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by Starry

Jun 10 2021

Grooming is the improvement in a person’s inner and outer self, and it’s directly related to personality development. It’s essential for everyone so that they could look neat and attractive. Some people work hard in personality grooming, and this also helps them in their achievement or success regarding career, relationships, and many more. It allows you to boost your confidence to another level. Grooming is the improvement someone has done on his own, after which people start to admire him, and the men’s grooming industry has been restrained to shaving products, but now the surge for men’s beauty products has increased; therefore, it emerged to a great level. Neat and trimmed men are more appealing and attractive than untidy ones.

Men’s Grooming industry’s Marketplace 

Europe has become the largest market share in 2018 because of the demand for skin and hair grooming products in the region. The following statistic shows the estimated size of the global male grooming market from 2018 to 2024 by 2024, and the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 81.2 billion U.S. dollars:

The men grooming products include sunblock, moisturizers, deodorants, creams, shaving products, body wash, and makeup. From simple barbershops to high-end men’s salons, this industry has been evolved completely. The growing number of conscious men about their looks and demand for the variety of services help sustain the men salon industry in this aspect. Sultans of shave evolved to assess the importance of different customer attributes,evaluated the service quality level, extent of customer satisfaction and revealed the final factors that create customer satisfaction. 

Sultans of Shave (Home of contemporary gentlemen)

Before attending a meeting or event or festival, men do a special session in salons to get a dapper, dashing look. Sultans of shave is an exclusive men’s grooming salon in Singapore that helps you become a gentleman. After devoting so much time, sultans of shave have not recognized in the industry and become one of the most popular salons in Singapore. There are some stylings extraordinaire who help men to transform into the dashing dude they yearn to be. It is known to be a leading grooming company having six outlets in Singapore. They affirm their clients of premium grooming experience. Their services include shaving, haircuts, hair styling, massages, facials. They use many quality products for styling, wash, and facials. The barbers are experienced and professional and provide you comfort and relaxing time.

Sultans of Shave on Atome (Book now, pay later)

Atome is an interest-free payment method through which you can buy the product you want and pay later in 30 days. If you haven’t paid the payment within the particular time, your account will automatically be suspended until you pay the pending amounts. The great thing about this is there are no hidden charges or interests even if you delayed the payment. The actual amount at the time of purchasing through Atome is divided into three parts. One-third of the bills should be paid when buying, and the rest of the parts are paid within a month. Only in case, your account got suspended, you need to pay 20$ to reactivate your account.

Services provided on Sultans of Shave

The men’s grooming salon provides all services and is also available with some special offers and deals. The one thing which is most special about Sultans of Shave that they provide a consultation before the grooming session begins where the barber or the stylist guides you about how you should groom yourself.

  1. Haircuts

Sultans of shave provide haircuts that range from 39 to 55 SGD. The haircuts include consultation, massage, wash and finish, cutting, and trimming.

  • Shaves

The most royal kind of treatment is provided on Sultan’s shave, which includes facial scrub, hot towel, post-shave balm, and moisturizer at the end.

  • Hair dying and coloring

For short hair, it costs 82 SGD, and for long hair, the hair coloring costs about 150 SGD, which is much affordable and cheaper.

  • Deals and Offers

There are two packages available at Sultans of shave, which you can book anytime from the website. The first one is the Deluxe package which costs about 500 Singaporean dollars. The second one is Sultan’s package which costs about 1000sgd. 

How to pay at Sultans of Shave through Atome?

• Open the website of Sultans of Shave and click on book now to book the services you want. After this, click add to the cart, and for payment method, select Atome.

• Sign up for creating an Atome account. If you haven’t created it yet, then you will receive an approval within minutes. 

• The best thing about paying with Atome is that you only have to pay 1/3rd of payment when you book the order to enjoy this amazing facility; here is the website: 

Can I pay through Atome at offline store?

Some people don’t prefer to shop at online stores; they went to stores to buy things. So, here’s the question of whether Atome also offers to pay offline at the store. As Atome makes payment convenient and affordable, you can also shop through Atome offline simply by scanning our QR code at the cashier. This convenience is restricted to online stores; you can also select this payment option at offline stores. Check them out to see more stuff on Atome.

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