Make Payments- How Does ATOME Deal with Payments?

by Starry

Aug 23 2021

Some buy things they need, while others are shopaholics. With the advancement of technology, customers worldwide have become digital customers. Digital customers use digital channels, including websites, smartphones, and social media tools, to buy what they need from the comfort of their dwellings. But how do you make payments? It’s a question of budget spending.

Shopping is fun- but only if you have enough money in your pocket. If you do not have enough amount to buy what you desire or need, you might opt for two options- either let it go or get a loan from your friends or family. Atome is a digital platform that provides its clients with a third option. It makes payments for you. If you do not have enough money, you can purchase via Atome and pay later in three installments spread across 3 months.

The business aims to enable the new generation, tech-savvy customers to buy now but pay later. That’s the reason the tagline for the business is,” Time to own it.” 

Atome believes in enabling its tech-savvy customers to buy products and services in their own time. It makes payments and makes it easy for consumers with limited budgets to buy what they want.

It uses artificial intelligence to know the needs of today’s savvy customers. It makes payments for clients easily and lets them enjoy shopping from their favorite brands. Atome provides a diverse range of brands and services to cater to the needs of its customers. 

Atome makes payments with flexible interest-free payments, provides customized controls, and a commitment to developing best-in-class features. At Atome, the merchant partners offer payment choice and flexibility that results in high sales and high revenues driven by new customers empowered across many generations.

Why shop with Atome?

Shopping the products with Atome makes the buying process easy, especially for those limited with a budget. Atome is a “buy now, pay later” website. ATOME makes itself the best when it comes to catering to customer needs. It can help you if you are unable to pay your bills at once. It now operates in several countries with over 15,000 vendors on its platform. Hence you can rest assured that, no matter what brand you love, chances are that they will have Atome as a payment option! It now operates in several countries with over 15,000 vendors on its platform. Hence you can rest assured that, no matter what brand you love, chances are that they will have Atome as a payment option!

Features of Atome

Atome is a customer-centered company that aims to provide world-class service to its users. With this ideology Atome comes with a number of features that make it the best in class.

  • With Atome, you can split the cost of the product into three installments. It will pay the merchant the full amount, while you pay Atome back the money in three easy, interest-free installments.
  • Atome offers the ability to purchase the products either online with the Atome app, or in-store using the QR codes present on the check-out desk.
  • Atome app also offers exclusive deals on various brands that you love.
  • In the ‘Bills’ section of your Atome app, you can know the status of your bills. You also get notified when a payment cycle is completed. All in all, using Atome is extremely easy and convenient.
  • What’s more is that Atome also offers you a voucher for $10 off your first purchase if you get the app now.
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

Last but not the least, the Atome+ rewards.

Use Atome to shop for items and win Atome+ rewards

Atome has launched another brilliant feature, the Atome+ which rewards your smart spending. Here are three ways how you can reap the benefits of the Atome+:

  1. You can use your Atome+ points to offset the cost of your items. 100 Atome+ points = $1. Now that is just mega-saving!
  2. You can also use Atome+ points to redeem various exclusive and enticing rewards from partner brands. Visit the Atome+ rewards center on the homepage of your Atome app, to find out about these rewards.
  3. Atome+ brings excitement to your life, as you can also win prizes by playing Spin & Win and other games, using Atome+ points.

How to win Atome+ points

Surely you realize how amazing Atome+ is. Now here are three ways how you can earn maximum Atome+ points, to fuel those shopping sprees.

  1. First off, while checking out from partner stores, use Atome as your payment method. For every $1 spent, you earn 1 Atome+ point. To earn more points, use the Atome app more and more! That way you only make your payments more convenient but also earn points, which will reward you later.
  2. To earn even more Atome+ points, keep an eye out for an exclusive upsized points campaign. You can avail of vouchers that give you extra points whenever you buy from a selected brand.
  3. Now here is the holy grail of earning maximum Atome+ points – refer a friend. For every friend that you refer, you get 1,000 Atome+ points. This is equivalent to $10. Now that is an offer that you don’t want to miss out on!

How to pay using Atome when buying from an online website or in-store?

Here’s how you can purchase from the thousands of partnered merchants in Singapore using Atome:

  • Download the Atome app on your phone and create a free account.
  • While checking out from the website, select Atome as your payment method.
  • If you are purchasing in-store, then scan the QR code present at the checkout desk.
  • You’ll be redirected to the app, where you can enter your login details.
  • Your Payment will be divided into three parts.
  • Pay the 1st installment at the purchase time and the other two 30 days apart.
  • Enjoy every step of shopping with Atome – who else offers the shop now pay later facility. Atome makes payment easy and shopping easier than ever.

Learn more about how Atome works!

More about Atome App

The Atome App is available for both Android and iOS users. You can make a payment, shop for your desired item, and check the status of your payment schedule under “Bills” in our app. A customer is informed when his payment cycle is completed. 

So, if you seek to buy your favorite piece of clothing or want to buy a laptop, smartphone, or any other electronic gadget, from housing items to electronics and bicycles, everything is available at Atome. This is the reason hundreds of clients trust the digital platform for shopping and easy payments. The cherry on top is easy payment schedules, and zero interest makes the payment process easier for the clients. With Atome, get the ability to buy now and make payment later. 

Atome is one of the best digital platforms which enables digital customers to shop today and make payments later.

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