Men Duffle Bags by Herschel Supply Co Duffle Bag

by Starry

May 10 2021

Have you ever thought of having a small yet trendy bag with yourself? If yes, then take a look at Duffle bags by Herschel supply co duffle bag. Duffle bags are spacious yet manly. Men are moving on from old school wallets in which everything is crammed together to much more efficient duffle bags by these sites; these bags were specially made for men.

They are designed in such a way that is trendy, catchy, and liked by men all around the world. So what’s stopping you from going ahead and checking out these amazing duffle bags by the store.

Duffle origin

Duffle bags have a rather rich history; when you look at these bags from Herschel supply co duffle bags, it sure encaptures it in its design. Originally duffle bags were army bags that troops would carry with themselves having their rations, clothes, and washroom supplies. It was named for the city originally the fabric was weaved, Duffle a town in Belgium.

A duffle bag is a large cylindrical bag with a big zip on the top. It was a highly useful bag back then; over the years, this bag has evolved into a little more modified holdall bag, which is of thick fabric.

Duffle bags for Males

Over the years, men have started to think practically. Men have been using wallets since the 16th century; these wallets were a game-changer for men as they could store money. But in the present time, money is very valuable and needs to be protected.

Now in the present time, men like ease and practicality; rather than keeping their wallets and phones crammed in their pockets and holding their accessories, they would rather have a duffle bag for all the conveniences. These duffle bags are available at Herschel supply co duffle bags are highly durable and shock-resistant; you can carry them everywhere without the fear of losing them as they won’t break down easily.

Comfort Vs Trend

These bags were made for comfort in which they excel at. Even the smallest of a duffle bag can stand you moving it around. They’re trendy, safe, and spacious. What more could you ask? They deliver on their product like no other; it’s neat, it’s practical, and it’s made of high quality, which makes up for a perfect product. These Herschel supply co duffle bags are all you want and more.

Duffle bag; the new trend

Duffle bags are now used all over the world by men and women, especially men. They are using it for their work and for traveling. If you are traveling, then the Herschel supply co duffle bags are the best choice as they are spacious and are extremely durable, so you won’t have a fear of it ripping in the plane or vehicle.

If you want to use it for work, then it’s an incredible choice due to its stylish design. You can store the duffle bag anywhere or move it around as you go for lunch or to your car; the duffle bag will be your best man in all aspects. So why hesitate to check out their duffle bags on their site.

Why choose a duffle bag?

Over the years, it has been made clear that practicality and comfort should be above all, next come trend and fashion. For men, there aren’t many bags created. They have wallets, suitcases, and now some even wear backpacks.

But now, as time advances, fabrics are changing, men want something more durable, lightweight, and yet practical. For that Herschel supply co, duffle bags have brought duffle bags for your use. Here is why you should get one for yourself:

• Good quality of the fabric, good stitching, and authentic bag.

• Spacious and practical

• Trendy and goes with every look

• Lightweight

• Economical

It is tough to find a bag that might be all these things because a good bag is a long-term investment.

How can Atome help?

Atome is a Singaporean head website that has set out to expand in the coming years. It is highly functional in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The app is known to collaborate with all trendy apps to make it all appear on your screen. It is an all-in-one kind of app. Now its collaboration with Herschel supply co duffle bags has provided all duffle bag lovers with the scheme through the items and pick the best one.

Atome has an amazing policy of payment; they want everyone to be happy and trendy, so you buy what you feel like and pay for it in three easy installments. This mechanism has made it so popular.

 Herschel supply co duffle bags

The website is known to have duffle bags in all styles, designs, and colors. It has a wide variety of audiences that are women, men, and children. Herschel supply co duffle bags are one of a kind. These bags are durable, amazingly smooth, and you may never find a bag as good at such a low price.

1- Travel

If you want to use these bags as a travel bag, you might feel light on the shoulders and rich with what you can fit in this bag. These duffle bags are spacious and come in different designs depending on the type of duffle bag you are looking for.

2- Office

If you are a working professional and you need something that doesn’t look so casual, Herschel supply co duffle bags have all black and matte collections for professional use. You can easily fit in your laptop, your phone, your important documents and head out to work as the organized gentleman that you are.

3- Gifts

Buying a good handy bag for your friend or loved ones is an amazing gift; it gives a vibe of how much thought you actually put in the gift. On the other hand, every time when they see the bag, they will pray for you to bring them such an amazing bag.  

These bags are available on the Herschel supply website, and you can easily buy them. They are in a variety of styles and colors. But none of these bags are higher than $90. A bag this good deserves to cost a little, knowing it might last longer than you!


Herschel supply co duffle bags are amazing pieces of art, brought to us by the historical use of troops, but thanks to Herchel and their manufacturers, every man can use these practical bags for their daily work. These bags can be easily bought off the website, which is easy to find and super user-friendly. Having different colors and price ranges, you might not be able to say no!

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