Mega Furniture Has The Perfect Bath Mat for Your Perfect Bathroom

by jiatongma

Oct 21 2022

If you are reading this, we bet you are in the market for a bath mat. We understand that searching for that perfect, beautiful, comfy bath mat in Singapore is no short of a nightmare. There are hundreds of things to consider, quality, design, and material, whether it’s a non-slip bath mat or mold-resistant. Well, your hunt ends here. Take a look at the bath mats that Mega Furniture Singapore has to offer.

It is as if they are a matchmaker from heaven. Your bathroom meets the perfect bath mat.

Why do you need a bath mat?

Imagine you have just taken a long, relaxing, warm shower. It has been a long day, and this shower was all you needed. You feel your muscles relax, your mind calming down. You feel fresh and smell like daisies.

As you step out of the shower thinking about grabbing that delicious vanilla ice cream in your freezer, BAMMM… you slip.

Your bare feet slip on the marble floor, and you’re on your back, staring at the ceiling, cursing your luck. It is at that moment that you wish you had a bath mat. A bath mat is like the perfect dessert after a delicious dinner.

Uses of a bath mat

Following are some of the uses of a bath mat:

  1. Functionality and decor

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of any house. Even if your entire house is spotless but your bathroom is dirty, and the floor is stained with water puddles here and there. Alas! The entire impression is ruined.

A bath mat does not only serve as a functional tool by drying your feet and protecting you from unexpected slips, and your floor from water spills and stains, but it is also a magnificent decorative accessory.

It adds character and elegance to your bathroom, kitchen, or hallway. While a soft, fluffy bath mat makes your bathroom feel cozy, a textured, flat-topped mat makes your bathroom look fancy.

  1. Protection from Slips

If you have children or the elderly at home, bath mats might not just be an option; they may be necessary.

According to CDC, bathrooms are the riskiest of all rooms in a house. Studies say that for people over 65 years, out of all injury-related hospitalizations, falls account for over 60% of the cases. And 80% of these falls occur in the bathrooms.

Mega Furniture realizes this, and they offer a variety of non-slip bath mats that will keep your elderly safe while adding a beautiful touch to your bathroom.

With Mega Furniture’s bath mats, the only falling that would happen is you falling for their beauty.

  1. Uses of bath mats outside the bathroom

Bath mats not only belong inside your bathroom; they can also be placed in the kitchen, at the entrance, the hallway or the pool.

After a relaxing swim, your bath mat will always be there at your hallway entrance to soak up the water and keep your house clean and dry.

Mega Furniture is a one-stop shop for bath mats in Singapore

Mega Furniture is not just a store where you can purchase beautiful furniture and accessories for your home in Singapore; it is much more than that! They believe that their customer’s satisfaction and happiness triumph everything else. With this philosophy, it is no wonder they are the best in the business.

If your priority is quality, longevity, and design, then Mega Furniture has just the right bath mats for you! Moreover, you’ll only find great things if you have a look at Mega Furniture reviews!

Types of bath mats at Mega Furniture Singapore

The world of bath mats is saturated with tons of options. With this chaos of options, it becomes extremely hard to choose. Mega Furniture understands this struggle and offers the best of the best. Take a look at the following options:

  1. Memory foam bath mat

If you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable, soft and cozy bath mat with the best anti-slip feature which is also easy to clean, look no further than the Memory Foam Mats of Mega Furniture SG.

They come in many different colors and designs. No matter what your bathroom, kitchen or hallway theme is, Mega Furniture has something for everyone.

Here are some of the unique features of Memory Foam Mats:

  1. Machine washable bath mat

Cleaning a bath mat may look like a hefty task, but these Memory Foam bath mats are machine washable.

Yes, you heard that right! Just throw your bath mat into the washing machine, and your mat will look like it’s never been used before.

  1. Best materials in a bath mat

Memory Foam Mat is made up of 100% polyester. Its body is made up of 100% polyurethane with 100% SBR backing that is anti-slip and will protect your children and elderly from slipping.

These materials make these bath mats highly water absorbent, so that they can keep your feet and bathroom floors dry and clean.

  1. Comfort

Mega Furniture’s memory foam bath mats have a thick memory foam core, which means they will provide the best comfort and support to your feet. It will conform to the shape of your feet and will soak up all the moisture.

  1. Diatomite Absorbent Mat

If you are looking for a bath mat that is elegant, fancy, highly functional, non-slippery, quick-drying, mold-resistant, and easy to clean, look no further than the Mega Furniture’s Diatomite Absorbent Mats.

Diatomite is a naturally occurring soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that can easily crumble into a fine powder with high water-absorbent properties.

It comes in a variety of beautiful colors, designs and textures.

They also have a non-slip backing because Mega Furniture cares about you and your loved ones.

Here are some of the unique features of Mega Furniture’s Diatomite bath mats:

  1. Highly water-absorbent bath mat

These bath mats are made up of diatomite and paper fibres that make the Mega Furniture’s Diatomite bath mats highly water-absorbent. They claim that it takes only 1 second to absorb all the water from your feet.

  1. Super quick drying bath mat

Super quick drying starts the desiccating process within a second. For the mat to dry out completely, it takes only one minute. Now that is no short of a magic trick.

This quick drying also means that these mats are anti-mold, and you can forget the creepy fungus infecting you or your loved ones.

  1. Easy to clean bath mats

Mega Furniture’s diatomite bath mats are super easy to clean. You can just wash it and leave it to air dry.

For stubborn stains, you can even use sandpaper.

How to clean bath mats?

How often a bath mat needs to be cleaned depends on how often it is used.

If a bath mat is used by only one person and is used less frequently, then it can be cleaned once every ten days.

If an entire family is using it, then it should be cleaned every 3 to 5 days.

It also depends on where the bath mat is placed. It can become dirty sooner in a hallway or outside near a pool.

When should you replace a bath mat?

If the bath mats are cleaned properly and regularly and then dried properly, it increases their lifespan by a long time.

You should replace your bath mat usually after 2 to 3 years. But Mega Furniture’s Diatomite bath mats can last even longer if they are taken proper care of.

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Because of all the reasons discussed in this article, these bath mats are selling like hot cakes. So, get yours before you spill a puddle of water right outside your bathroom!

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