Mind Stimulating Scents

by Starry

Aug 13 2021

Finding your perfect scent can be a hurdle. But the question is, why shouldn’t it be? You are unique, so should your scent be. The scent of a woman is a unique one when it comes to arousal. The main aim of any scent of a woman is to intensify the sweet smell of the woman while she is aroused. The Scent by SIX is a brand that has such a scent of a woman that is stimulating and alluring.

Scent Biology of Women

As time went on, it was understood that the bodily scent is natural and very different. That’s when fragrances were discovered and used for masking bodily scents.

A woman’s sweat has androstadiene hormones, which are used as a fragrance to invoke manipulating feelings. The scent of a woman is a really important aspect of every woman’s personality.

Choosing a Scent

When it comes to choosing a woman’s scent, every woman has a unique taste and scent naturally. Here are plenty of scents out there that can vaguely be described as floral, sweet, fruity, and other blends as well. Depending on your personality and what you find most interesting, you can choose the best scent for yourself.

It is seen that professional ladies that have something going on in their heads all the time need a coffee and a sweet scent in the morning, keeping them confident and focused. The scent of a woman is not only for others, but it is a constant reminder of how strong of a person you are. It helps to clear out the head for important things and decluttering the mind.

Some women who like to drink after work or just like a nice evening prefer something fruity or mild. It helps regain their energy and freshen them up.

Atome is a major help

Atome is a Singaporean company, which was launched back in 2019. Since its launch, the app has achieved the most popularity and fame for all the right reasons. Atome has collaborated with all the best brands on the market and brought them all to one platform.

These brands have collaborated and provide easy payments for their products. The app is very popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for a very positive reason: their amazing tagline, “buy now and pay later,” Which is also an expression of their payment policy.

Now that Atome has collaborated with the scent by SIX, you can now get yourself the best scents online for an amazing price; not only that, you can buy it now and pay back in three easy installments.

The Scent by SIX

The Scent by SIX is an amazing store for the best scent of a woman when it comes to buying it for yourself or even a lady friend. There is more than just perfumes. The creations are amazingly scented as a gift as an addition to every woman’s personality. The store is moving in the future.

The scent of a woman is created from beautiful concoctions of scents in a bottle. The Scents by SIX has;

  1. ECLAT, which is brilliant success and general applause.
  2. 2065 UJONG, which is a fantasy of how Singapore would be in the year 2065.
  3. HIKARU, which is an explanation of being light and shining on.

It is amazing how the scents created by the scents of SIX are only limited but are constant. The scent of a woman formulated by SIX is an amazing gift for women and beautiful scents to have when you feel like you need a jolt of confidence. These scents can change your mood for good and can alter your personality into something you might have never imagined.

That is why this scent of a woman is a true mind-altering smell that can help you change anyone’s perspective. Suppose you want to be the center of attention, the eye turner, and the important person in the room. You should give these scents a try. Start with ECLAT for a beginner in the world of wonders and beautiful scents.

How to choose a Scent

When it comes to choosing a scent, there is always an occasion around. Such as; a birthday gift for someone, a romantic gift, or even an event that you need to go to smell amazing. Keeping all that in mind, there is a proper way of choosing the scent of a woman for that a few things should be in mind;

1. Have an idea about what type of scent you would like to wear or prefer to have; if you already have done your home word, you will know what scent to buy.

2. Use a whiff of the bottle to get a general idea, and then smear it on your wrist for about 30 seconds and then smell it to see if the scent blends well with your natural scent.

3. Have coffee beans around so you can remove France before smelling other scents. This way, you can have a clear list of fragrances and know what you want.


Having a scent that compliments your natural scent and personality is amazing, confidence-boosting leverage that not everyone can understand. The scent of a woman by the scent by SIX is an amazing brand for high-quality premium scents that can be personalized by using in different parts of the day.

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