City Music: Providing the Best Musical Instruments

by Starry

Aug 06 2021

Music is considered to be food for the soul for centuries. The history of music is as old as the history of mankind itself. People have used music for entertainment as well as healing purposes. Medically, it has been proven that music has the power to combat depression. It helps in elevating mood and visibly reduces stress. So, musical instruments are gaining more importance in different fields too.

Some medical facilities have been using musical therapies for pain management and increasing endurance levels. Neurological clinics have reported positive results of using music for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. It even has the power of slowing down increased heart rates and lowers blood pressures. Research has shown that it decreases cortisol levels, or more commonly known as the stress hormones, and in its place, it increases the endorphin levels in the blood.


Music City is the best music store you can come across in Singapore. They have a vast web presence and physical showrooms from where you can get the musical instruments of your choice. In 1968, Music City first began its journey and grew strong for 50 years. They have committed their passion for excellence and have been offering high-quality musical instruments at a great value.

For the past 50 years, City Music has dedicated itself to providing the best musical instruments available in the market. They evolved during this period, from providing traditional acoustic instruments to the modern-day state-of-the-art instruments that support hi-technology. They like moving along with time, evolving with the needs of the day without forgetting the roots of traditional music.

Atome Makes It Easier for You to Buy Musical Instruments

Most people cannot follow their passion for music as it is considered a costly hobby. However, Atome has solved all your worries by liaising up with City Music. Now you can pursue your passion without worrying about your finances. All you have to do is buy the musical instrument you desire and select Atome as your payment option. If you are new to Atome, you will be asked to apply for an Atome account, approval of which is granted within minutes. If you are an existing customer, you will be asked for your login information. It would provide you with the convenience that you will just be asked to pay a third of the total amount. The entire payment is broken up into three easy installments, the first of which you pay at the time of purchase. The other two installments are paid in the next two months. This payment plan is beneficial as it lightens your financial burden and doesn’t disturb your monthly budget.

Product Range Available at City Music

Music has many technicalities. It is not limited to just the instruments, but it ranges from the sound systems, lights, DJs to the instruments themselves. City Music boasts a variety of all the music essentials. Here is a list and a brief description of these.

  • Guitars and Bass
  • Instruments Amplifiers
  • Effect Processors
  • Keyboards
  • Recordings
  • DJ Tools
  • Microphones
  • Live Sounds
  • Headphones
  • Accessories
  • Content creation
  • Software
  • Lighting

The music industry has gone through a revolution. Some newer techniques and instruments can now create a storm in the musical world. The ability to merge Beethoven with today’s equipment has created waves amongst music lovers. For this, you require content creations and DJ Tools. City Music has the perfect variation of these. The musical instruments and Amplifiers now help create the required wavelength for the musical notes of the symphony creators.

The high-quality microphones required for capturing the correct notes are equally important while producing quality music. City Music has a range of these microphones and all the other equipment mentioned above.

In the early ’90s, City Music introduced the multi-effects processors for guitarists and bassists, Zoom, the Japanese technology innovators. This technology helped in materializing the guitarists’ dream of having tonal versatility.

Then Korg was introduced, and they offered a wide range of unique and powerful products ranging from keyboards, digital pianos, tuners and metronomes, DJ Tools, and a lot more. Slowly and gradually, more musical technology giants joined the lists of innovations and City Music’s showrooms. Names like VOX Amplification, Wharfedale Pro, C.F. Martin Guitars, Ovation Guitars, Hartke, and Reunion Blues Cases appeared in the inventory lists. Then using their expertise and knowledge about music, they came up with their in-house branded Custom Acoustic solid top guitars and Craftsmen electric and Bass Guitars that have been very popular because of their high quality and affordability.

City Music is committed to providing excellence to its customers at professional levels. This is why they have repeat customers, most of whom depend deeply on their professional needs. The highly trained staff is always there to help their customers to fulfill their audio and recording needs in line with the specifications of the latest equipment.

They have musical instruments suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. Their variety includes items that are affordable at all levels. The variation of musical instruments and accessories is so great at the shop that you can buy the instrument of your specification within your budget.

Why Buy Musical Instruments from City Music Through Atome?

Do you get excited when you hear about a new accessory or a new instrument that would enhance your musical capabilities but cannot buy them because of the financial burden it brings on? Atome is the answer to this question. Through the payment service Atome, you have the convenience of paying your bill in three easy installments. The payment is divided equally over three months, and you pay just a third of the total amount at the time of purchase. This payment is interest-free and comes with zero hidden charges.

So, enjoy your musical journey guilt-free and buy your musical instruments and accessories to make this journey more joyous for you.

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