Leather Craft – a Work of Art Indeed

by Starry

Jul 02 2021

There is something very elegant about leather products and leather crafts. They are subtle, original and keep us connected to our inner self. It might be a personal preference or a fashion statement.

No matter what the reason may be, leather has always been in fashion and style. For this very reason, Atelier lodge presents all an opportunity with leather craft workshop Singapore, the best workshop to learn about the skill and incorporate it in our daily life.

The leather craft workshop Singapore by Atelier Lodge is a very positive initiative in promoting this skill set of crafting leather. With the skill set acquired, you can not only understand the production and manufacturing of leather crafts, but it can help you gain insight on what a genuine leather product looks like, which you will find at Atelier lodge.

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Now that Atome has collaborated with Atelier Lodge, all the customers can enjoy the leathercraft workshop Singapore and pay it back in three easy installments. It’s like all the stars have landed in your palm.

Leather in Fashion

Fashion has been changing ever since humans discovered they could look good and manipulate their looks; Atelier lodge is hosting this leathercraft workshop in Singapore for the same reason that it was once used.

The first comfortable and stylish fashion attire they used was leather from cows, snakes, crocodiles, sheep, etc. Leather can be taken from the skin of any animal. The more exotic the animal, the more expensive the leather. It started as simple, practical daily use products, but with time as mankind found different ways to incorporate daily attire, leather became a luxury. With the leather craft workshop Singapore you gain insight into the history of leatherwork and acquire the required skill set for creating your customized leather crafts.

You can see the silver lining of this leather craft workshop in Singapore. The aim is to provide this skill to everyone to know how to create leather craft rather than buy expensive leather products. The leather may be expensive, but the skill work and the cutting cost are more than the cost itself.

Therefore once you acquire the skill set, you can see yourself craft all the leather products you want and be your designer. It is a one-time investment and a skill of a lifetime. It is the start of your new fashion journey.

Leather Crafts

When we hear the word leather, our minds drift to fancy men’s shoes and leather jackets. At the same time, the leather jacket and leather trousers were the highlights of the ’80s and have always been hip attire. But leather crafts are more than that. These crafts include:

  • Wallets
  • Mobile covers
  • Bags
  • Pencil cases
  • Desk decorations
  • Tablemats
  • Seat covers
  • Key chains
  • 9. Book covers
  • 10. Hand gloves etc

All these crafts can be learned at the Atelier lodge at the leather craft workshop Singapore; you can only take a few hours a day or even locate a day for once a week. It does not need much time to learn but needs the practice to perfect it.

The Crafting Class

At the Atelier lodge, while you join the leather craft workshop Singapore or plan on joining it, you will come across plenty of workshops that will only require a few moments for registering and a few hours of your day, a maximum of 2-3 hours of your day will be sufficient to get a grip of the skill.

The leather craft workshop Singapore has classes scheduled for every month, and each class specializes in a specific leather-related art. Such as you can enroll yourself for the June classes 2021; you will find that on the 1st of June, there are three different classes that you can take:

  • Simple leather craft
  • Leather craft class: cutting pro
  • Leather craft class: Stitching pro

Now depending on your basic knowledge, you can join the course accordingly. The leather craft workshop Singapore provides this workshop for all leather workers and leather crafting fun. As you go further into the June schedule, you will see that you have most of the week off and a class on Friday that will be simple leather crafting.

This shows that the workshop is about imparting the former knowledge and making sure the entire class is on track and knows what they are doing. Keeping a check on everyone’s growth and finesse is the main aim of the leather craft workshop Singapore.

By the end of this leather craft workshop Singapore at Atelier lodge, the person will be able to perfectly spot good quality leather, cut the leather according to their needs and designs, and stitch it to whatever product they have designed. At the end of all this hassle, you will be able to create your leather craft masterpieces. The seats of July 202 are being filled quickly as people enjoy the teaching style and the company while learning the skill set.

The Simple Leather Crafting Class

The simple leather crafting class is the beginning of every schedule. It is a single class of almost 2-3 hours. The leather craft workshop Singapore makes all the students acquainted with leather, tools, and different things incorporated in leather crafting. This class costs around $80, and at the end of this class, it is guaranteed that you will bring us an amazing premium quality leather craft that you will have cut and stitched all together.

This leather craft workshop Singapore class will teach the members how to do simple saddle stitching and make simple card holders and key chains. Four types of cardholders can be made out of leather. This simple leather crafting class will help you learn the basics of leather crafting and help you understand leather.


Leather is a very beautiful piece of organic creation that we have been blessed with. The beauty of leather has always been in fashion and has been a style statement. But with time, it has become far too expensive for everyone to buy. For this reason, enroll yourselves in the leather craft workshop Singapore and learn the art for yourself.

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