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by Starry

Jul 15 2021

Khaki Olives:

KHAKI OLIVES PTE. LTD. (the “Company”) is a Singapore-based Exempted Private Company Limited by Shares that was founded on August 24, 2020 (Monday). 366A TANJONG KATONG ROAD, SINGAPORE, is the company’s registered office address (437124). The organization’s corporate operational status is active, and it has been for 1598238001. Beauty and other personal care services constitute the company’s main business.

Manicure artist’s hand-paint Khaki Olives press-on nail sets entirely from gel polish, 10-minute application in the privacy of your own home. Khaki Olives offer wedding nails in different Shapes (Square shape, oval shape, Ballerina shape, and Almond) and colors. Khaki Olives provides help in the selection of wedding Nails by offering a size and shape chart.

Khaki Olives Wedding Nails purchase return policy: We want to make certain that each set of Khaki Olives has brand new and clean nails. We don’t accept returns due to our product’s nature and for sanitary reasons. Each product is photographed in great detail and accuracy. Please take accurate measurements of your size before making a purchase. If you’re not sure which sizes to order, you could always just email or DM us on Instagram.


Lean in if wedding nails are the last thing on your to-do list. Sure, the dress, flowers, cake, vows, and THE FOOD are all significant but don’t forget about your wedding nails till the last moment. A great manicure can power up your personality and make you feel your best self, and complete any outfit. So, how do you decide what kind of bridal manicure you’d like? We interviewed two manicurists who have helped numerous brides navigate this dilemma to tell us how to get their nails ready for the upcoming day. Here’s all you need to know about wedding nail polish colors and when to get your Wedding Nails done, as well as what style of manicure to get and which nail shape to attempt. Bridal colors like blush pink and nude tones will never go out of style. When in doubt, go for the classics. 

This also applies to nail form. A natural shape will never go out of style. On the big day, a gel, SNS, or acrylic manicure will offer you more confidence. Which one you choose will be determined by your preferences as well as the state of your nails. Invest in cuticle oil and start prepping two months before your wedding. 

You can come before your wedding and get your nails done. If you are having financial difficulties in acquiring wedding nails, we recommend using the ATOME payment method. ATOME is a payment mechanism that divides your bill into three simple installments. At checkout, select ATOME as your preferred payment method. Pay the first installment (one-third of your bill) with your credit or debit card at the time of the transaction and the balance in two equal interest-free installments over the next two months.

Khaki Olives: Press on Nails Guide

Which Size to Order?

For more information, watch our video on measurement instructions. Every product page also includes a size chart. Are you unsure about your size? You are allowed to email or DM us on Instagram to find out.

How long do they last each time you put them on?

Press-on nails aren’t meant to be worn for long periods. The length of time your nails can be worn depends on the individual. The nail set can last 7-14 days if applied correctly. More information on how to achieve long-wear can be found in our Tips & Care video.

What can I do to extend their life?

The easiest technique to ensure perfect adherence is to thoroughly prepare your natural nails before applying press-on. You just need few things to keep in mind: Buff your natural nail beds lightly. ROUGH to make a more “adhesive” or “rougher” point of contact (use the buffer provided). Clean, dry nails free of lotions, oils, and dust are required (use the wipe provided). After applying your nails, stay away from water, lotions, and oils for as long as possible. It’s best to set aside at least 30 to 60 minutes. Before putting on your sticky tabs, apply nail glue to your nail beds. More information on how to get longer wear can be found in our Tips & Care video.

Is it fine for me to wear them in the shower?

For the next 60 minutes after application, don’t wash your hands. Showering and washing your hair won’t be a problem once the adhesive tabs have “settled down.”

When I’m not applying the nails, how long will they last?

Keep the nails and glue tabs in a cold, dry area at all times. Our nails have a shelf life of 6-12 months at least. With good care, you can preserve sets without accessories for many years. Oxidation will ultimately set in for sets with jewel or crystal embellishments, and the metal elements will darken in color.

Can I order a single displacement nail if one of my nails breaks or falls out?

Unfortunately, not right now. But keep them safe! One of the best features of our nails is that they can be mixed and matched to create different looks.

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Khaki Olives offers Wedding Nails in various shapes and colors (Square, Oval, Ballerina, and Almond). Khaki Olives offers a size and form chart to assist in the picking of wedding nails. If you’re having trouble finding Wedding Nails because of a lack of funds, The ATOME payment option is recommended. ATOME is a billing system that breaks your amount into three easy payments. Choose ATOME as your chosen payment option during the checkout process. Pay the first installments (one-third of your bill) using your credit or debit card at the time of purchase and the remainder over the next two months in two equal interest-free installments.

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