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by Starry

Jul 15 2021

Whether it is a motorcycle, bicycle, or car, purchasing any vehicle is an expensive thing in Singapore. Cycling is another kind of exercise that is not restricted to those who are fit or those who participate in triathlons, but it can be done by individuals of any age who want to keep themselves active. It is a low-level exercise that is great for your fitness level. Suppose you are planning to roll up the exercise mats that you are bored of using. In that case, WAREHOUSE SG, a Singaporean company, can provide you with comfortable bicycles at a reasonable cost delivered to your doorstep.

It doesn’t matter which type of bicycle you are looking for; WAREHOUSE SG provides all bicycles for you, including E bicycles, E-scooter, and bicycles. Warehouse SG does not compromise on the quality of its bicycles. They have 16-inch CST tires; they also provide a magnesium alloy frame with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant elements and are of great strength. It also provides a highly advanced grip technology. And for its speed, it offers 5-speed technologies. Its special bundle offer provides many items ranging from bottle holders to lightweight helmets of any colors that you love to have. One of its famous products is E-bike, which is a power-assisted bicycle.

WAREHOUSE SG has collaborated with ATOME to facilitate its customers with financial help and to provide the best quality products within your budget. You can make your ride safer by purchasing your product from warehouse SG, as it has collaborated with ATOME. ATOME divides the overall payment into three installments and decreases the financial burden from its customers.

Rider accessories:

Selle royal foam provides you with a comfortable seat during your ride. It provides you with the best-fitted bicycle seat for riding the road or mountains. They hold the major weight of a cycler, therefore, should not cause discomfort while riding. Hence warehouse SG provides you with the best comfortable seat foam. This bicycle seat foam also works well for power-assisted bicycles. We often consider the material which is used to make the bike seat. Still, when you buy from warehouse SG, the company ensures you about the quality of its product and cost-effectiveness by offering its products through ATOME

  • DYU rear basket:

Are you tired of hanging your things on a bicycle which adds a burden to your cycle? This hanging stuff can become a hindrance in your ride. Bike baskets will solve this issue. Bike baskets can cause a great amount of money at retail stores. But warehouse SG provides you these baskets in a reasonable amount. There is a great variety of baskets at warehouse SG, which are stable, simple, and can hold your stuff.

  • Phone holder:

Having a mobile phone holder in your riding bicycle is a treat for anyone who wants to get easy access during riding. But these mobile phone holders are very costly. WarehouseSG provides you an opportunity to buy these holders at a cheap price. Even when the road becomes rough, these mobile phone holders are stable enough to hold on to your phone. They have stock available at multiple color ranges and are made up of aluminum that makes them strong.

  • Beetle bell horn:

Warehouse SG provides variety in colors and designs of bell horns. A funky type of bell horn will make your bicycle look different, but you can buy a beetle bell horn for your bicycle from Warehouse SG if you are looking for something simple.

  • Handlebar:

Warehouse SG also provides aluminum handlebars. Whether they are road bikes, mountain bikes, or just a simple bike, all kinds of bikes need a stable handlebar. They are made up of aluminum to make them strong, stable, and reliable. Therefore, it is important to select the perfect handlebar for your bicycle.

  • Water bottle cage holder:

It provides a spirit beast holder to hold your water bottle. Therefore, you can carry your water bottle with you when you go for a long ride. Warehouse SG provides a water bottle holder of the perfect size that will fit your bicycle handlebar and provide easy access to a water bottle when you need it.

  • VF1 Helmet:

The company Provides a VF1 helmet that is a combination of safety, style, comfort, and is reliable. But all these benefits do not come at the expense of a high price. Warehouse SG provides you with the product that makes our ride comfortable at a reasonable price. The helmets are lightweight, and their usage makes you look stylish. It is highly engineered that gives you protection during your ride. They make the ride with power-assisted bicycles safe and easy.

They make checking the blind spot easy, making your cycling experience safe and fun at the same time. It is used in the majority of scooters. It is an anti-glare glass that proves to be safer than the rest of the side mirrors.

  • E-bikes:

These are electrical bicycles that are now commonly being used everywhere. It has battery-powered assistance that turns on with the help of paddles. When the paddles are pushed, a motor is turned on, and now you can even ride a mountain. Some of these power-assisted bicycles are also assisted with a button. When the button is pressed motor is turned on, and E-bike is started. The main advantage is that less amount of power is applied to travel at a very high speed. Therefore, if you are not a normal routine rider, then E-bike is perfect for you. Hence besides riding at high speed, you can also enjoy the scenery. With this high-capacity bike, you can ride a mountain or can go to a recreational spot. Hence, warehouse SG offers a variety of options for riders or cyclists.

Why buy from ATOME?

By purchasing your product through ATOME, you are reducing your financial burden. It provides you with the best quality bicycle or its accessories at a reasonable cost divided into three parts. The power-assisted bicycles make your ride easy and safe and refresh you after a ride rather than making you feel tired. Therefore, by collaborating with ATOME has made it easy for you to enjoy your ride in a safe way.

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