Kids Bed | Get your toddlers ready for a crib-to-bed transition now

by Starry

Mar 07 2022

What is the right time to transition your toddler from a crib to a bed? Many parents face this dilemma as their kids are growing older. Since every child is unique and special in their own ways, what might be right for one might not suit another. Selecting the right kids bed in advance will be of great significance.

That being said, the ideal time for a toddler to start sleeping in their bed is when they hit the three years mark. However, to make this transition smooth for your kid, you should first ensure that they can sleep independently.

Once your kid can get themselves to sleep, they will be able to go back to sleep after awakening during the night. If you try to skip the first step, be prepared to see the kid in your room during the night repeatedly.

Some parents swear by a consistent bedtime routine every night. You can add simple steps like bedtime snacks, hot bath, teeth brushing, and reading a book together before putting them to sleep. A constant routine will make it easier for them to fall asleep in a different setting (bed).

The shift from a crib to a bed can be difficult for children, especially if they were previously sleeping in your room and their bed is in a separate room now. One thing that you should be careful about is to introduce this change when everything else is constant in their lives. This means that you should avoid this move if they are experiencing other significant changes like weaning, starting daycare, potty training, or moving.

Now that you know when and how you can help your kid transition into their bed let’s talk about where you can find kid beds that your family would love!

Kids beds at IUIGA online store

IUIGA is the best online store for buying kids beds in Singapore. All furniture products are made using high-quality materials and are finished to perfection. Their designs for kids’ beds are both functional and adorable. And what’s even better is their affordable prices that other competitors cannot match.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the options kids bed available at IUIGA’s online store.

Solid beech kids bed frame

If you want a cute addition to your kid’s room, this bed definitely fits the bill! The frame features two little ears and a white removable post cushion cover with a cute teddy bear face design on the bedpost. This bed frame is made with beech wood and has a natural color.

Abel bunk bed with drawer and shelf storage

Made with New Zealand pine wood, these bunk beds for kids have ample storage space in their bottom drawers. Moreover, the simple and clean design of the beds gives a modern and open feel to the room.

Glen bed frame

If you plan to furnish your little girl’s room, you will love the pretty pink accents on this bed frame. Made from New Zealand pine wood, this solid bed has added cushioning on both sides of the bedpost to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Meri bed frame

This bed frame takes the phrase ‘sleeping on clouds’ to another level. A lovely addition to your kid’s room, this beech wood bed features three-toned clouds printed bedpost cushion. You can pre-order the bed from IUIGA’s website.

It’s time to learn more about IUIGA and why it’s a great place to shop for home products.

IUIGA is a complete home store

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By removing the middle man from this equation, the company can significantly reduce their costs. Instead of enjoying high profits, IUIGA passes on the benefit of lower costs to their customers and gives them access to premium products at nominal prices.

IUIGA is Atome’s partnered merchant

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Paying for IUIGA with Atome

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Buy your kid’s first bed from IUIGA’s online store

Changing habits can be hard, and therefore, the transition from crib to bed can be challenging for kids. You can make this change easier by replacing the crib with an adorable bed that your kid would enjoy sleeping in.

IUIGA’s online store is a great place to shop for all things related to home and furniture. Buy your trustworthy kids bed with Atome’s easy payment plans.

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