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by jiatongma

Feb 01 2023

If you’re searching for “E-bike shop near me”/”E-bikes in Singapore”/”E-bike shops in Singapore,” you are bound to get Mobot E-bikes (www.mobot.sg) in your search result. The search results will also show Mobot shops and Mobot service centers. The future is here; the future is now; the future is the Mobot e-bike!

What is an electric vehicle?

The basic anatomy of a simple, internal combustion engine car comprises an engine, the crankshaft, gears, and some other components of the drivetrain. When the fuel within the combustion chamber is compressed with air and a spark plug, it leads to a small explosion that moves the piston. This kinetic energy is used by the subsequent parts mentioned above to move about. However, electric vehicles are different.

In many ways, electric vehicles are less complicated than internal combustion engines since they contain fewer parts than conventional cars. In other aspects, electric vehicles are far more complicated. Electric vehicles are completely or partially powered by electric power. There are two types of electric vehicles; battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

The battery electric vehicles contain 99% fewer moving parts compared to conventional IC engine cars. This endows them the special advantage that they contain no gears, spark plugs, and therefore no exhaust. Subsequently, they create no noise and don’t burn any fossil fuel – they run on batteries.

The plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are not entirely run on electric power; they’re an admix of IC engines and rechargeable batteries. This makes them advantageous for treading longer distances than battery electric vehicles. They can climb uphill more easily. However, they come at the price of the usual disadvantages of IC engine cars; noise and emissions.

What are the advantages of electric cars over electric bikes?

The benefits of owning an electric car over an electric bike are few but potent.

Family convenience

When hitting the roads, it’s for one of two reasons: you want to joyride and escape your problems, or you need to commute to work. As emancipating as the adventurous vagabond life seems, there comes the point where you want to settle things down and tread cautiously. This is when four wheels become better than two. You need to have a safe commute for your loved ones, which is where electric cars easily win the debate on which one’s better.

Traveling longer distances

Most electric cars are also automated these days. This, coupled with larger battery sizes, means that a single charge can take you longer distances than electric bikes. The chances of incurring an accident by dousing on long routes are also minimized since the automated cars abate the chances of a car crash from lack of attention and drowsiness. You can also take proper naps in your car by stopping it at a charging station because you’d still have a roof over your head – a luxury that doesn’t come with e-bikes.

Greater stability

Four wheels are more stable than two. Cars have a lower center of gravity which means that they are more stable than e-bikes. Cars are heavier, sturdier, and more resilient. Moreover, cars are designed to take much of the impact of a collision in case of a road traffic accident. This, coupled with airbags, means that the original force of impact is highly mitigated, and the passenger sustains a minimal injury. A biker, on the contrary, is completely at the mercy of their bike suit and helmet.

What are the advantages of e-bikes over electric cars?

When it comes to the fast-paced living of the city, there are tremendous benefits to owning an e-bike.

They are compact

E-bikes are very compact. This makes them super convenient to move through tight spaces where cars can’t go through. This means that you can bypass most traffic jams if you’re living in the metropolis, and always be on time for work, ahead of schedule, and always before your car-using peers.

You can easily find a place to park

To segue from the previous argument comes this mighty benefit of owning an e-bike. Overcrowded cities become even more intolerable when you’re in your car. Even if, say, you’ve reached your destination on time, finding the perfect parking spot feels as if you’re on a mission to bury a corpse; it is extremely tedious and frustrating to find the perfect spot to park. Plus, you get a parking ticket if you don’t park correctly. All of these concerns don’t mean anything to people who use e-bikes.

E-bikes are cheaper

The pricing factor is an important determiner of which electric vehicle to buy. Electric cars are extremely expensive, even more, expensive than normal cars. Such is not the case with e-bikes. E-bikes can even be cheaper than normal motorbikes. Owning electric cars is seen as a luxury owing to their price tag.

Charging time is considerably less

Since e-bikes have a smaller, compact battery, the time needed to charge the battery is much shorter than the time needed to charge an electric car. This makes it mandatory to leave your electric cars on charge overnight, and in the instance you forget to, you’d need to arrange another ride for yourself. Such is not the case with e-bikes; you can charge your e-bike in the morning while you shower and eat breakfast.

How are electric bikes better than normal bikes and motorcycles?

If you hold the sanctity of mother Earth dear, your heart will ache at the fact at how we are obliterating and pulverizing our environment with our atrocious carbon footprint. E-bikes (and electric vehicles in general) are taking the shift away from internal combustion engines to environment-friendly/ eco-friendly modes of transportation. Compared to fuel-powered motorbikes, you don’t pollute the environment with harmful emissions, you don’t cause noise pollution, and there are certain other advantages:

For starters, E-bikes are not as fast as conventional motorbikes. This greatly increases their safety compared to regular motorbikes. Safe driving today means alive tomorrow. Regardless of the innumerable warnings and cautions, people tend to get carried away by the thrill and the adrenaline, resulting in tragic casualties, amputations, and some degree of disability. When the top speed limits you, there is absolutely no chance of over-speeding in the first place.

What makes accidents on motorbikes manifolds worse than the accidents on e-bikes is the fact that they run on highly flammable fuel. So, say you survive a crash, but you’re severely injured and incapacitated to move or are unconscious; You can keep lying at the crash site until rescue arrives. The same is not true for motorbike accidents; you need to move swiftly to a safe place; otherwise, you run the risk of going down in a blaze.

As for normal bikes, the advantage of e-bikes is, to some degree, subject to controversy since biking is an extremely healthy sport. However, cycling is extremely laborious as well, and if you are sick, lethargic, or exhausted, cycling can feel like torture. This is where e-bikes seem like a Godsent blessing. Moreover, if you have a degenerative joint disease such as arthritis, or you have some other musculoskeletal disability and do not have the means to afford a car, e-bikes are a benediction for you.

Introducing Mobot e-bikes – the best e-bikes in Singapore

Mobot E-bikes were created by Ifrey Lai, who was mesmerized by the sight of an electric scooter zooming past him. This piqued his interest so much that he created the brand; Mobot e-bikes. Mobot e-bikes soon grew quickly to become an essential part of major retailers in Singapore. Despite the rough patches and rough tides, Mobot e bikes sailed and prevailed through all. In 2019, Singapore imposed a ban on electric bikes, and to put a cherry on top; the forthcoming year brought the COVID pandemic.

Mobot e-bike suffered from these back-to-back blows, resulting in a couple of repercussions, but Mobot E-bike persevered through them. Currently, there are five Mobot shops/ outlets in Singapore. Mobot devised countermeasures to the e-bike rules in Singapore and now adapted accordingly.

With a family of 25,689 customers, a great fraternity, and more than six national awards, Mobot e-bikes is a trusted name in e-bikes in Singapore. Mobot features bikes, e-bikes, electric scooters, mobility scooters, and even motorized electric wheelchairs!

You can check out the stars of the show at Mobot e-bikes, such as Mobot camp gold, Mobot Royale Dragon, and Mobot Leader e-bike, to name a few. You can take an e-bike test today and take a step into the future.

Get your Mobot e-bike and pay with Atome!

Headquartered in Singapore with over 15,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases across three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

What’s even greater than this is that when you log in for the first time, you are presented with a $10 voucher that is valid for any purchase with Atome. This is your cue to get the app now! It is available on Android and iOS, completely free of charge.

How to buy Mobot E-bike through Atome?

It’s a child’s play to shop through Atome. You just need to have an account on Atome (in case you don’t have one, you can create one today, free of cost). Then add anything to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. Then choose Atome as the method of payment, and that’s about it. A third of the bill will be deducted, with the rest divided into two easy monthly payments to be paid in the subsequent months.

Mobot e-bikes are a step forward in the cycling and transportation industry. E-bikes, in general, are the future. They’re great, compact, comparatively cheaper, and very convenient to use. E-bikes are a soft spot between motorized bikes running on fuel and completely natural bicycles. Each has its own pros and cons, but it’s safe to say that e-bikes win the cake when it comes to being the best.

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