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by Starry

Feb 20 2021

Do you want to buy an iPhone worth the amount you spend? iPhone 11 is an ideal choice for you, making your spending worth it. You must select the phone that suits best with Singtel’s epic upgraded plans. Apple continues selling the iPhone 11 at lower prices; you must consider it if you want a modern smartphone without breaking your finances. While Apple is lowering its products’ costs, you can go through the iPhone 11 price Singtel to buy it with their best available offered plans.

Purpose of buying an iPhone 11 online

In this era of high-tech smartphones, people don’t want to go to the stores and buy their stuff. They prefer buying online. When it comes to buying an iPhone, customers can quickly compare its features, prices, functioning, and other features online with other brands. It makes them decide to select the right one that fits ideally to their needs and budget. They can also check online which platform offers the best and budget-friendly plan to buy their iPhone 11 online. Singtel has provided an easy-to-use plan for its customers. You can check the iPhone 11 price Singtel over their official online shopping platform.

Benefits to buy an iPhone 11 online through Singtel

You can beat and avoid standing in queues and buy your iPhone 11 effortlessly from the comfort of your home or office desk.

Singtel offers its customers flexible delivery and collection option. It gives you an effortless option to deliver your iPhone 11 to your doorstep. Besides, you can collect your iPhone 11 at your nearest point.

Singtel also offers its customers an additional 30% discount if your purchase of iPhone 11 is online through their official online store.

These attractive offers from Singtel make the online buying option an ideal and perfect choice. You can also check more offers when you go through iPhone 11 price Singtel.

Specifications of Apple iPhone 11 

The iPhone 11 model from Apple Inc. comes with a dual-camera system, with the most rigid glass and fastest chip ever. It gives stunning video quality and night mode. Experience the all new-iPhone at 11.

Brand: Apple

Color options available: Purple, black, red, green, white, and yellow.

Internal Storage: 64, 128, and 256 GB.

Dimensions of iPhone 11: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm

Battery: Rechargeable built-in Lithium-ion battery 

Warranty: 12 months

NFC: Available with reader mode

You need to check the iPhone price Singtel and see the best available buying plans. 

What does the iPhone 11 box carry?

Your box of iPhone 11 with come with:

iPhone with iOS 13 


Earpods along with a lightning connector

USB- Lightening to the cable and power adapter

iPhone 11 price Singtel 

Singtel offers users a plan to save and enjoy up to $468 OFF on iPhone 11 when purchasing through their website. This promotional plan, which ends on February 19, 2021, is as mentioned below.

First Plan: An exclusive offer with a $30 off of iPhone 11 price Singtel. In addition to this, you will get a $200 OFF on this on the new XO plus 88/118/168 plans through Singtel’s online store.

Second Plan: You can get $100 OFF on your iPhone 11 if you upgrade it to Singtel’s XO Plus 88/118/168 plans. In addition to this, you will get a $188 OFF while signing up with DATA X INFINITY. You will also get $88 OFF with 24 months of unlimited talk time at $10 per month on XO Plus 50 or 68 plan through Singtel’s online store.

Third Plan: Free unlimited talk time for 24 months on XO Plus 88/118/168 plan through Singtel’s online store. This plan will also provide you with $50 OFF on iPhone 11 with a 12-month term of MobileSwop unlimited premium plan when you sign-up on mobile plan Combo 3 and above. You will also get Singtel’s Apple content bundle.

Apple Content Bundle from Singtel

The Apple content bundle from Singtel provides the following offers to its customers who buy the iPhone 11 through their online store.

These benefits are mentioned below:

Free Apple Arcade for nine months.

Free Apple TV for twelve months for new customers.

Free iCloud for twelve months of $161.

You can sign-up and activate your Apple TV, Apple Arcade, and iCloud, whose activation will be sent through an SMS within seven days of purchasing your iPhone 11. For more offers from Singtel, you can check the iPhone 11 price Singtel.

Apple iPhone 11 Features

Apple keeps introducing iPhones with many smart and best features. iPhone 11 has many features that will attract you and make it your choice to buy it. Check out the best of iPhone 11 below and grab it today through Singtel.


Toughest glass 

Fastest chip ever

Design: Its design is so beautiful that it will make add more beauty to your day when you carry it. It comes in six new and stunning colors with a 6.1 inches all-screen liquid retina LCD. 

Camera: Clicking photos on iPhone 11 will take them wider and further. The first camera is ultra-wide of 13 mm, giving you a 120° field view for four times added scene, while the second one is 26mm wide, providing you with 100% focus pixel for auto-focusing up to three times faster when you are in low light.

Video: Capture your videos with top-notch at 60fps on each camera. The ultra-wide camera will give you four times more scenes. Your videos can be cropped or rotated and can add filters the same done with photos.

Night Mode: Whether you are at sunsets on beachside or candlelit restaurants, the night mode in iPhone 11 gives in a new light which you can experience yourself. This new mode gives low-light and natural shots automatically.

Chip and Battery: You can get battery life all-through your day with iPhone 11. It comes with the fastest A3 Bionic chip. You can buy an 18W adapter separately, making your iPhone 11 capable of charging faster.

Privacy: Many smartphones are coming with one of the most secured facial authentication options. It never shares your secure photo and is secured as compared to the touch ID.

Singtel provides its customers with many offers, benefitting them when they buy smartphones through their online store. Please go through the attractive features of the iPhone 11, making you purchase it soon. You must see the iPhone 11 price Singtel to know the complete information on buying options

Also, there are other high-quality electronic stores you can consider and know more about iPhone 11max to pick up the one that suits you best.

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