Jeffree Star Cosmetics- Enhancing Beauty with Innovative Approach

by Starry

Mar 26 2021


Jeffree Star cosmetics has been working towards enhancing beauty since 2014. Both the owners have made everyone look up and take notice of the products they have come up with. The brand is founded by an internet sensation Jeffree star and it is an American-based company. It is popular because of its innovative approach towards its marketing and quality of products. The most noticeable thing about Jeffree cosmetics is they are cruelty-free and vegan, isn’t it fascinating?

The company was started with just three shades of lipstick and now they are owning the world of the cosmetic Industry. The company produces lipsticks, concealers, setting powders, highlighters, lip products, jackets, and mirrors, among other cosmetics.

All about Jeffree Star

Born on the fifteenth of November, 1985, Jeffree Star was brought up in Orange County, California. His dad died when Star was only 6 years of age. He was raised by his mom.
As of today, the total net worth of Jeffree star is $50 million US dollars and he is the owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics. His income comprises revenue generated from youtube, sponsorships, and the cosmetic line. The star has walked away from his music career and opened Jeffree star cosmetics and after that, he never looked back. The company is owned by star and Jeff Cohen, an early investor in the company. According to Forbes, he has earned a whopping $18 million only from youtube.

He has a makeup product known as “Fuck Proof Mascara” and it is quite the rage. He’s dropped a significant range of cosmetics this year including Blood Lust, Orgy, and Cremated. Even though there was a lot of noise surrounding the launch of the last one, it sold out just under 20 minutes, as per Alternative Press. Isn’t it incredibly amazing?

Youtube journey of Jeffree star

You won’t believe that this mercilessly legit YouTuber has a huge number of supporters on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He is continually bringing more and more people into the loop, through collaborations with other YouTubers like Shane Dawson and previous closest companions, Manny MUA and Laura Lee.
Before he became interested in cosmetics, he was a music star and even after walking away from the music industry, he has still got 17 million views on his music videos. Very few people get the opportunity to work in two, so diverse fields and are successful in both. Comprehensively, Jeffree says he owns ten different businesses. On the Mom’s Basement digital broadcast, Jeffree shared that his next objective is to compose a New York Times Best Seller and is right now in the process of working on his autobiography.

His career Milestones

He has crossed many milestones in his life and has achieved a lot. Just a decade prior, he was an unknown, but now he owns 10 different businesses. His achievements are as follows:

  • MySpace blogging
  • True Colors Tour (2007)
  • LGBT Logo (2007)
  • Beauty Killer (Studio Album, 2009)
  • Lollipop Luxury (Song, 2009)
  • Signed to Akon (2010)
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics (2014)
  • 9 Million Subscribers on YouTube (2018)
  • 1 Billion Views on YouTube (2018)
  • Bustle Magazine

Jeffree Star Cosmetics products

  1. Beauty Killer palette- This magical product was launched in 2016. This product was named after Star’s very first album Beauty killer. The product got a 4.5 star as soon as it was launched, primarily because it contained 10 shades such as matte, frost, glitter, etc. With the success of the first product, Star made up his mind that this is where his true talent and passion lie.
  2. Androgyny palette- After the great success of the beauty killer, Jeffree Cosmetics launched another star product and that is also a color palette with neutral shades. Even though the colors aren’t all neutral, some are vibrant too.
  3. Skin Frost Pro palettes- By offering Platinum Ice, 24 Karat, and Brain Freeze, Jeffree was one of the lone cosmetics brands considering diverse skin tones and their necessities. The brand delivered various shades of highlighters, with each containing six of the most notable Skin Frost tones.
  4. Blood Sugar Palettes- The most popular color palette is the blood sugar palette. It contains 18 palettes with very vague color shades. All the colors are centered around red and pink color as the name suggests. Many never got the chance to put their hands on this product, because it became popular, and got sold out pretty quickly.
  5. Thirsty Palette- Its name has a hidden meaning. This one is the summer collection of 2018. Unfortunately, many people reviewed it as the worst palette so far and that’s why the company has discontinued its manufacturing.
  6. Alien Palette- The company has transformed the shape of the palette, making it a little spooky, as it was released on Halloween. It has 18 shades.
  7. Blue Blood palette- The bundling is the unique selling point of this one. Contained in a grasp like an infant blue box, Jeffree clarified that he needed the vibe to be a cross between an adornments box and a casket. Given that this was the first of SIX deliveries in 2019, Blue Blood has put the star brand looking solid so far.
  8. Jawbreaker palette- It is a rainbow palette and has overpowered the thirsty palette. It has 24 bold shades in it.

What’s new in 2020

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has said that his all-nudes palette is on its way, so stay tuned everyone for the subtle and subdued colors. Lazada is a multinational technology Singaporean company, a gateway for Southeast Asian brands, which focuses primarily on e-commerce. It evolves logistics, technology, and payments infrastructure constantly. Through Lazada’s e-commerce platform, you are guaranteed to have the best shopping experience with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Morover, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. If you think you decide to buy it, then you can try out the to start the payment process.

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