LED Teeth Whitening- How Much Does It Cost?

by Starry

May 31 2021

Who wouldn’t like a brighter smile? Do you have coffee or stains? Or suffering from fluorosis and tetracycline staining? Now you have a little aesthetician favor providing results in 40 minutes, surprisingly within one use. According to the mirage aesthetic teeth, whitening review LED whitening has changed the perspective of beauty and confidence now. A smile matters, and taking that into consideration, Mirage aesthetics have brought you a bright and aesthetic idea.

It was a turn of events for aesthetic dentistry when it was found that blue light could lighten the color of your teeth to almost two tones. But it was evident with mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review that LED techniques are using hydrogen peroxide for detoxification and stain removal.

Dentine and enamel thinning

It is not a very known fact that enamel is not white; it is translucent, and it reflects the dentine color, which is pale yellow in color. When the enamel thins with age or excessive brushing, the translucency fades, and that is when the teeth become pale and yellow.

According to a mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, the staff is very helpful in providing answers and solutions. Farah, from one of the reviews on the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, said that she had enamel pitting and that staff did not make her feel uncomfortable though they gave the option of an expensive and highly effective option, they did not push and did exactly what I asked for.

Another customer who had smoking stains reviews that the prices were not very high but reasonable; if the dental home kit costs $780, this technique costs $180 and works even better with better results. According to the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, it took 21 days for a full restoration for a perfect smile.

LED teeth whitening

It was an eye-opening advancement in aesthetic dentistry when it came to the news that black light can lighten tooth color. With further advancement and research, the LED whitening technique came into view. According to the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, The mirage Aesthetics use a very sophisticated technique, detailed history, and equipment that helps promote teeth whitening in a very healthy way.

LED teeth whitening is a technique that uses hydrogen peroxides and other bleaching agents to remove saints and lighten the enamel. While the LED-diode bombardment helps to enhance enamel calcification that promotes fresh prisms making and healing the enamel to better and brighter glory.

According to Jana on the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, just smiling at an LED light will not help to brighten the teeth, and that was evident to me when I visited Mirage aesthetics.

Home kits Vs mirage aesthetics

There are kits available at home, but they are not as effective as a professional providing you the service, said Miss L on mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review who visited the Mirage aesthetics for her coffee stains. It is evident enough that you might get the kit dropped off at your house, but it will still be not as effective as the one an aesthetician provides you with for a very low cost.

Appointment made easy

Now thanks to Atome, making appointments with Mirage aesthetics is very easy. Similar to what a very satisfied customer reviewed on mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review that it is one tap away.

Atome is a Singaporean app that has been launched and fully functional in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It brings all the fashion and care brands to your screen; these brands include all top fashion and trends, personal care, health care, home care, travel agencies, luxury lifestyle, etc. Atome app is now available in both android and IOS to play stores for easy downloading.

A very pleasing policy of this app is that it provides you the option to buy now and pay later. It is their motto. Many customers are happy with this policy where they get to buy and receive services immediately, and they get to pay back in three easy installments. It is the best customer care policy, and Atome is proud to be of help to so many customers.

Anna, on the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, was very happy and said she had never felt this important. Making an appointment with mirage aesthetics through atome not only helped her pay in three easy installments, but it also helped her be on the priority list as well.


There are plenty of benefits when it comes to LED teeth whitening and the use of high emitting diodes. The ease of using at home is an additional benefit, but it can render other benefits useless. According to many customers on  mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, the benefits of LED teeth whitening at Mirage aesthetics is;

1. Starting with the most attractive feature, the price. According to a customer on mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, you may get the $780 kit for dental brightening at home, but the results might not be as magnified as you expect because when it comes to dental-related treatments, you need an expert who has the background knowledge.

2. It is not a health hazard which means the procedure does not affect your health locally or systemically.

3. Non-invasive and painless technique, it is a painless technique as compared to the one at the dental office.

4. Shade of the teeth lightens to 6-7 shades within one appointment. Miss G on the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review could not believe her smile after the LED teeth whitening as she was suffering from fluorosis and had no confidence when it came to socializing and even smiling.

5. Provides a very bright and aesthetic smile. It helps cover the paleness of the dentine by using nothing but LED that enhances the enamel to decrease its translucency.

6. It is free from UV radiation this means that the emission bombarded on your teeth does not produce free radicals in your body. It reflects and only focuses on the teeth.

7. It does not manipulate or damage the tooth structure in any way.


Before going for an appointment, visit a dentist and take their opinion. LED teeth whitening is more effective on pale and yellow teeth rather than grey or browning staining. Another important aspect of this procedure is that it is only aesthetic and camouflage; it doesn’t have any therapeutic factors. Mr josh was very happy with the staff he reviewed on mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review that the staff was clear and helpful in answering all questions.


According to the mirage aesthetic teeth whitening review, a fair judgment can be made for mirage aesthetics that it has been providing better smiles for people who had no confidence in themselves. It is a better and safer procedure than traditional bleaching and scaling for teeth whitening.

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