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Aug 06 2021

Karaoke is a form of entertainment where you can sing along with an instrumental version of the song. Karaoke is of Japanese origin. Its origin can be found back to the 1960s in Kobe, where a car stereo-fitting mechanic started with a makeshift karaoke system. After that, it got so much popularity that it developed into a full-fledged machine with a video screen to assist the player with the lyrics. It gained popularity when an American TV Program started this in the 1960s. The developer of the karaoke system has even been awarded the Nobel Peace Award in 2004. 

Now karaoke is a much popular system in clubs and bars where it is used for the entertainment purposes of the patrons. In the absence of live music, Karaoke is used. This Karaoke is a hi-fi machine that comes with a complete surround sound system, microphones, and video screens to show the song’s lyrics.


Making a karaoke is not easy as it requires qualifies engineers to put together the systems to give the required output. AC Ryan was established as a Singaporean brand in 2014. They have always strived to remain ahead in the digital landscape, which is why they have kept coming up and evolving themselves. Having pioneered the digital entertainment field, they have come up with Moment Karaoke Soundbar, which is a first of its kind. It provides a true Karaoke experience with good affordable audio. Headquartered in Singapore, AC Ryan serves 30 countries with its digital entertainment products.

Atome Makes it Easier for You to Buy Karaoke Systems

Many music enthusiasts like to do Karaoke. However, it is not practical to keep running towards your club or bar to use a karaoke system; you can buy one for your home as well, but Karaoke systems do not come cheap. These are highly specialized systems and come with a cost.

However, ff has solved all your worries by liaising with AC Ryan. Now you can pursue your passion without worrying about your finances. All you have to do is buy the karaoke system you desire and select Atome as your payment option. If you are buying for the first time at Atome, you will be asked to create a new account to buy products, approval of which is granted within minutes. If you are an existing customer, you will be asked for your login information. It would provide you with the convenience that you will just be asked to pay a third of the total amount. The entire payment is broken up into three easy installments, the first of which you pay at the time of purchase. The other two installments are paid in the next two months. This payment plan is beneficial as it lightens your financial burden and doesn’t disturb your monthly budget.

Product Range at AC Ryan for Karaoke Systems

AC Ryan entered the digital entertainment landscape with a vision. They pioneered the range of karaoke systems in Singapore. They have different variations according to the need of the customers. The four main systems are:

MOMENT GEN2 is an easy system meant for the not so tech-savvy people. The sound quality is great, and you can sing like a pro on it. It’s a clutter-free system and easy to set. The soundbar can even be used for your movies or other musical requirements. It comes with a wireless microphone and subwoofer. It can be connected to your android devices to get more songs from Google PlayStation.

KARAOKE BOOMBOX+ comes with an AV Output port to be connected to other speakers. The 4000mAh Lithium Battery lasts up to long 10 hours of playtime. It even has Chroma lights for special LED Effects. It comes with additional FM radio function features, Bluetooth function, USB auto playback function, Micro SD playback function, and Karaoke mode with echo control.

MIXX Karaoke systems are the easiest and work with any speaker systems and media source. Whatever your home system might be, this is the perfect home karaoke. It supports high-grade UHF Mics and has LCD Display. It comes with a pair of wireless microphones. Its high performance includes distortion-free audio performance. Now you can have non-stop hassle-free karaoke fun with your family.

AC RYAN KTV is the most sophisticated karaoke system developed by AC Ryan, especially for fellow Singaporeans. It comes with a built-in hard disk with all the favorite local songs. Its interface is extremely user-friendly, much like the commercial ones used in pubs and bars. It even allows the feature of duet singing so that you can double your fun. You can transfer your old karaoke DVD through the USB port. It has the additional functionality of key/ pitch control as well as voice recording. It easily syncs with iOS and Android devices for multi-users.

Why Buy Karaoke Systems from Ac Ryan Through Atome?

The Karaoke system is a great form of entertainment for adults and kids alike. You can host the best parties at your offices and home with your own personal Karaoke systems. These are great eve for people who like music and like singing. Do you like doing Karaoke with your kids but cannot buy them because of the financial burden it brings on? Atome is the answer to this question. Through the payment service Atome, you have the convenience of paying your bill in three easy installments. The payment is divided equally over three months, and you pay just a third of the total amount at the time of purchase. This payment is interest-free and comes with zero hidden charges.

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

So enjoy your musical passion guilt-free and buy your karaoke system and its accessories to make this journey more joyous for you. This is because we at Atome know the value of passion and the importance of following it.

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