Boost your luck this year with these lucky charms!

by Starry

Mar 03 2022

Researchers discovered that persons who believe they have luck on their side had higher “self-efficacy”, the idea that we can accomplish our goals, and that this perception really improves mental and physical performance. Many people say following the lucky charms theory is a superstition, but it’s all about the law of attraction.

For all such people, Charles & Keith presents a huge assortment of lucky charms that you can buy to keep the luck on your side. Let’s hope for a better, prosperous, and peaceful 2022 together!

Skim down to explore a brief list of some of the renowned lucky charms by Charles & Keith.

Rat Zodiac Charm

This rat zodiac charm will help you get in the spirit for the Lunar New Year. This charming pendant, which comes in a sweet rose gold finish, may be worn on necklaces and bracelets or hooked onto your purse or phone strap to give just the right amount of shine to your festive ensembles.

For the ultimate reunion dinner look, pair it with our rose gold princess necklace, a wide-leg jumpsuit, and a red lippie.

Dragon Zodiac Charm

With this dragon charm made of beautiful rose gold, you may subtly show your zodiac sign. This amusing item may be worn alone or piled with a few additional charms on necklaces and bracelets or hooked onto your purse or phone strap to carry it elegantly with every apparel.

Wear it on a bracelet with a puff-sleeve shirt and kitten heels to emphasize your feminine appeal.

Ox Zodiac Charm

This ox charm is a stylish way to appear merry without going overboard. This lovely item is finished in delicious rose gold, may be worn on necklaces and bracelets, or hooked around your favourite bag.

For a day out visiting the family during Lunar New Year, we recommend pairing it with our rose gold bracelet or your favourite shoulder bag.

Monkey Zodiac Charm

This monkey zodiac charm will add a personal touch to all of your outfits this Lunar New Year. This lovely pendant is made of beautiful rose gold and may be used on necklaces and bracelets.

This rose gold jewellery will blend easily into all of your ensembles and stand out for sure, whether worn alone or piled with a few extra charms.

Horse Zodiac Charm

People with horse zodiac signs are lively, energetic, and high-spirited. People like them because of their passion and upbeat demeanour. That is why persons born in the year of the horse want to be the centre of attention and enjoy the companionship of those around them. This horse zodiac charm will add a personal touch to all of your outfits this Lunar New Year. For a classy appearance, pair it with an embroidered dress and a bucket bag.

Tiger Zodiac Charm

The Tiger is this year’s zodiac sign, after the Ox last year and the Rat in 2020. The Year of the Tiger is said to be friendly, adventurous, and eager, but it also has short-tempered, worried, and aggressive characteristics. Whether you want to make a statement or have all eyes on you during the Lunar New Year, this is the right piece of jewellery to do it. Are you looking for some style ideas? Wear it with a sleeveless jumpsuit dress and a sculptural bag as a chain necklace.

Dog Zodiac Charm

The Dog is known for being obedient, steady, active, adaptable, social, brave, industrious, and intelligent. Earth is its element. Create a personalized necklace or bracelet for yourself or a loved one by combining Letter Charms with Birthstone Charms.

With this zodiac charm developed for individuals born in the year of the dog, you may express yourself in a unique and appealing way. Add it to a necklace, bracelet, purse, or phone strap to add visual flair to any outfit; the rose gold finish will ensure that. For an elegant holiday style, pair it with a sleek mandarin collared dress.

Rooster Zodiac Charm

Roosters are associated with prosperity in Chinese culture. They reproduce quite quickly. This is interpreted by the Chinese as a symbol of prosperity in terms of both population and money.

If you have a rooster as your zodiac animal sign, the gorgeous rooster charm by Charles & Keith will quickly become a part of your everyday look. This exquisite item, handcrafted with care, is precisely what you need to properly show off your bracelet or necklace.

It may also be attached to your bag’s and phone’s straps. This rose gold item will work with everything from a wrap dress to denim jeans and may be worn alone or layered with a few additional charms.

Goat Zodiac Charm

In the Chinese zodiac, the goat symbolizes innovation, tranquillity, and intellect. 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, and 2027 are the years of the goat.

With the right accessories, you can make your Lunar New Year appearance even more attractive. If the goat is your zodiac animal sign, this charm is the appropriate accessory to wear this season.

This charming pendant, rendered in delicious rose gold, maybe worn on necklaces and bracelets, or hooked onto your purse or phone strap to lend just the right amount of shine to all your festive ensembles. For a sophisticated evening appearance, pair it with a v-neck shirt and tapered textured slacks.

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