Introducing 3 in 1 Beds in Singapore by Getha

by Starry

Sep 09 2021

You cannot deny the importance of a good night’s sleep. It keeps us going throughout the day. You would probably be temperamental and irritable in the morning if you did not sleep well the previous night. Sleep is also crucial for our body to relax and perform necessary body functions. Sleeping poorly at night or not sleeping at all can affect your metabolic and immune functions.

A lack of rest will also make you susceptible to anxiety, depression, and mental disorders. With the necessity of resting up, the importance of proper beds and mattresses becomes even more evident. Finding suitable beds and mattresses has the power to save you from back pain later in life.

The Enchanting World of Getha

It is always nice to hear that there is someone in the world who cares about you and your rest time. Getha designed their brand specially to help enhance your sleep quality.

Its founders established this pioneering lifestyle brand in 1969. It is originally from Malaysia. However, since then it has become a global sensation with its pure and natural latex products and popular 3 in 1 bed.

Biocare Radiation Protection

If you know the different ways in which your mattress protects you, you will be pleasantly surprised. Electromagnetic field radiations or EMF radiations are commonly present in our everyday lives.  

But what many of us don’t realize is how toxic and harmful they can potentially be. We often use our phones and wireless devices before going to sleep. If you are sleeping on poor quality or spring mattresses, they will attract these harmful radiations.

These EMF radiations can have multiple adverse after-effects. It includes sleep disorders, neurological and mental health issues, unfit and suppressed immune systems, chronic diseases, and even cancer.

However, Getha mattresses will protect you from these adversities. Manufacturers use anti-radiation or Biocare radiation protection technology in their making. It guarantees protection from electromagnetic field pollution.

 Nano Silver Protection Technology

Silver is one of the most luxurious metals in the world. It is well-known for its unique healing properties. In ancient times, healers used remedies and medicines with the powerful properties of silver.

The manufacturers of the Getha beddings use nanosilver protection technology in their mattresses. In this way, silver provides anti-bacterial and anti-microbial healing benefits.

Anti-Static Protection

In our daily lives, we unknowingly absorb static electrical charges. They are usually harmless. However, in some conditions, such as the presence of too many cations or positive charges, it can cause poor effects on your health. This can be a shocker but static electric charges can be the culprit behind your sleeplessness and insomnia.

For this reason, Getha uses anti-static protection in its 3 in 1 bed. They use special materials in their making. It works to pull away all the excess charges from your body. Consequently, it will enhance the quality of your beauty sleep.

3 in 1 Bed Singapore

Getha’s 3 in 1 bed is perhaps one of its most popular inventions. These beds are world-famous for their uniqueness and advantages. They are multi-function beds curated perfectly for your room.

It is best for small apartments. It can effortlessly save you a lot of space. Its headframe can serve multiple purposes. Whereas, on the side, it has a pull-out mattress.  It is built with some drawers for extra storage space. In addition, it also has a cushioned headboard.

Comfortable Bedding

Beddings can help you stay cool or keep you warm. Thus, you need to keep in mind the climate you live in when shopping for beddings.

Getha is well aware of the impacts of humans on the environment. For this purpose, it makes sure to utilize only environmentally friendly materials in the making of their products.

Its bedding will help with your body temperature. It will also absorb any excessive moisture and sweat. You should know that your comfort is the brand’s first priority. That is why your beddings come made with pure cotton fabric.

Smooth Mattresses

Their mattresses are unusually smooth and firm. Getha uses 100% pure nylon material in its making. Nylon fabric is really sturdy as well as stretchy. It gives these mattresses their durability and longevity.

These mattresses are specially for the leisure rest. When you come home from a long day of work, this can be the mattress that helps you destress and forget all your worries. A poor mattress will probably just add to your stress.

These Getha mattresses work perfectly for 3 in 1 bed and pull-out bed.

Sleep and Home Accessories

This brand has curated a wonderful collection of sleep and indoor accessories. No one can have enough ornamentation and decorative items.

Bamboo Towels

This includes their bamboo towels. These pure viscose and woven towels are hypoallergenic in nature. They will effectively absorb your body’s moisture and regulate your temperature.

Essential Oils

Some other marvelous items in this collection are the essential oils. We have all heard of the benefits of these essential oils.

You can incorporate them in your life using multiple methods. You can try adding a few drops in your bathtub, in your humidifier, and in your daily use items. You can also apply them to your body for a longer lasting effect.

Getha is the pioneering place for its 3 in 1 bed in Singapore. Getha and ATOME have now partnered to facilitate its customers. Choose Atome at checkout to split your purchases across 3 easy, interest-free payments.

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