Is Your Personal Information Safe? Tips on Information Security

by jiatongma

Jul 14 2022

It is imperative that we be extra cautious with our personal information and its security, owing to the digitization of most processes. Everything is happening online via the internet, from paying bills to filing complaints. You can never know when sensitive information might fall into the wrong hands. 

A Google search will tell you that data theft instances are more common than we think. People unknowingly end up revealing confidential information to the wrong sources. The intention here is not to frighten you; rather, it is to ensure that you are aware of the dangers of the internet and know how to keep yourself from falling prey to malicious hackers. 

The act of stealing someone’s personal information is known as data theft. The target is digital information that is stored on servers, hard drives, computers, and other electronics. The stolen information can involve email addresses, passwords, social security numbers, passport numbers, flyer miles, addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, security pins, and account numbers. The list goes on. 

The severity of the consequences depends on the information stolen. The culprit might alter the data keeping you from accessing personal information and accounts. They can go as far as to set up credit cards in your name or access an existing account. They can pose as you and establish an online presence. Some hackers even sell the stolen information. 

Read along to find out different ways in which one can fall prey to information theft on the internet and how to protect yourself against it. 

How is your personal information disclosed? 

Since even the most mundane tasks are now done through the internet, almost every person’s background information and private data are present on the world wide web. This is how it falls into the wrong hands. 


It is a form of social engineering and has probably happened to most of us. It is a common way of releasing a virus into your computer or accessing personal information. The attacker tricks the target into opening a malware-rigged email or text message by pretending to be a trusted source. 

Faulty downloads

One might unwittingly end up downloading a file or a program from a compromised website exposing their mobile phone or computer to hackers. These criminals might go on to steal confidential data and whatnot. 

Inside job

Employees working at different companies have unrestricted access to a lot of your information. An error or an intentional act on their part can send your private information out into the world to be misused. 

Poor strength passwords

If you are in the habit of writing down passwords, sharing them, or using the same password on different platforms, then it is high time to put an end to these practices. Cybercrime is on the rise, and a predictable password isn’t doing you any good. 

Different ways to protect yourself against information theft

There are multiple ways in which the safety of your personal information can be compromised but don’t worry; there are just as many ways of staying safe. 

Be vigilant with your passwords

Make sure that you are not writing down your passwords and even if you are, be extra cautious about leaving them around. Apart from using different passwords for each account, try to use strong ones. The strength of your password is determined by the number of characters, symbols, numbers, and different cases. Never share your passwords with anyone and if someone figures one out, quickly make the change to it.

Use two-step verification 

This method requires two forms of identification before letting you access your account. The first step is entering the password, while the second one involves an OTP sent to you via text, a confirmation pop-up on your device, facial recognition, or biometrics. Make sure to engage the feature on every account that offers it. 

Update regularly 

Turn on the auto-update feature on security applications, web browsers, and other software so that your device is immediately armed with new and improved security features. 

Avoid public WiFi 

Need of the hour requires us to have a constant internet connection, and a public WiFi always comes in handy. However, these do not offer the securest of connections, and linked devices are often targeted by cybercriminals. When connected to a public WiFi, steer clear of exchanging sensitive data, try and use a VPN, and be extra cautious. 

Make use of the privacy settings 

Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings present on different platforms and keep the necessary features engaged. This way, you will be able to control who has access to your personal details. 

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