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by Starry

Jul 15 2021

The industries of electric bikes witnessed a tremendous record in sales growth in the past few years. E-bikes are not only environmental—friendly bus also affordable in comparison to public transport. If you are interested in buying one, simply go to the search engine, write an electric bike shop near me, and the internet will give you a plethora of options. Among so many of them, MINIMOTORS is one of the most demanded brands. 


MINIMOTORS is a Singapore-based brand. The brand has created powerful machines intending to give safe travel to its users. 

MINIMOTORS are for those who quest to be stronger, faster and go beyond that. MINIMOTORS promises to exceed the expectations of its clients beyond their expectations. 

MINIMOTORS, with its environmental friendly bikes, let you ride your bike freely. The Singapore-based company does not want its riders to be stuck in the city traffic and waiting long for public transport. All you have to do is write MINIMOTORS electric bike shop near me and get the one you want. 

This is why MINIMOTORS launched the electric rides, which would suit people from any demographics. So, if you are a traveler or a student, going to do the groceries or getting late for work, the MINIMOTORS electric bikes or electric scooters are perfect for you. MINIMOTORS also have a carbon fiber cycle and Wheelset. If you intend to buy one, just tap the electric bike shop near me, and follow the directions. 

  1. Electric bikes:

The Electric bike is also called an e-bike or PAB (bicycle power-assisted by integrated electric motor and battery)

This means for selling the e-bikes in the market of Singapore; the manufacturer has to first get an EN15194 certificate, LTA type approval, that includes an orange seal and safety mark charger. 

MINIMOTORS has the best electric bikes that are the best rides for any kind of terrain and situation. The brand has every kind of electric bike for travelers, from a foldable electric bike for commuting or a cruising electric mountain bike. MINIMOTORS welcomes you to the showroom not only to select your required e-bike but also to take a test ride. Write MINIMOTOR electric bike shop near me, to reach the nearest MINIMOTOR showroom. 

Select from the wider range of electric bikes: Venom 2, Venom 2 plus + electric bike, Scorpion electric bike, E6 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike, Ullmax-MTB24 Electric Mountain Bike, Veebike F7 Foldable Electric Bike, ROGI Max Electric Bike, ROGI Pro Electric Bike, ROGI 16 Electric Bike, Jimove MC Electric Bike, Jimove LC Electric Bike, Kudu Electric Bike, Eco-Drive Electric Bike, and Zebra Electric Bike. 

  • E- scooter:

The Singapore-based MINIMOTORS also sells an impressive range of seated electric scooters. Choose the electric bike shop near me and get to the MINIMOTORS showroom to find and test the e-scooter, which is perfect for your riding style. 

Select any of them: Dualtron Spider, Ninebot Max Electric Scooter, Fiido Q1 Electric Scooter, Fiido Q1S Electric Scooter, Tempo V3 Electric Scooter, Tempo V3 Plus Electric Scooter, Dualtron X, Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron 3, Dualtron Raptor, Speedway Leger, Speedway 5, and Speedway 4.

  • Carbon Fiber Bicycle:

The carbon fiber bicycles are the lightest in weight. These are not like the traditional aluminum frame bicycles. The MINIMOTOR carbon fiber bicycles are shock absorbent and equipped with the latest features that are difficult to beat by their counterparts. MINIMOTORS also provides a wide range of the most valuable carbon bikes with five years warranty. What could be more convenient than this? 

Z1 9s, Zeolite 22s, Rhyolite, Marl 2, Marl 6, Tuff 6, Slate, Slate Ex, Syenite, Syenite EXD, Carbonite.

  • Carbon Wheelset:

Simply write the MINIMOTORS electric bike shop near me, and reach the business showroom to get your favorite Carbon wheelset. The carbon wheelset is not only light in weight but also reliable, stiff, strong, shockproof, and build with durable features. MINIMOTOR provides a wide range of the most valuable carbon wheelset and gives a two years warranty.

Choose from the widest range- ICAN 16″ 349, ICAN 18″ 355, ICAN 20″ 406, ICAN 38C, ICAN FL 40, ICAN AERO 40, and ICAN AM275-40C. 

Why MINIMOTORS is the best for you?

Shopping with MINIMOTOR is unique in these ways:

  • Free delivery nationwide. The delivery period is 5 to 6 working days. 
  • MINIMOTOR gives a 5-year warranty for its electric bikes and electric scooters. It also provides a 2-year warranty for its carbon wheelset.
  • MINIMOTORS give their expected clients a free test ride. In this way, the business lets the people choose an electric ride that fits their riding style.
  • It offers interest-free installment. 
  • The company provides free installation, which otherwise costs you money. 


Shopping MINIMOTORS with ATOME makes the buying process easy, especially for those limited with a budget. ATOME is a buy now pay later website. This encourages the customers to buy products of their favorite brands and pay later through installments on ATOME. So, if you want to purchase MINIMOTOR electric bikes, e-scooters or carbon cycles or Wheelset, and do not have enough money at the moment, ATOME is the best platform to cater to your needs. The best part is that ATOME does not charge its clients any hidden fees and interests. 

However, if a customer misses even a single payment, the customer’s account is suspended until the payment is cleared. 

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

How to shop on MINIMOTORS with Atome?

  • During the checkout, select Atome as the payment method. 
  • If you have an Atome account, provide information- for first-time users, ATOME asks to apply for an Atome account before checkout with MINIMOTORS
  • Pay 1/3 of the total bill first. 

Our Verdict!

People today prefer to ride e-bike or scooters, which are more economical and environmentally friendly. MINIMOTORS is a Singapore-based brand that manufactures the best e rides right according to the expectation of the riders. Find the electric bike shop near me to reach the nearest MINIMOTORS showroom- take a test ride and get the ride that fits your style.

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