New League, New Look: Buy Best Japan Jersey Singapore Now

by Starry

Sep 16 2021

Are you enticed to buy a Japan jersey in Singapore? We totally get your enthusiasm and love for the game and the team; hence, we curated the possible best Japan national football team shirt options here in this article.

Before getting into Japan jersey shopping, let’s try to understand why Japan’s national jersey or any other national jersey means so much to the fans.

Why is a jersey so meaningful?

Jerseys are vital for teams at all levels, not just professional sports teams. Every team requires a distinct sign that represents its collective identity. Because jerseys play such an essential role for teams, they must be distinctive, appealing, and individualized.

By the way, it is significant to football fans as well as football players. Fans not only express their support for their favorite team, but they also demonstrate their love and passion for it. Wearing a national football shirt allows fans to express their support for their favorite player, but it also naturally motivates and inspires the players.

The importance of Japan National Jersey

Without a doubt, every football team in the world begins with a unique and eye-catching personalized jersey design. In time, a one-of-a-kind jersey becomes a symbol of a team’s success, pride, and motivation. The same goes for Japanese society and national football team fans.

History of Japan’s national jersey

Japan’s football team has been professionalized since the 1990s, and the country has quickly established itself as one of Asia’s most successful teams.

  • In the beginning, Japan national team jerseys employed blue and white instead of red and white. In the first game of its first major international competition, the 1936 Summer Olympics, Japan defeated Sweden 3–2 wearing blue shirts.
  • The design of the Japan national football team shirt has seen various changes in the past. The Japan national jersey was white with blue accents in the early 1980s. The shirts for the 1992 Asian Cup were white stripes with red diamonds (which figuratively form a wing). Japan’s national team wore blue jerseys with red and white flame motifs on the sleeves during its first World Cup appearances in 1996 and 1998.
  • In April 1998, Adidas was named the country’s official Japan national jersey kit maker, ending a period when Japan had no official kit maker and instead made its own. Adidas unveiled the latest new Japanese national football team shirt in early November 2019.
  • Japan national football team shirts designed by Adidas currently feature an inspirational sign-off that channels the spirit of the Samurai, with a design inspired by the country’s distinctive artistic legacy in a blue background.

When to wear your Japan jersey?

The football match days are the time when you must have a jersey. But, as you may see around, football fanatism is not a one-time deal. You can carry your Japan national jersey all-time with pride as well as comfort!

Football jerseys from Japan are a wonderful choice for sportswear because they are composed of exceptional moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you dry whether you’re watching or playing football.

To cut the story short, Japan jerseys can be your statement piece when you are in a game or your daily wardrobe staple if you love sports and casual outwear style. The sky is the limit, but your love for your team can even pass that limit too!

And if you are planning to use your jersey as a daily outfit, we can give you one more fashion tip exclusively. You can combine your Japan national jersey with bike shorts Singapore models.

Yet, if you want to match your Japan national jersey with bike shorts, going for a standard fit Japan jersey or even an oversize jersey can make the deal.

How to choose a Japan National jersey?

Japan football jerseys come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the perfect fit. If you’re asking for a pair of Japan national football team shirts for yourself or a friend, you will see many Japan jersey designs with flag colors and motifs.

Whether you choose a classic Japan jersey Singapore or more artistic ones with blueish colors on the background – like the last Adidas collection, you will feel the pride of supporting your team and raising awareness around.

What to do next?

Choose your retailer or online shop: Do your research before buying

Purchasing a Japan jersey Singapore online will be easy; mostly, it will take a few clicks. But ensuring that you buy from a reliable store or online retailers can take a longer time.

Japan jersey Singapore alternatives can vary in many parameters, you can sometimes get a less quality jersey than you paid. Or, custom Japan jerseys can be sold at drastically higher prices during World Cup season.

You may have noticed a slew of Japan jersey Singapore options on eBay (claimed to be official or autographed ones, too), yet checking the quality and authenticity can be a bit risky. And if you are caught short on money, going for the unreliable option isn’t a smart move.

Find Japan jersey stores with ease

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