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Sep 23 2021

Koi Cafe is a tea franchise that Mr. Ng Seow Cong Taiwan established in 2006. It was subsequently expanded to Singapore in 2007 to reinforce the global brand name. The brand has extended to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The store has four outlets in Singapore, including Bugis, which opened in 2017. Koi cafe has built a dedicated following of consumers through word of mouth and internet advertising.

Koi Cafe is a great place to get milk tea. They have branches all over Singapore which are well-liked as having some of the best drinks in town! The tea leaves are fused with hands before serving the customer to retain their quality and reliability.

Koi is a brand that specializes in authentic Asian food and specialty tea. Since then, it has become one of the most popular tourist spots for a cool drink during the hot summer. It is a refreshing drink made from specialty tea blends sourced locally at each location. Cafe Koi’s menu is famous for their flavorful milk teas, which include bubble tea, which is the most famous, and people who like milk teas can have a variety of milk teas, such as KOI biscuit milk tea, Koi brown sugar milk tea, koi bubble tea, matcha latte, and many more.

Teas at Cafe Koi’s menu also caters to people on a diet with sugar-free versions of their drinks that come in green tea base or honey green tea. The cafe has opened several branches in different countries so far. Its first opening in Singapore is to bring happiness to tea and coffee lovers. Koi has grown to be one of the most popular cafes in the country over the years, specializing in various flavors of milk teas. This café gives individuals an opportunity to select sugar levels according to choice. The menu includes both appetizers as well, and the meal consists of desserts.

The sleek and modern Koi Tea at Koi menu is the perfect spot for a delicious cup of tea with an extensive selection of flavors. Koi’s menu has various milk tea flavors, some of which are healthier than others. Milk tea has different flavors based on customers’ personal preferences. The cafe has opened several branches in different countries, with its first opening in Singapore to bring happiness to tea and coffee lovers. Koi has grown to be one of the most popular cafes in the country over the years, specializing in various flavors of milk teas. This cafe gives individuals an opportunity to select sugar levels according to choice.

Koi Biscuit Milk Tea

Singapore has high temperatures; people prefer to have fresh, healthy drinks. Koi Biscuit milk tea is the Koi menu signature milk tea topped with Milo and Lotus biscuit crumbs and a pinch of lotus biscuit spread. Koi Biscuit milk tea is sweet but also satisfying because it contains sugar and honey. The best part about this drink is that it does not need any ice or other flavoring! It is the perfect beverage for summer.

Koi brown sugar milk tea

Koi brown sugar milk tea is the most popular drink on the Cafe KOI menu. It offers a wide variety of teas and coffee, but its brown sugar milk makes this place unique. Koi brown sugar milk tea drink is made with brown sugar syrup and condensed milk, which tastes divine. It also has pearls inside to make it look like it is served with tapioca pearls on the outside of the cup. The ingredients are brown sugar and milk, making for a leisurely drink, a beverage that can be enjoyed anytime. It has a deliciously sweet flavor that will leave everyone feeling refreshed when hot outside or tired after work! This drink also does not have much caffeine, making it perfect for those who want something less addicting than coffee or tea to get them through the day.

The KOI cafe in Singapore is famous for its signature Brown Sugar Milk Tea because it is made with just two simple ingredients – Brown sugar and milk!

Koi Bugis

The Bugis KOI Cafe is great for grabbing some tea and relaxing. They offer an impressive selection of teas. If you are looking for healthy drinks, go for koi Bugis café. They serve some of the best coffees in Singapore, along with their homemade pastries, which are freshly baked. If you are in the mood for some hot tea, Cafe Koi Bugis is a great place to head. With a selection of over 40 different teas and specialties like milk tea with ice cream, this quaint little coffee shop has something for everyone. The staff at Bugis KOI are knowledgeable about all things tea. They will be happy to help ensure that whichever beverage you choose leaves an unforgettable impression on your taste buds. So if you are looking for a new hotspot where people can enjoy delicious drinks while they chat with friends or want a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is your place! Look no further than Café Koi Bugis.

Hot seller drinks at Koi that you must order

Koi café’s unlimited popular drinks will leave you stunned whenever you order a Koi drink in Singapore. You aren’t just enjoying tastier bubble tea versions at Koi but also can enjoy Koi’s low-calorie beverages to maintain your health and cravings side by side. Even though people have a lot of favorites from Koi café’s koi drink menu, a few of the best koi drinks include:

Vanilla milk tea Ice cream drink

After being absent from the Koi Menu for a year, KOI’s special Vanilla Ice Cream will return on August 5, 2020, for the enjoyment of all fans. Singaporean KOI fans frequently consume milky-textured ice cream. Your favorite Koi beverage at Koi Café may be this one.

Four Seasons Peach Tea

In January 2020, Koi Singapore added a new CNY beverage to its menu: Peach Four Seasons Tea. The latest item on Koi’s drink menu is this Peach Four Seasons special Tea, darker in color and more resembles a fruity beverage than the other menu items.

The Koi’s Peach Four Season tea has a mild flavor and a good balance of peach and tea flavors. Freshly picked tea leaves create the Four Season tea, which can satisfy even the pickiest palate.

Tea is a delicious beverage with a fruity flavor that is perfect for an after-dinner refresher. You can also top it with aloe vera and enjoy the well-known Golden Bubble drink of Koi but just with more texture.

In conclusion, Koi’s Peach Four Seasons special Tea is a beautiful addition to Koi Singapore’s Menu. It is highly recommended for people looking for something brand-new and lighter in flavor on the KOI menu! The team at AllSGPromo thinks that Koi’s bubble tea is meant to be enjoyed when paired with a taste that refreshes the consumer.

Visit one of KOI Thé’s locations for a beautiful treat!

Gold milk tea bubbles

One of the most well-liked drinks at Koi seems to be the Golden Bubble special Milk Tea. The creamy and thick milk tea has improved further when paired with Koi’s distinctive golden bubbles. As you taste, the drink’s dazzling fizz, which is made of flavor-infused syrup, carbonated water, and ice, will dance about on your tongue. The Koi’s Golden Bubble pearls are easy to eat since they are soft and chewy.

Koi’s Golden Bubble special Milk Tea focuses on dairy flavors and creamier, richer consistency. After a little while, the drink’s bubbles will soon dissipate, leaving you with a robust milk flavor and aroma. We advise choosing your bubble tea from the Koi Menu if you like a more concentrated milk flavor and scent.

Where can you find the KOI cafe store in Singapore?

Koi cafe has numerous branches in Singapore, widespread all around the city. Following are a few of Koi’s café branches in Singapore and koi café’s opening hours.

  • KOI Express Canberra MRT, (+65)8012-4662, 11 Canberra Link, #02-01, Singapore 756972
  • KOI Thé 100AM, (+65)6993-901, 100 Tras Street #01-15A, 100 AM, Singapore 079027
  • KOI Thé Oasis Terraces, (+65) 6957-2232, 681 Punggol Drive #01-30, Singapore 820681
  • KOI Thé Thomson Plaza, (+65) 6816-3630, 301 Upper Thomson Road #01-18, Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408
  • KOI Express Joo Koon MRT, (+65)6250-9815, 91 Joo Koon Circle #02-02, Singapore 629116
  • KOI Thé Hillview Community Club, (+65) 6993-9755, 1 Hillview Rise, #01-K1, Singapore 667970
  • KOI Thé United Square, (+65) 6993-9754, 101 Thomson Road #B1-60, Singapore 307591
  • KOI Thé Anchorpoint, +(65)6816-1700, 370 Alexandra Road #01-37, Singapore 159953
  • KOI Thé Tang Plaza, +(65)6610-1648, 310 Orchard Road #B1-02A TANGS, Singapore 238864
  • KOI Express National University Hospital, +(65)6993-6848, 1 Lower Kent Ridge #1-14, Singapore 119082
  • KOI Thé Northshore Plaza, +(65)6993-5374, 407 Northshore Drive #1-K3, K4, K5, Singapore 820407
  • KOI Thé Stars of Kovan, +(65) 6957-7068, 988 Upper Serangoon Road #01-05, Singapore 534733
  • KOI Express Square 2, +(65)6327-9095, 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-115/116, Singapore 307506

Can Koi drinks be bought online?

Grain had said on their blog that beginning on April 28, they will only supply bubble tea inside the East. Unfortunately, the West won’t be able to use them until May 5, 2020. Please be aware that orders under $100 outside Grain’s hot zone will be subject to a $12 surcharge (minus the regular $4 shipping price). However, choosing to have your beverages brought to a Food Point is free. You may now select any koi café beverage from the menu and take pleasure in your experience at unquestionably the top drinking establishment in Singapore.

Why is it called KOI Thé?

The brand name of KOI café is KAI, which in Japanese denotes “you-en.” The sound of the word “Kai,” which signifies “little brilliance,” is represented by the letter “K.” KAI is a sign of purity since it doesn’t have a quiet H following an S and meaning “little brilliance” (H). In Chinese, the company effectively spread its distinctive warm welcome message by opening its first location in Singapore in 2007. To spread awareness of the brand worldwide, Koi’s Singapore branch helped to increase interest in Taiwanese bubble tea throughout Singapore.

To highlight tea and convey the brand’s philosophy more accurately, Ms. Khloé Ma changed the company’s name to KOI Thé in early 2015.

Does Koi use fresh milk?

Matcha powder from Koi is made in Japan and is free of additives and preservatives. The silky fresh milk balances the rich, somewhat bitter matcha to create the ideal tea mix everyone adores. Therefore, all of the goods at Koi Cafe are made with fresh milk.

How long can Koi milk tea last?

Fresh bubble tea from Koi Cafe may be stored in the fridge for around 24 hours. Remember that fresh bubble tea tastes best when you drink it. If you must keep bubble tea in the refrigerator, try to eat it before the whole 24 hours have passed.

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