Mouth Melting and Chewy Snow Durian Mooncakes

by Starry

Oct 15 2021

Durian moon cakes heavenly desserts made with great affection. The creamy-textured durian paste makes the mooncake a perfect dessert. One can easily enjoy chilled durian mooncake when it is refrigerated. The durian mooncake is available in different designs so you can cherish your memorable moments. 

What are durians? Durian is a widespread fruit in Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Durian is also known as a king of fruits. 

About Golden Moments: 

Golden Moments is one of the well-renowned signature brands for providing the best durian mooncake islandwide. Golden moments are always there to make your happy moments more celebratory and joyous. Golden moments offer 100% pure durian mooncakes with zero artificial flavors. There is no sugar added to the mooncakes and no preservatives. 

The golden moments have the durian mooncakes, which is heaven for durian lovers. The mooncake snow skin is made with toothsome durian puree. The durian mooncake, which golden moments offer, has the final touching of a premium dash of gold—the perfect idea to esteem your festivities. The mooncake is draped with silky smooth charcoal snow skin.

Some delectable mooncakes around Singapore 

Goodwood Park mooncakes 

In Singapore, the celebrations usually celebrated on the whole moon night are joyless without having delicious mooncakes. The Goodwood park mooncakes are very popular around Singapore as they promote enticing snowskin mooncakes and traditional baked mooncakes. They provide 100% fresh and handmade mooncakes without any artificial preservatives. Some of the features of Goodwood Park mooncakes are: 

Goodwood Park is offering adorable gift boxes with beautiful packing details. So, one can surprise his loved ones by sending this festive gift. The gift includes baked mooncakes with beautiful, presentably designed boxes of gold floral motifs. 

100% pure and fresh: 

Good wood moon cakes are 100% handmade and made with fresh ingredients to provide their valued clients with the authentic taste of moon cakes. 

Tropical mooncakes: 

Goodwood Park offers inspirational tropical fruit-flavored mooncakes. The fresh puree of fruits with a fantastic blend of pineapple cubes and coconut crushes draw a new look to your desirable mooncakes. 

East Ocean mooncake 

East ocean is one of the trendy Chinese restaurants with many various cuisines. It is one of the best choices for family and friends gatherings. East ocean has a wide range of different appetizers and chef signature sweets. East Ocean offers traditionally baked mooncakes with double egg yolks.

The restaurant has a wide variety of delectable mooncakes, and one can quickly satisfy his or her cravings with these mooncakes. Try their sumptuous delicacies while ordering their mooncakes at home and make your moon-viewing party more remarkable. 

Huge variety of mooncakes 

East ocean has a range of different styled mooncakes according to their customer’s demands. Some of them are assorted with nuts and fruits. 

Freshly baked: 

The east ocean restaurant offers freshly baked mooncakes around the island. 

Signature moon cakes: 

East ocean has several signature mooncakes with assorted flavors like mini snow skin mooncakes and white lotus paste with one egg yolk. 

Teochew mooncakes 

Teochew mooncakes are one of the flakiest crust pastry mooncakes. There is a sweet filling inside the mooncake, usually made with yam paste. The flaky pastries are available in 2 shapes, a ball shape, and a disc shape. You can enjoy and store your pastry for 3 to 5 days when placed in the fridge.

Like durian mooncakes, Teochew mooncakes are the ones with the traditional taste of mooncakes. The crunchy and freshly baked Teochew mooncake with countless layers of crust and sweet yam paste makes the mooncake simply irresisitible. Different variations have been made for Teochew mooncakes from time to time according to the customer’s desires.  

How to order durian mooncake Singapore? 

Golden moments Singapore, Goodwood park and east ocean Singapore has the best Teochew mooncakes and durian mooncakes around the island. You can now order your favorite mooncake while sitting at home. You need to choose your favorite flavor and check out with the payment option provided by Atome.

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So, make your mid autumn festival more enjoyable than before and order your mooncakes now! 

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