Most Elegant Handmade Jewelry in Singapore by The Clay Day

by Starry

Jul 27 2021

People have been wearing accessories since ancient times. In the past, jewelry meant valuable treasures. It was made of precious metals, gemstones, and other rare valuables. It was a symbol of status as it represented a person’s wealth.

Adding a piece of jewelry can elevate your outfit and add to its beauty. Jewelry can do wonders for your self-confidence. Purchasing jewelry is considered to be a form of self-love by many. Jewelry can make a simple attire look luxurious. It is also a form of self-expression. In today’s fashion-conscious world, most people care about looking chic and classy with the help of fancy accessories. Seeing the sparkle of beautiful jewelry can lift any person’s mood instantly.

The Clay Day offers a wide variety of beautiful jewelry. Their accessories are made of handmade ceramics. They are one of the most unique brands of handmade jewelry in Singapore. Instead of mass-producing their products with the help of machinery, they prefer to handmake their accessories. Artisans craft the ornaments by painting and baking them in kilns. They work tirelessly for several days to make a single batch. They make sure that the jewelry you wear is unique and of the best quality possible. The Clay Day knows the importance of running a business ethically. They care deeply about the impact of their business on the environment. They hire socially disadvantaged and disabled people. Single mothers, orphans, and people earning low income also benefit from it. These people work in safe working conditions and are provided with free meals and comfort. This brand producing handmade jewelry in Singapore also cares about the sustainability of its business. Most of their packaging are made of recycled materials.

Sit back, take a break, and surf through their aesthetic jewelry page. Atome divides the payment into three installments. Just pay a small amount now and leave the rest to be paid later. The best thing about Atome is that the installments are interest-free. Also, there are no hidden charges. So, get your hands on our jewelry today and leave all your financial worries with Atome.


We have a wide variety of beautiful necklaces. Necklaces are one of the oldest types of jewelry worn by people. Necklaces, like amulets and crucifixes, have religious significance. People wear symbolic jewelry to express their faith or seek protection. A necklace can also be worn as a statement piece. It can bring any outfit to life and elevate your style. A chunky necklace worn over a simple outfit can easily make it a piece out of a fashion magazine. A small chain with a single diamond can signify purity and innocence. The Clay Day offers beautiful necklaces adorned with handmade ceramic or beads. The beads are of different sizes and colors, with no two beads being the same. Some necklaces are also decorated with different kinds of ceramic charms.


Bracelets have been popular and loved by women for ages. Gold bracelets are widely popular among South Asian women. Their value lasts for a long time and can be used as security funds. They are also passed among generations of South Asian females. Bracelets also symbolize friendship. Between friends, exchanging friendship bracelets has become a trend. Beautiful bracelets with multi-colored beads are available at our shop. They are adorned with 24K gold zircon charms and Hematite gemstones which adds to their beauty. The chords are adjustable and are made of soft nylon.


The Clay Day offers a solid collection of luxurious earrings. Earrings are the type of jewelry items that are most commonly gifted. They make a great luxurious gift and can be good for anyone and any occasion. All you need to know is the recipient’s style and then choose a pair of earrings suitable for their personality. And there is no better place to buy jewelry than the best shop for handmade jewelry in Singapore; The Clay Day. They make different kinds of earrings from studs to dangling earrings. They are decorated with ceramic beads, gemstones, and crystals. Some floral earrings are even decorated with natural pressed flowers and foliage.


The Clay Day has upgraded its collection. Beautiful barrettes hair clips are the latest addition to their already wonderful collection. They are vintage gold barrettes hair clips adorned with handcrafted ceramic beads and handpicked gold flakes embedded in resin. They are available in blue and turquoise colors.


Face masks have now become a part of everyday life. You cannot go out without a face mask on. Why not make a fashion statement with your face mask by decorating it with an alluring face mask chain? The Clay Day urges everyone to embrace the new norm with style. Their dainty and practical mask chains can help you in doing just that.


The Clay Day also offers an exciting collection of homewares. This includes handcrafted ceramic mugs. The lid is made of bamboo and quotes are engraved on it. The lids are adorned with handcrafted shapes made of clay and embedded in resin. Some lids are also decorated with preserved foliage and flowers embedded in resin. These mugs come with a metal gold spoon.


The Clay Day has introduced baby’s breath bouquet cards and clip-ons. The baby’s breath bouquet cards are made of delightful dried baby’s breath flowers, craft paper, and a box. Each card is handcrafted by a differently-abled artisan. They also have a beautiful collection of 24K gold plated clip-ons. You can now easily convert your hook earrings to clip-ons with them.

These beautiful collections of handcrafted jewelry in Singapore provide a unique experience to the jewelry lovers. The Clay Day is an ethical and sustainable business. With every purchase, you will be giving back to the less advantaged. They also allow customers to customize their orders. So, make your purchase now with the help of Atome and pay with interest-free installments.

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