Is Hermes Picotin ahead of its rivals?

by Starry

Oct 15 2021

The Hermes Picotin bag is a great choice for everyday use, as it is unique and goes well with any occasion. While the Hermes picotin bag does not look bulky on the exterior, but it can hold many items within its interior compartments.

It’s a good size for a small purse, but you can stuff all your essentials inside without it growing too big. Hermes bags come in many different materials, so get to know each one. The bags featured are made of Taurillon Clemence leather, which is strong, durable, and smooth, as well as with silver palladium.

As most of Hermes’ iconic locks can be found on the top of the bag, the Hermes Picotin has the lock located on the front of the bag. That way, everyone can point out that your bag is safe and secure. Furthermore, this is also a wonderful beach bag, and can be easily transformed into a shopping bag, and is available in black, blue, light brown, and dark brown.  

Other bags by Hermes  

 Other bags that are worth buying from the Hermes brand include  

  • Hermes lindy 26 
  • Hermes kelly 25 
  • Hermes mini lindy 
  • Hermes Birkin 25 
  • Hermes Lindy 26  

It was designed in 2006, and made its debut in 2007. Lindy has one major advantage over its Hermès predecessors: it’s a complete departure from previous models! The Lindy is casual and slightly slouchy, and the silhouette is youthful and almost whimsical, unlike the structured, boxy, and classic shapes of the French house. It is a timeless piece from Hermès, a symbol of a classic brand.

  • It’s unique – There is nothing else like the Lindy among Hermès bags. 
  • A perfect multi-functional bag, the Lindy can be carried in various ways depending on how it is stuffed. If it is empty, you can take it from the top handles; when it is full, carrying it from the shoulders is an easy way.  
  • If you want to go somewhere, then this spacious, larger bag you can easily tote around would function for you.  

It has four pockets, so it is a spacious option if you like to place a lot of things in your bag,  

It is available in several colors and size ranges. It comes in three types of leather that include swift, ever color, and Clemence.  

Size options 

The size range of Hermes Lindy include:

26 cm  

30 cm  

34 cm  

45 cm  

It is difficult to find the 26cm and 45 cm bags; however, 30cm and 34 cm are readily available. The 45 cm bag is generally a bigger one, and people use it while traveling. The price of different bags is different and depends on the size and type of leather. 

Hermes Kelly 25 

Kellys have become perceived as a bag for more mature, sophisticated women in recent years, but perceptions have changed. In addition to older bag lovers, younger people are now becoming increasingly fond of this bag style. Since the mid-20th century, the Kelly bag was initially available in neutral colors but has now evolved into an array of vibrant colors. 

Due to its structured and boxy finish, Kelly bags of all sizes do not include much interior space, and this is especially true for the Kelly 25, though I can accept this due to my personal preference for the bags. There are two interior pockets on the Kelly 25 bag, one zip and two open. But the flap on the Kelly needs to be sealed to avoid straining the top handle. This can prove difficult to open and close, making the bag harder to access. 

Birkin 25  

There are a few downsides to the Birkin, but with the Birkin 25, the weight and less structured finish of the bag and the inability to carry it by its top handles are less noticeable. Although both styles are wildly expensive, the Birkin is fairly more costly than the Kelly.  

Mini Lindy  

Lindy Bags all follow their roots: the little Lindy bag does essentially what any Lindy bag does but also has the added benefit of having a cross-body strap. It is certainly a mini bag, but it can handle quite a bit. More than even the Constance, as its placement of handles, makes it unique. However, the bag is still quite rare, even though some Hermès boutiques across the globe are carrying it. 

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