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by jiatongma

Jul 20 2022

The Mattress Boutique is a joint venture created by a group of furniture and mattress enthusiasts with the aim of making slumber a truly rejuvenating process without costing an arm and a leg. The mattress boutique believes that the customer experience is cardinal to the company’s success. For this reason, the company puts itself into the customers’ shoes and thinks from their perspective. The Mattress boutique has always strived to deliver the best and the most perfectly engineered mattresses for good quality sleep.

The Mattress Boutique is an authorized seller of a diverse range of mattresses such as the Fourstar, King Koil, Dunlopillo, Sleepnetics, and many more. The products available at The Mattress Boutique include Bedding with further categories of pillows and mattress covers, then there are bed frames ranging from Faux-Leather beds to wooden, fabric, and storage beds, and lastly, the specialty; mattresses. You can shop for mattresses according to the brand, size, and type. Other products at The Mattress Boutique include space-saving furniture, creative wall art paneling, bedsheets, and bolsters.

The Mattress Boutique directly imports from the manufacturing factories resulting in the cost-effectiveness that translates into affordable prices on the consumer end. Their customer care officials are always at your disposal to answer any question, query, or issue that may arise, resulting in troubled sleep. Search for “The Mattress Boutique reviews” online to hear what our customers say!

What makes The Mattress Boutique’s mattresses stand out?

The Mattress Boutique curates mattresses from the following brands:


The Dunlopillo Celeste mattress is a 100% latex mattress with firm support to keep your backache woes at bay. The Dunlopillo mattresses have seven comfort zones with progressive comfort. These mattresses are naturally breathable and pressure relieving. The Actipro technology endows it with anti-bacterial/ anti-microbial and anti-allergenic/ hypoallergenic properties while repelling dust mites and odors. The mattresses have a soft touch cover at the top for a comfortable sleep.

King Koil

The King Koil mattresses are made with natural yarns such as eucalyptus and bamboo, which gives them a soft touch and excellent permeability. Bamboo also has deodorizing and hypoallergenic properties. The Cool Max and TempRIGHT technology regulate the temperature and moisture of the sleeping surface by absorbing excess heat and wicking excess moisture. The Aloe Vera extracts nourish the skin, while the ARGENTUM PLUS technology contains silver ions, making these mattresses anti-bacterial. King Koil mattresses are engineered to be specifically mosquito repellant in nature. They have Micro-Gel and Visco Elastic (memory foam) technology, which makes them super light and pressure relieving. They’re made of 100% Natural Latex, have Excellent Edge, High Resilience Foam Encasement, and 5 Zone Individually Pocketed Barrel Shape Spring, making them eco-friendly, extremely stable, and the epitome of comfort. Their mattress covers are treated to be anti-allergic and anti-microbial.


SofzSleep Grand Mattress is made of pure Oekotex and Eurolatex certified natural latex, which is naturally elastic to provide pressure relief, durability, and strength and doesn’t contain formaldehyde, so there’s no off-gassing of toxic and noxious fumes. It has a plush layer of soft latex on a firm core to offer stable and enveloping body support. It has a natural bamboo cover that is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal without compromising its extreme breathability. To fortify this anti-microbial effect, it has a Swiss anti-microbial Sanitized Cover that prevents the development of dust mites and molds, deterring the development of spots and odors. It is EMF and metal-free, preventing you from unwanted radiation. It has a zip to remove the cover for dry cleaning easily. And to vouch for its quality, it has a 10-year warranty against latex sagging.


The Stylemaster Post-U-Rite Pocketed Spring non-flip Mattress has a specialized individual pocketed spring system, which moves independently of each other, adjusting to the pressure applied directly on top of them, providing extraordinary back support. It also has a Premium Euro top and Edge Guard system, preventing the mattresses from sagging. It also has Advanced Turn-free technology. They are treated to be Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite. And to top it all off, they come with a whopping 15-year warranty!


Maxcoil Eveston Mattress is formulated with soft, high-density foam, giving it medium strength. It also has Edge and Corner guard support, safeguarding the mattress against sagging. The Fabric cover prevents dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and fungal proliferation. It comes with a high resilience foam, sanitized knitted fabric, and a Flexi coil spring system. It comes with 12 years of warranty, covering manufacturing defects and normal body impressions.

Four Star

DETENSE | ARTICSILK Advanze Aire Flex, which has the anti-static and cooling DETENSE arcticsilk fabric, which offers multidimensional support and airflow for a cool and restful night’s sleep

CHIRO SERIES are supreme mattresses featuring a Luxurious Box Plus and pillow top with a double offset LFK spring that suits all body types. The pocket spring, memory foam, latex details, and the starrer chiropedic technology together form the amalgamation that is the premium elixir for optimum support.

So, what’s the hype around good quality sleep?

Since there’s a multibillion-dollar industry revolving around products improving sleep quality, it shouldn’t be a surprise that sleep is a vital element of life. There are hefty consequences of poor and compromised sleep. Sleep deprivation is divided into two categories; acute and chronic. While we all have faced acute sleep deprivation at some point in our life, some unfortunate individuals have chronic sleep deprivation, and this hypersomnia comes with dire repercussions.

If you had a bad sleep a day before an important exam, meeting, or any other important event in your life, you will wake up groggy, irritable, and cranky. Your cognition will have significantly (albeit momentarily) decreased, your alertness and reaction time will drastically plummet, and your reflexes may slow down. This would mean a poor performance on a test/ exam, a bad impression in a meeting, or even road traffic accidents in the worst-case scenario!

Chronic sleep deprivation has even more austere effects. You run a risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, strokes, and high blood pressure. Your memory will start to decline irreparably and your mood will progressively deteriorate. You will have a weakened immune system, increasing the susceptibility to infections and predisposing you to diabetes mellitus and weight gain.

How to improve the quality of sleep?

To improve sleep quality, it’s important to first establish the cause of your bad sleep in the first place so that you nip the evil in the bud. Hyposomnia is mostly due to medical reasons, the most common of which is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA is almost always attributed to obesity. It can easily be reversed by cutting down weight or using a machine called CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), a mask-like device that ensures that your airway doesn’t collapse when you’re asleep. Other breathing disorders such as nasal allergies, sinusitis, and asthma can also cause sleepless nights, which are all reversible or treatable conditions. Pain due to any reason can disturb a good night’s sleep. Digestive and genitourinary disorders can also cause poor sleep, causing the sufferer to wake up multiple times at night to go to the loo. Fortunately, most if not all of these complaints are resolvable through medical interventions.

Anxiety and stress-related disorders can precipitate clinical insomnia, which requires medical attention. Doctors prescribe drugs like melatonin to reestablish the circadian rhythm or tranquilizers in extreme cases. Note that tranquilizers and anxiolytics are dangerous drugs and must not be consumed without a doctor’s prescription.

Alas, bad sleep can result from a saggy, worn-out, or defective mattress. The purpose of sleep is to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, but if your resting place is uncomfortable, that isn’t possible. To have the optimum quality of life, always keep the most pristine mattress or foam, and try lowering the room temperature a couple of degrees lower than the atmospheric temperature. Stop using your mobile phone a couple of minutes before your sleep time. And most importantly, sleep early, so you get your 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

Use Atome to pay for your mattress

With prices starting at 799 SGD and above, mattress shopping is expensive. But this doesn’t mean you should settle for cheap and mediocre mattresses at any cost! Headquartered in Singapore, Atome is a Buy now, pay later (BNPL) app. Atome helps to ease the financial burden of hefty shopping by providing three monthly, interest-free payments. It’s available on both Android and iOS. Atome operates in 8 countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Atome is an E-commerce website that is growing exponentially, with over 10,000 online and offline merchants. The Mattress Boutique is one of them!

Click on the link and find out! Moreover, when you create an account for the first time, you get a $10 shopping voucher that can be used for any purchase! So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now!

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

How to pay using Atome:

· First, choose all the items you want to shop for, add them to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

· You will be displayed with many payment options; choose Atome.

· Next, you have to sign in to your Atome account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one today, completely free!

· Finally, you’re ready for the purchase. You must make an initial payment, a third of the total amount at the checkout. The remaining amount will be divided into two monthly payments.

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