bubble hems

When the hem of a skirt or dress is folded back on itself, it creates a cute round and fluffy effect known as the bubble hem. This style was a favorite in past years and has made an official comeback in 2023, as most spring/summer fashion shows featured bubble hems in several collections.  

The voluminous style inspires drama and a larger-than-life attitude and is suited equally for formal occasions or casual gatherings. Bubble hems complement skinny figures, but it may be challenging to look chic in this style. Here are some tips to help you in selecting the ideal attire:

  • Bubble hems look good on the sleeves or the skirt bottom, and selecting a dress with fluffy hems all over might blur out your frame. So, don’t go overboard with this style. 
  • Hitting the perfect balance is the key to looking stunning in bubble hems. If you pick a bubble skirt, pair it with a fitted top, and show off your fine legs to cut off its roundness.

Floral prints

Everyone loves floral prints, and they are a favorite for spring and summer. Hence, it is referred to as a timeless trend. These days, floral designs are found in more than just apparel. They have overtaken the shoe and luggage industries. Invest in a beautiful pair of flowery patterns and rest easy, knowing they will be worn repeatedly.

The floral print trend for 2023 is big, bold, and vibrant. A floral dress is appropriate for wearing daily, to tea parties, and even as wedding guest attire. A skirt or pair of jeans and a floral shirt would look fantastic. Even your business suit can be accessorized with it for a splash of color and a playful touch.

Footwear with floral prints gives your look a soft, feminine touch. For a casual outing, it is available in adorable sneakers or sandals. Try floral strappy or chunky shoes if you want to spice up your appearance.


Ruffles and frills are a great way to add texture and volume to any outfit. Ruffle is a strip or gathering of fabric or other material that is pleated or attached along one edge. Frills are small flaps of fabric used to decorate the edge of clothing and accessories.

Ruffles and frills can be seen in many different types of clothing, from dresses to skirts, tops, and even pants. They can also be used as an embellishment on accessories such as bags and scarves. They add a touch of femininity to any outfit while still being stylish and modern.

Gothic glamor

Gothic glamor is a style of dressing that combines dark and mysterious elements with sophistication. It’s a look that stands out from the crowd and draws attention. The traditional black, gray, and white color palette has been updated recently to include shades of blues, purples, and metallics. Gothic glamor has become a popular fashion trend, and with the right combination of pieces, you can easily create a gothic look that expresses your unique style. 

From the voluminous black gowns and sleek dresses with cut-out details to the collared shirts or lacy blouses to black leather pants or mini skirts, gothic ensembles are making a statement on the runway. Do give it a try!  

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