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by Starry

Feb 28 2022

Marc Jacobs has developed a business empire that includes well-known perfumes, accessories, jewellery, and clothes.

Marc Jacobs bags are one of the most sought-after pieces in the brand’s collection. While the majority of them cost between a few hundred and a thousand dollars, a chosen handful are worth much more. They are of the highest quality, highly sought for by rich persons, including celebrities, and are frequently produced in restricted quantities.

Marc Jacobs Crossbody/ Shoulder Bag

This bag is all about stars, sparkle, and stripes. It’s one of the few sequin-covered Marc Jacobs purses available. The little shoulder bag features an American flag theme, but it isn’t a literal rendition of the country’s most famous emblem.

The stripes are uneven in width and sway, and the stars aren’t completely aligned but rather dispersed. Those design aspects, however, are what give this bag its distinct personality and flair. The American Flag Sequin Python Shoulder Bag has a blue crocodile leather strap.

The front of the bag is embellished with a gold buckle, while the straps on the sides are held in place by gold-toned hardware. The purse’s inside, which has no compartments, is modestly sized, and lined in a beautifully coloured solid fabric, which can be accessed by opening the front buckle.

Marc Jacobs Crocodile Bag

The Carolyn Crocodile Handbag, like the Ostrich Trouble Bag, is constructed of exotic leather, which contributes to its high price. The leather in this case is a crocodile that has been stained a beautiful purple colour. The Carolyn is popular with those who want exclusivity and a purse that only a few people have, and it has been seen on a number of celebrities and fashion influencers. This purse is rarely seen outside of the well-heeled community, which adds to its attractiveness.

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag elevated the brand’s prominence; few handbag designers dare to create items that only a small percentage of the population can buy in order to stand out.

Marc Jacobs Sling Bag

Marc Jacobs’ Trouble Bag series is one of his most popular sling bag collections in recent years. These bags are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and fabrics, but the Ostrich Trouble Bag is the most costly of the group thus far. Whereas a leather Trouble bag would ordinarily cost less than $4,000, this one costs more than $10,000 since it is made of premium ostrich leather.

This version of the handbag is also more restricted in quantity than the regular Trouble line, which drives up the price of designer accessories. The spacious shoulder bag is made entirely of ostrich leather, giving it a polished and unique feel and look. The Italian-made handbag also has a gold circle lock fastening on the front, a gold-toned adjustable double chain strap, and side accordion panels.

Folding portions are included within the bag to make organising a breeze. Because of its high price tag and distinctive design, this isn’t a handbag for everyone, but those who can afford it will be rewarded with a bag worthy of becoming a collector’s piece.

Marc Jobs Moire Bag

The Framed Silk Moire Bag is a statement item with a lot of features and a lot of elegance. The bag’s body is black with a textured façade, with an artistic golden frame encircling it and a single handle that appears like an oversized belt buckle and is adorned with sparkling bobbles, studs, and jewels.

The frame features a unique ornamental design that sets it apart. This isn’t one of those Marc Jacobs bags you’d choose for a casual excursion, a business meeting, or even a brunch. It’s a high-end fashion piece that would look fantastic with formal attire or at a posh event. The Framed Silk Moire Bag has a retro feel to it, with a profile that is reminiscent of the 1920s.

An array of hand-embroidered sequins run around the top, and a kiss-style lock on the inside keeps anything placed within this bag securely.

Marc Jacobs Leather Satchel

This is one of Marc Jacob’s numerous sleek and sophisticated purses, and it’s lovely and adaptable. It will simply fit in at work and then be utilised on weekends. The Medium Incognito Leather Satchel has a contemporary form, shining metallic hardware, and rolling top handles.

It has a removable crossbody strap for individuals who don’t want to utilise the shorter handles. It includes a two-way zip closure and metal feet to safeguard the bag when it is sitting on any surface. The hanging padlock is one of the purse’s distinguishing elements, and it adds a lovely decorative touch to the design.

To keep all of the contents organised, the purse has a variety of wall and zippered compartments. With plenty of inside capacity, everyone from students to parents and businesswomen on the road will have enough room to carry everything they need. The Medium Incognito Leather Satchel comes in a variety of hues, including black, a lovely peony pink, and white.

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